25 Cornrow Braids That’ll Steal Your Heart

Cornrow braids are amazing hairstyles that are braided very close to your head skin. These African braids use underhand knitting and they are a perfect choice for unruly hair that makes you spend hours in the mirror every day.

With this hairstyle, you are good to go in just seconds, and you’ll forget about your hair morning routine for weeks.


Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids can make your hair longer and with more volume, thanks to the Jumbo hair extensions. This hair is braided with your natural locks, and it can be as long as you want. You can even create short or medium bob hairstyles using this technique of braiding hair.

1. Two Cornrow Braids

Two cornrows are just enough if you want a youthful look. You need to split your locks in the middle to get this hairstyle.


2. Big Cornrow Braids

Differentiate your bigger cornrows withs smaller knitted hair. For an impressing look, use golden and red ginger Jumbo hair.


3. Small Cornrow Braids

These small cornrows require loads of hours for the braiding process, but as you can see, the result worths the struggle.


4. Cornrows Braided into a Bun

Chic and elegant, this is how you’ll feel with this fantastic updo. Get your twists up in a bun, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.


5. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

Who said you have to stick to only one style? Braid the top of your hair into small cornrows and continue with long beautiful box braids.


6.  Lemonade Cornrow Braids

Purple is an eye-catching color, mainly when you use it to braid your cornrows.  Create two beautiful patterns that make your hair sit on one side.


7. Cornrows Feed in Braids

Use some Jumbo red hair and mix it with your natural hair. Keep a big distance between the cornrows, and the effect will be mesmerizing.


8. Mohawk Cornrows Braids

Such beauty and class! This is another mix between two styles of braiding: cornrows and the rope technique.


9. African Cornrow Braids

Braid the hair on your scalp and continue with the rope technique. Get all the twists on top of your head.


10. Straight Back Cornrow Braids

Combine your natural hair with golden Jumbo hair! Braid your locks and when you reach the bottom, start adding the extensions. You’ll adore the effect!


11. Updo Cornrow Braids

Instead of braiding your hair down, do it towards the top of your head. You will create an updo that you’ll love and that will catch everyone’s attention.


12. Cornrow Braids for Kids

Even kids can get their hair look breath-taking with a cornrow hairstyle. You can also add some beads at the bottom of the twist.


13. Cornrow Braids Ponytail

This hairstyle has it all! Beautiful cornrows, cuffed beads and a white thread that was inserted and is now part of a thicker braid. Simply gorgeous!


14. Ghana Cornrow Braids

Start adding the extensions from the base of your scalp and direct them on one side. For a fabulous effect, twist a different string on one of the braids.


15. Long Cornrow Braids

If long hair is what you are aiming for, cornrows are the answer. Keep the in a natural brown color and add some wooden beads at the bottom.


16. Cornrow Braids with Weave

This cornrow hairstyle is inspired by the long asymmetrical bob haircut. You have to admit that this hairdo looks absolutely fantastic.


17. Middle Part Cornrow Braids

Split your hair in the middle and braid some thin cornrows. Not only that they will look gorgeous, but you’ll have fewer things to do in the morning!


18. Side Part Cornrow Braids

Small cornrows give the impression that you have a lot of volumes. If you want to spice things a little bit, braid some electric blue extensions.


19. Half Cornrows Half Crochet Braids

If you wish for wavy hair, blend your curly extensions into those cornrows. If you are among the lucky ones with curly hair, just braid the hair from the top of your head and leave your mane loose.


20. Cornrow Braids Bob

You always wanted a bob hairstyle but your hair never listened to you? Cornrows are just what you need to make that happen! Some cuffed beads will make this hairstyle even more eye-popping.


21. Under Braid Cornrows

Inspired by pixie haircuts, this hairstyle is something WOW! Braid your hair and for the top, use a more prominent braiding style that will give the impression of a mohawk pixie.


22. Coloured Cornrow Braids

Electric colors can create a breath-taking hairstyle for you. There’s a large range of shades from which you can choose; just go for it!


23. Cornrow Braid Styles for Round Faces

Create braidings that go on your scalp in an S shape. Keep them long and thin and don’t forget to protect them by sleeping with a bonnet on your head.


24. Ombre Cornrow Braids

Such contrast! For this hairstyle, you need to easily blend the blonde extensions into your braids. Keep your ends curled and you’ll draw everyone’s attention wherever you go!


25. Rope Cornrow Braids

Rope technique is one of our favorites! It gives you elegance and class and if you pin your upper braids in a bun, your look becomes breath-taking.

Cornrow braids look fantastic, we can all agree on that, right? They are something that you really need if your hair is unruly and has a personality of its own. We are curious to find out which is your favorite!