22 Burgundy Box Braids to Try Right Now in 2024

Burgundy box braids are stunning protective hairstyles that suit any skin tone, face shape, and hair type. Burgundy box braids are dyed in a dark shade of red with purple tones and can be easily arranged however you please. Creating ombre protective braids, mixing colors like burgundy and blonde are all options for women who want to leave an impression wherever they go.


How to Style Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy box braids are among the most popular choices for women who want a hairstyle that extends their hair, creates more volume and a flawless aspect. If you don’t already have burgundy hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t get such a wonderful color without dyeing your hair. Burgundy shades work with all-natural hair colors and can be styled with Jumbo or Kanakalon braiding hair.

Sectioning your pieces before you start braiding is also an important step because you can create any shapes you want, elevating the whole look. From squares, circles, and even triangles, you can opt for a design that suits you, and the outcome will be so eye-catching.

1. Burgundy Braids for Round Face

As a woman with a round-shaped face, burgundy and black box braids that you wear on one side will create an asymmetric effect. Therefore the hairstyle will slimmer down your face and you will feel even more confident.


2. Blonde and Burgundy Braids

Burgundy and blonde box braids perfectly match, right? Get your favorite shades and create a stunning color combination. Keep the plates untied and secure them by dipping the tips into boiling water.


3. Half Up Half Down

Burgundy red box braids that are parted in two, one ponytail for the top section, and loose braids for the lower part, reveal your face and accentuate facial features.


4. Tight Braids

Burgundy medium box braids that are tightly knitted will look astonishing. This way, you will highlight your color and obtain plates with no unwanted bumps.


5. Tiny Braids

Burgundy for small box braids might take you many hours to style, but we all have to agree that they look mindblowing. They will protect your hair from sun damage and also look so pretty cool. If you want to look even chicer, get a flowered crown and place it on top of your head.


6. Purple Burgundy Braids

These thick knotless burgundy box braids look stunning. Because they are so thick and tight, you can really see the braiding and how flawless it is.  Use boiling water to secure the tips of each braid and butterfly decorations for some of the braids.


7. Ombre Burgundy Braids

For starters, to obtain burgundy ombre box braids, you will need a few bundles of Jumbo hair that already have that stunning gradient. Also, to make them look more eye-popping, create squared parting before you begin knitting that hair.


8. Box Braids with Curly Tips

When you see these burgundy bohemian box braids, those curls immediately catch your eyes. To obtain that amazing look, knit only half of the braid and roll the remaining hair on a rod, dip it into boiling water and slowly release it to preserve the curl.


9. Thick Burgundy Box Braids

Thick burgundy Jumbo box braids are a fabulous hairstyle that will provide a complete transformation. Use them to extend your hair or to change its color. Also, using hair gel and a toothbrush, comb your baby hairs and style them into waves.


10. Triangle Braids

Burgundy triangle box braids provide such mind-blowing sectioning that will easily get anyone’s attention. Even with that parting, you can still wear these box braids on one side, back, or create other hairstyles.


11. Burgundy Box Braids for Fair Skin

Burgundy box braids look stunning for white girls with blue eyes. To spice things up even more, use a neon yellow thread and wrap it around one of the knits.


12. Extra long Box Braids

Burgundy and brown long box braids create such a fantastic color blend! If you want to build braids that are this long, you must know that they shouldn’t be too tight on the roots. They already have a great weight and you don’t need to apply more pressure on your scalp.


13. Curly Braided Hairstyle

Burgundy box braids with curly ends are one of the best ways to create the ringlets you never had. You can braid only a quarter of your hair, enough to secure the jumbo hair and make a ponytail on top. The rest of the mane can be as curly as you like.


14. Wavy Braids

Dark burgundy box braids can be styled in multiple ways. You can easily wave them and pin a section in a ponytail, on top of the head. To gain this particular wave, braid again all the knits and silk them into boiling water.


15. Bob Braided Hairstyle

Light burgundy box braids can be used to recreate other hairstyles that you love, for example, bobs. Keep the braids reaching your shoulder line and decorate the tips with golden hair jewelry. You can even flip some of them on one side for a chic look.


16. Small Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy box braids are ideal for lighter skin, especially if you want to keep them long. Make sure that when you book an appointment to a hair salon that does these stunning knits, you take the whole day off because these are fastidious and require a lot of time.


17. Full Burgundy Braids

When you are doing burgundy box braids on brown skin, you can also dye the eyebrows. Make sure you find the right tone and style them to match your hair. Also, take a toothbrush and style those baby hairs into sexy waves.


18. Regular Box Braid Bob

Burgundy box braided bobs will gorgeously frame your facial features. You can use a flat iron to seal them and give them that slightly rounded shape. More than this, they look fabulous with hats and sun glasses.


19. Long Box Braids with Middle Part

If you want to elongate your face, long burgundy box braids are the best choice. They will keep your har protected from dust and sun and help you pull off the look you always wanted.


20. Purple Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy crochet box braids are braided with your own hair and used to protect your natural locks. Make sure your hair is healthy before creating the plates, and don’t knit them too tight.


21. Two Braided Ponytails

If your burgundy box braids with beads have a middle part, then it’s so easy to style two cute ponytails. Make sure you don’t forget about your baby hairs because they also need styling for a flawless look.


22. Purple Tinted Box Braids

Not everyone loves chunky braids, but if you are one of their fans you will certainly fall in love with this hairstyle. Part your hair in the middle and create big sections for your knits. Once you’re done, decorate them with threads and golden hair jewelry.

However you choose to wear these knits, burgundy box braids are certainly attention grabbers. More than this, they are a protective hairstyle that can last for even 6 weeks, so if you opt for these plates, you’ll have one thing less to worry about in the morning.