30 Most Captivating Braided Bun Hairstyles for 2024

When we women are looking for a new hairstyle, there a couple of things we want: quick, easy, and pretty. With the ever popular braided buns offering all three, why would you not try them?


Flattering Types of Braided Buns

There are many unique versions of the gorgeous braided bun hairstyle and all work with any face shape. For your next date night or weekend out and about, you’re guaranteed to look hot with one of these 30 braided bun styles!

1. French Braid Bun

This gorgeous French braid bun is easy to pull together: form a braid at one side then pull it into another braid that twists into a bun.


2. Box Braids in a Bun

If you normally wear your long box braided hair down, pull it up and into a high bun for easy, simple style.


3. Braided Buns for Black Hair

Thick cornrows pulled into a tight high bun is another great style for natural hair. Pair this look with your favorite dangly earrings for a special night out.


4. Feed-in Braided Bun

A feed-in braid will give the illusion of natural long braids if your hair isn’t that long to start with. You can achieve this intricate circular design with a feed-in braid and be the star of the night.


5. Braided Space Buns

Who doesn’t want to be the glow-up version of Disney’s Zenon? Instead of plain messy buns, start with braids at the nape of the neck.


6. Side Braid Bun

Not only are side buns quickly pulled together, but they’re also easily made flirty for a summer day or date night with a side braid woven into them.


7. Two Braids into a Bun

For this pretty hairstyle, begin with Dutch braids then wind them into a bun. You can even add a couple of sparkly clips to touch it up.


8. Cornrows Braided into a Bun

A cornrow crown is what you want if you have a big night to show up for. Use a smooth serum to touch up baby hairs and keep frizz away.


9. Dutch Braid Bun

Another version of Dutch braids, these ones are thick and loose which can really work in your favor if you have thin hair. Liven up the style with temporary colors, like a pastel purple.


10. Messy Bun with Braid

This messy side bun has tons of texture and waves. The spritz of sparkle combined with tiny flowers makes this style great for any formal event.


11. Braided Low Bun

A braided low bun is packed with details from the mix of thin and thick braids, to the zig-zag detail between thick cornrows.


12. Ghana Braids Bun

You might think Ghana braids are difficult, but you’ll be happy to hear the stylish twists aren’t that challenging. Shaved sides make this a fierce style.


13. Big Braids in a Bun

Chocolate locks on a dark base make these rich braids in a gorgeous bun a style to keep in mind.


14. Crown Braid Bun

Crown braids are popular for a reason: it’s a fashion-forward throwback to the hippie flower crown and easily put together.


15. High Bun with Braid

For this hairstyle, begin with a braid at the front of your hair, then keep going as you pull hair up into a high sock bun.


16. Upside Down Braid Bun

For an upside-down braided bun, it helps to flip hair over to start. When you have the braid together, pull it into a high bun. Messy or neat, this style is a beauty.


17. Hair Braided into a Bun with Weave

Small and thick braids combine to give an updo plenty of simple detail for a beautiful style you can feel confident in.


18. Braided Ballerina Bun

If you never had a chance to be a ballerina as a child, you can feel like one with a low ballerina bun. Faux flowers are the dainty detail to top it off.


19. Crochet Braids in a Bun

With proper care, the nice thing about crochet braids is they’ll last several weeks. Plus not only do they look great down and loose, but they’re just as stunning piled high in a bun.


20. Fishtail Braid Bun

The elaborate fishtail braid will make a low bun stand out beautifully. A pearled clip keeps locks together in an elegant manner.


21. Half Up Braided Bun

If you prefer to leave some of your hair down, a half updo is more your style. Pull the top half of your hair into a braided bun for a cute relaxed look.


22. Middle Braid Bun

For a voluminous hairstyle, braid the middle part of your hair and secure it in a two-level bun.


23. Braided Chignon Bun

The elegant chignon gets its own braided wrap and is style-ready for a wedding or bridal shower. A headband would work well as a pretty accessory for this look.


24. Donut Braid Bun

For any prom, dance, or wedding you might attend, a donut braid bun is a hairstyle to go for. With two sections of braids that wrap around your head, you’ll feel like a princess.


25. Wedding Hair Braid Bun

Another option for a romantic wedding updo is this braided bun whose crown wraps around and is decorated with pearled flowers.


26. Rope Braid Bun

Don’t you want to wear the same ponytail to work again? Weave your locks into a rope-like side braid then twist into a low bun.


27. Braided Bangs with Bun

Braided bangs are not something you see every day which makes for the perfect head-turning hairstyle when combined with a high braided bun.


28. Waterfall Braid into Bun

This waterfall braid, a chic modified version of the French braid, wraps up neatly in a knotted bun.


29. Curly Bun with Braid

Dress up a small donut bun with a thick top braid. This particular cut is super edgy because of the shaved undercut.


30. Braided Bow Bun

Want to be sure to turn heads with your hairstyle? Play with color like this braided bow bun does.

With the above different styles of braided buns to choose from, you won’t be struggling with your next hairstyle for date night or weekend fun. As long as you wear the look with a smile, you’ll be beautiful!