Box Braids with Color: 25 Looks to Make a Real Statement

Box braids with a pinch of color come with a touch of fabulousness. Depending on the thickness of the plait and the size, they take a while to knit, but the end result is definitely eye-catching.

Box braids with color are trendy among black women and white girls who want an awesome hairstyle that grabs all the attention.

Below you can find some gorgeous examples that use colored Jumbo hair, so scroll down to discover.

1. Blonde Box Braids

Blonde box braids are and always will be very popular because they create an amazing contrast between black skin and hair color. However, it’s not crucial to braid the whole plait; you can do a half-half hairstyle.

2. Tight Red Box Braids

Red box braids that are tightly knitted will keep the braid secured. The electric color highlights your skin tone, and you can decorate some of the parts with silver hair rings.

3. Purple Ombre Box Braids

Blonde girls will look stunning with ombre box braids that feature pink pastel shades and electric purple nuances. Consider keeping them knotless for a more natural appearance.

4. Burgundy Bob Box Braids

You can style burgundy box braids to resemble a bob haircut with a one-sided path. Cover the knots used to secure the braid with wide golden hai rings. However, if you want to pull off a retro look, consider choosing a rounded pair of glasses.

5. Blue Box Braids with Glasses

When getting long blue box braids, there are multiple ways to style them, just like regular hair. Section the top hair into a large piece and roll it into a big bun on top of the head.

6. Brown and Dark Brown Box Braids

If you love natural looks, consider using Jumbo bundles that are close to your natural hair color. These brown box braids will match your skin tone, creating a fabulous look.

7. Purple Box Braids with Curly Tips

If you adore vibrant, electric colors and love the attention that comes with these shades, consider creating purple box braids.  Secure the braids by rolling them on a rod and dipping them into boiling waterto maintain that curly shape.

8. Silver Box Braids

Perfectly tight grey box braids will work best for women with darker skin tones. Secure the ends with rubber bands and style them on one side.

9. Pink and Pastel Box Braids

Pink ombre box braids are certainly attention grabbers, and if you like getting all this recognition, these colored braid are just the ones you need. To create great contrast, knot the ends using black rubber bands.

10. Tiny Green Box Braids

Clean and crisp green box braids combined with emerald nuances will create a stunning color blend. Mix the darker shades only for the top part of your head, later revealing those small electric knits.

11. Orange Long Box Braids

As a woman with fair skin, orange box braids will give you that eye-popping contrast, without making you look pale. Add small yellow threads to gain a joyful hairstyle.

12. Colored Knotless Box Braids

If you adore colored knotless box braids, it’s indicated to play around with colors that are in the same range: mix purple, pale pink, and burgundy Jumbo hair to recreate the look above.

13. Box Braids with Curly Strands

You can play with braids and curls in so many ways, and this is probably one of the coolest ideas. Get medium box braids with curly red-stranded colors that pop from your braid.

14. Brown Box Braids with Wavy Tips

Such bohemian box braids with a brown color will look natural but will also provide that most wanted touch of glow. Knit the whole braid and dip just half of the braids into hot water. Easily unbraid half of your hair to get those waves.

15. Multicolored Pastel Box Braids for Kids

Kids love unicorn hair, and box braids with pastel colors are among their favorites. Opt for blue, pink, and teal shades when braiding your daughter’s hair, and she will wear her new hairstyle with pride.

16. Long Brown Box Braids

If having long hair is not something you can achieve, long box braids with natural colors are your ace upon your sleeve. They can suit all sorts of styles by completing both elegant and casual looks.

17. Tiny Box Braids with A Red Twist

Such small box braids with red-colored braids that are being placed randomly will give your hair a unique appearance. Before booking an appointment at a hair salon that makes such stunning braids, make sure you empty your schedule for the day because these will require a lot of time.

18. Large Box Braids

Some girls love small braids, and some adore jumbo box braids with color and volume. If you fall in the second category, you’ll find out that these tight box braids are long-lasting and quite easy to maintain.

19.  Blonde and Purple

Sectioning your hair into triangle-shaped pieces is the first thing you need to do if you want to recreate these box braids with blonde and purple colors. You don’t even have to worry about your roots growing; by contrary, they will provide a stunning frame for your sectioning shape.

20. Box Braids with Translucent Beads

Part your hair into squared sections and mix blonde and brown jumbo hair. These colored box braids with beads will stunningly fall on your back, and the decorations will transform you into a black queen.

21. Multi-Colored Braids

Multi-colored box braids are fashionable, popular, and easy to create with some Jumbo hair. Choose your bundles carefully, making sure the colors match each other.

22. Pastel Braids

Pastel hair is still trendy, and a white girl with colored box braids that uses these nuances will get all the attention she craves and deserves. Create a half pony that will reveal the braids and keep them away from your face.

23. Metallic Blue Box Braids

Metallic-colored box braids have such a great impact on light skin. Style this mermaid look by choosing metallic indigo and teal Jumbo hair bundles. Flip your hair on one side and get ready to rock your new hairdo!

24. Ultra Small Golden Braids

Rapunzel, is that you? Golden box braids can make such a tremendous difference for your look and self-esteem! Even if several hairstylists will work on your hair for more than a couple of hours, we can all agree that it totally worths the effort.

25. Ginger Half Ponytails

Ginger box braids are vibrant, colorful, and match girls and women who want all the attention they can get. Section your top hair and split it into two ponytails. Use a metallic scrunchie for a touch of fabulousness.

Box braids with color suit all women who want a perfect, impressive hairstyle. Jumbo hair comes in all sorts of nuances and shades, and you can use it to knit real masterpieces for your hair. Therefore, the length of your braids can vary. Just opt for something you’re comfortable with and that suits your personality and style.