20 Hyped Blue Box Braids of 2023

Box braids are an iconic hairstyle for African Americans. They like to twist their hair in several styles of box braids. Color is one of the most noticeable aspects of their hairstyle. Colors in twist box braids add something extra to their personalities.

One of the most common colors in box braids is blue. Choose a blue box braid if you want something unique, eye-catching, and versatile. It does not look overdone, plus it enhances your daily style of hair. It is not difficult to braid or maintain your blue hair. You can try it on black or even blonde hair.

Trendy Blue Box Braid Hair Ideas

Here are 20 box braids in blue to add some color to your youth:

1. Blue And Black Box Braids

If you like something vibrant, go for blue and black box braids. Mixing blue with black for your box braids gives you a pop vibe with glamour. Remember that the root part should be black and gradually become blue. You can have extensions for the blue part when you want to keep it separate or color your hair from the mid-portion of braids slowly to give a shade.

2. Blue And Blonde Box Braids

There was a time when blue and blonde hair was identical to a sailor’s dress. But now, this style stands out for cheeky girls. It also gives you a cute, nonetheless bold vibe. So if you are carefree, a self-sustained girl just goes for this. But, of course, it looks more perfect when the roots are blonde, and gradually, it becomes blue. But you can always customize your style depending on your choice.

3. Blue Ombre Box Braids

blue ombre box braids

Ombre is such a stunning style, yet it’s been around for a while. But that’s why many of us like ombre; it’s cute and goes with any hairstyle. In box braids, blue is just the perfect fit for an ombre. There are several shades of blue, from dark to light. You choose three to four colors and maintain the smoothness of the color change. And also, always put the darker one on the root.

4. Dark Blue Box Braids

A dark blue braid with a medium box gives you edginess in your style. You can also mix up a few shades of dark blue, like cobalt, azure, navy, or berry, and so on, in separate braids or blend up all the colors. A ponytail looks elegant in dark blue braids, but you can fall it aside. You can call it a thoughtful hairstyle among box braids.

5. Blue Box Braids on Dark Skin

Blue box braids on dark skin color are kind of “oh glorious” and turning heads everywhere. However, apart from the mainstream, you should try an unconventional color on your braids if you want something fashionable and funky. Blue braids on dark women are revered for their bold vibes. If you are an African American woman, this is the best option.

6. Blue And Green Box Braids

A mix of blue and green is not an unusual color combination for box braids. The look depends on the shades of blue and green. Any shade of blue is vibrant, revere, and a go-to watch. With that, green adds a fresh appearance. Since you have two options in hand, either you can blend them in an ombre style or apply them one by one to your braids.

7. Blue Box Braided Bob

If you want your hair in a bob with box braids, go for blue to erase the monotonous vibe of your hairstyle. Blue has different shades, obviously, but it gives you a fresh look at any color.

This haircut is a classic bob shaking up with the vivid color of blue, making it gorgeous and vibrant. Blue box braided bob goes with any outfit perfectly with high confidence in women.

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8. Blue Box Braids With Curly Ends

Blue is a vibrant color. This style has blue knotting from the roots to the ends of the braids and is curly at the ends. The loose wavy texture at the end with blue enlightens the easy, carefree, and bohemian look. If you are a kind of sporty person, then just blend with this style. It creates a classy summer look with shimmer.

9. Blue Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are thicker braids created by surpassing two or three braids. It will be very stylish when you do it in blue. If the braids are in shades like black and blue or blue ombre, it will be a perfect way to go with them. Tying up this jumbo box like a huge bun gives you a smart as well as an enthusiastic vibe.

10. Blue Long Box Braids

Blue long box braids are a versatile and gorgeous style. The length of the box braids is up of the butt or beyond. The most convenient aspect of the long box braids is you can style them in different ways with different hues of blue. You can make a high bun up to the head with some braids and leave the rest of the braids. Whatever style you wear in a long blue box braid will be sleek.

11. Blue Medium Box Braids

If you are not a fan of extensions in your box braids, then go for medium box braids. It is braided from roots in a vibrant blue, adding a refreshing touch to your face. It is best for those who love a protective hairstyle. It’s also lightweight and easy to handle. If someone’s hair is naturally curly or coily, then it suits them better.

12. Blue Triangle Box Braids

In triangle box braids, the base of the braids will be a triangle. To get out of the box, you can do any hue of blue, but electric blue with a triangle box would be like two peas in a pod. The triangle shape on the scalp creates an artistic vibe along with pop. It also gives your hair the edge to rock any cocktail party.

13. Light Blue Box Braids

Not everyone likes to go with the flow. Many women want to stand out from the crowd, and light blue is one of those sticks a color. You can highlight your black box braids with a lighter shade of blue that has many options to style. Like the picture, you can tie a high bun on the top and then leave the rest of the braids.

14. Navy Blue Box Braids

If you are a person who likes darker shades and wants to keep your hair color nearly decent, then the navy blue hue is for you. It is such a color that has gone with every style and length of the hair. You can mingle it with black locks or can apply the whole strand. It gives you a wise and modest look that is admirable to you.

15. Pastel Blue Box Braids

Many women like soft and light hue colors, but they almost forget about the pastel color in the aspect of blue box braids. This soft blue color suits every tone and length of hair. Pastel blue box is a festival hairstyle that may include beach parties. Many festive, loving, and artistic women like this color in box braids. Your natural hair can be tied up with the extensions like the picture.

16. Pink And Blue Box Braids

If you love experimenting with hair colors but cannot decide where to start, I suggest going pink and blue. It gives a vibrant summer look. You can knot pink and blue strands to create the whole box braids, like in the picture do one part pink and another part blue. You have to pull off the trendy and bold vibe of this look.

17. Pink, Blue, And Purple Box Braids

If you want to get noticed and pop vibe in your outfit, then go for pink, blue, and purple mixed box braids. This style mainly depends on the shades of the color. If you choose cyan blue and pastel pink, keep the pink braids on the front side. Blue and purple can be knotted together or separated as your wish. This combo just rocks the night concert or club parties.

18. Purple And Blue Box Braids

Purple is a regal color. With the mix of blue, it will look stunning. It gives your hair a shining vibe to accustom to a regular go-to vibe. Like the picture, you can do the blue-purple mixed top knot and lose some braids in the sides. Also, you have to keep the hue of these colors in mind. In that aspect, dark purple and electric blue is my suggestion.

19. Red And Blue Box Braids

The split dye trend is the best option in combination with red with blue. A complementary color like red looks cheerful. For those cute, fun girls who like box braids, it is their biggest suggestion. Blue and red are really two contrasting colors. So be careful to choose the hue of the color before jumping into it.

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20. Royal Blue Box Braids

Royal blue is a deep and vivid shade of blue. If you want something bright for your hair, you can go straight for royal blue because it gives you a regal vibe. You can start the braid from the roots of the hair and twist it with black on the upper part.

Box braid has been a popular hairstyle for ages, and blue is the most wanted and go-to color for this style. Today’s hair fashion icons are also seen in blue box braids like Amandla Stenberg. So don’t waste your time thinking about what to do, just jump in these ideas which are suitable for you.