25 Best Variations of The Braided Bangs

A new year is coming right up, so perhaps it’s time to change up your look? Switch up your signature style and try braids with bangs. This style is versatile, from simple plates to intricate twists, so there’s a sure braiding style that will fit your personality at any time, at any occasion. Having a new hairstyle lets your creativity shine through, and with this look, the world is your oyster!

From the timeless French braid to waterfall braid, these hairstyles can be protective to your strands and make your hair look pretty while helping your mane grow longer and stronger. These braidspirations will suit the gym, a wedding, a dinner date, or just simply lounging at home; it will make you stand out from the crowd.

It may take a chunk out of your time to achieve these hairstyles, but it will be so worth it. Some may even require an effortless look at all. We’ve rounded out 25 Pinterest-worthy hairstyles that will highlight the beauty of your strands and frame your face, as well.

1. French Braid with Bangs

A French braid is a classic for a reason. Known for its versatile and feminine style, it’s perfect for weddings. Face framing bangs or a polished look will do, depending on your mood.


2. Box Braid with Bangs

Box braids are the classic style for Afro-texture hair. Not only is it edgy and stylish, but it also protects your tresses from damage. This hairstyle may take long hours to achieve, but it’s worth it.


3. Crochet Braid with Bangs

This crochet technique is one way to get long braids. The first step is to braid your hair into cornrows. It is similar to a weave and is a convenient option if you want long hair, asap!


4. Dutch Braid with Bangs

It uses a three-strand technique to complete this classy look. It’s a great way to enhance a plait hairstyle to the next level and create a crown updo to show the queen in you.


5. Braid with Bangs for Black Woman

The hair just screams edgy! Straight bangs paired with box braids for that ultimate glow up. As they say, New Year, New Me — for every year. It doubles up its function as stylish and protective.


6. Braid for Short Hair with Bangs

Want a new look to hide your fringe? Try these braids with bangs. Adding this fancy accent to your updo or down do instantly frames your face and gives a fresh new look.


7. Braided Hairstyle for Medium Hair with Bangs

This hairstyle is a must for Coachella-like festivals. Pulling back your bangs into a braid is a fun way to get them out of the way while elevating your look.


8. Long Braid with Bangs

Yeppuda: this hairstyle is the Korean craze as of this season. Long braids and bangs is an effortless look to wear if you’re running late to class but still want to look cute and fresh.


9. Braided Mohawk with Bangs

Are you a risk-taker for the upcoming year 2021? Try this braided mohawk! It has gone mainstream; this hairstyle is chic. Wear it as flat or as high as you want.


10. Braid with Side Bangs

Highlight your radiance with this classy hairstyle! The crown style is a nice touch to look ethereal and beautiful, matching your goddess look. The side-swept fringe is a romantic touch to swoon your date.


11. Braided Updo with Bangs

Braided updos are mesmerizing, especially for a wedding day as a bride. This hairstyle paired with a nude lipstick and flushing blush, your radiance will make heads turn on your special day.


12. Double Braids with Bangs

Two is better than one! If you’re looking for a way to level up your French braid, this is the sure way to do it. It hides your bangs while keeping a stylish look.


13. Braided Bangs with Bun

Looking for a fun and hip look to fit your outgoing personality? This hairstyle is a way to make you look fire! The double buns make the entire look swoon-worthy.


14. Jumbo Braid with Bangs

Ponytail hairstyles are always in trend. They are stylish, classic, and low maintenance, but at times you want to switch it up, try this look! The modern beads add a nice touch. 


15. Straight Hair with Braided Bangs

Keep your fringe off of your face in the upcoming summer with this hairdo. Braided bang is a cute look sans the sweat! This is perfect for gym time or a stroll in the park.


16. Braided Bangs with Curls

Keeping your hair manageable at all times is a must! Pleats in your hair get your curly hair the attention it deserves, especially in the fringe area. Always stand out from the crowd!


17. Braided Ponytail with Bangs

Ditch the classic ponytail and try these braids with bangs! It can go from classy to casual or even a red-carpet look if paired with the right makeup and accessories.


18. Braided Bangs with Beads

Want a stylish twist with your braided bangs? Fret not! Combine braids with rings, accessories, wires that have been trending recently. Don’t be afraid to elevate your look and have a modern style!


19. Headband Braid with Bangs

This headband braid with bangs is an easy way to spruce up your everyday look! It exudes a dainty and ethereal aura from you, pair this with a flowy dress and mary-janes, and you’re good to go.


20. Bob Braid with Bangs

Bob braids are the epitome of a fun and conservative look. They are always in fashion and adds a hint of chicness through bangs. Easy to style and universally flattering, this one is for you.


21. Braided Pigtails with Bangs

Another way to spice up a french or dutch braid is through pigtails. Pigtails are a youthful way to show your personality through this hairstyle. Always playful and never goes out of style.


22. Crown Braid with Bangs

Channel your inner fairy with this crown braid with bangs! This is the perfect combination of two trends that will always be classic, never out of style. The fringe adds an effortless touch.


23. Fishtail Braid with Bangs

A festival classic, this hairdo brings a boho touch to your look. Paired with a hippie outfit and a peace sign, it looks like you’re ready to go to a Coachella festival!


24. Halo Braid with Bangs

This ethereal braid is great for any occasion, for a wedding, or just an everyday casual look. It is created through a long French or Dutch braid pinned to look like a crown.


25. Waterfall Braid with Bangs

This ethereal braid is great for any occasion, for a wedding, or just an everyday casual look. It is created through a long French or Dutch braid pinned to look like a crown.


Braided hair with bangs is versatile, practical, and perfect for summer or perhaps, any time of the year, no matter if it’s fall, winter, or autumn. You can dress them up or down, and choose the best one for your unique signature look. Whether you’re a beginner or amateur in the hair department, you’ll definitely find a style that best suits you and your personality with these 25 adorable braids with bangs ‘dos. Which hairstyle is your favorite?