20 Coolest Braids for Boys to Try in 2024

Have you seen the braided styles for boys? While we mostly associate braided hairstyles with women, there are also plenty of these similar hairstyles for boys which would make them look stylish and fashionable as well!


Braided Styles for Boys to Defy the Norms

It’s 2021. Boys can wear their hair as long or as short as they want. With all the different lengths of hair available, it is not so surprising then, that braided styles for boys can become fashionable as well! Let’s look at some of the top braided hairstyles for boys that we have to recommend below.

1. Box Braids for Boy

A style more commonly found among college boys, box braids are also becoming a popular look even among working men. Medium hair length works well, but so does long hair which extends all the way to your back!


2. Black Boy with Braid

The key to creating a stylish braided look for boys lies in how they segment their braids. This would in turn depend on how thick their hair is to start with. This specific hairstyle, for example, works well on boys with thinner hair!


3. Braids for White Boy

You can braid your entire head of hair, or you can choose only to braid the top as well, almost like a mohawk. Keep the sides short instead of shaved to create a seamless transition between your braids and the sides!


4. Braids for Boy with Short Hair

Braided hairstyles for boys can also include some hair accessories too! Hair accessories like the one shown above will bring the viewers’ attention to the braids.


5. Long Braids for Boy

Boys with long braids can pull any outfit off! Whether you choose to leave your long braids down or tied up in a high ponytail, you’ll be sure to get some attention on your amazing hairstyle.


6. Boy with French Braid

While still uncommon, boys are starting to catch on to the French braid hairdo as well! However, as pictured above, these hairstyles tend to come with a fade of some sort, usually a medium fade.


7. Braid with Fade

We have mentioned this in our article about braided hairstyle for women, but this applies for men too – you’re free to use any number of braids that you’re comfortable with, or whichever is suitable to match your hair texture and thickness!


8. Braided Hairstyle for Little Boy

Little boys blessed with a head full of thick hair can achieve a look like this one or just similar. Braided styles for boys could be segmented rather than focused on just one braid down the middle.


9. Cornrow Braids for Boy

Cornrow braids for boys are often just as long as their hair length growth allows. Young boys still growing up will have to redo their braids relatively more often compared to adults, since their hair would grow much faster!


10. Braided Mohawk

Want a more fancy braided hairstyle for boys? How about incorporating some patterns into the shaved sides, and adding a mohawk braid into your hairstyle?


11. Four Braided Style for Boy

A four-braid hairstyle can appear like pictured above, or the braids can be further apart horizontally to make the hairstyle appear more symmetrical and balanced across the entire head.


12. Braid for Mixed Boy

If your hairdresser is skilled enough, you could even go for braids with a unique path between them. Your hairdresser will need to part your hair carefully and precisely, or the hair parting will never look this neat.


13. Individual Braids

If you prefer smaller braids, how about going for a hairstyle featuring a full head of condensed braids? You can pair these braids with a shaved side and direct your braids towards the back of your head to keep the strands away from your face.


14. Braided Design for Boy

Braided styles for boys don’t have to be complicated. You can create a normal, basic braided hairstyle and mix it up with a neat fade with some lined cuts in between to create a pattern!


15. Twist Braids

Most of us are more familiar with the three-strand braids, but boys can also go for twisted braids with would look just like its name – like an amount of hair just twisted around only! This hairdo will not require thick hair as much as it would for the typical braids.


16. Braided Ponytail for Boy

A popular hairstyle among African-American kids, boys can wear a braided ponytail to just about any occasion! However, a thicker head of hair would definitely make this hairstyle look much better.


17. Braids with Beads

Remember how we mentioned braids that are tied further apart from each other?  This is how this braided hairstyle for boys will look, and you can accessorize it with some beads for more style.


18. Braids with Undercut

This complex braided style will need a lot of time to create. However, we know that you probably spent more time looking at the intricate designs on this hairstyle than the others, which meant that it worked!


19. Braided Bun for Boy

If you’re looking for a more complex hairstyle for boys, you can consider combining your braids together into a bun at the end. This will remove the hassle of having to retie your hair every now and then.


20. Braids with Weave

Women are not the only ones who can braid their hair with weaves! In fact, if anything this picture perfectly proves how weaves can look amazing on boys as well. Weaves are amazing as braided style for both boys and girls, so don’t be afraid to try it out!


What do you think of braided styles for boys after seeing this list? Do you think that you’ll be trying out this hairstyle for yourself or for your young son at home? Let us know in the comment section below!