25 Bob Haircuts With Side Bangs – Get Marvelous Short Hair Looks

Figuring out what to wear on a girl’s night out can be pretty intimidating! Instead of worrying about something complicated, a simple yet stylish bob with side bangs might be the perfect hairdo for you. This hairstyle is simple and elegant, ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

Bobs are an iconic hairstyle that women in the 1900s used to commonly wear. Now, it’s regarded as a simple hairstyle that’s hard to get wrong. By paring your bob with side bangs, the classic hairstyle gets a cute twist!

In this article, we’ll take a look at popular Bob with Side Bang hairstyles that you might like.

1. Bob with Side Bangs

Looking for a classic and natural look? Then a bob with side bangs is perfect for you, paired perfectly with accessories like a necklace or an earring. Simply cut your hair into a regular bob with side-swept bangs.


2. Short Bob with Bangs

A short bob is a clean hairstyle for those who want a refreshing look. Cut your bob shorter, leaving the front hair side-swept as bangs. Add a hint of green highlight for that extra pop.


3. Side Bangs for Medium Bob

This hairdo will definitely make you look younger, especially with a red dress, earrings, and necklace. Grow your bob out to medium length and leave the front hair weaved to the side.


4. Bob with Side Swept Bangs

The perfect hairdo for those with a framed and mature face. This haircut pairs well with wide brim sun hats or vintage dresses, giving off that timeless and classic 19th-century vibe.


5. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Going for a Saturday night out with friends? With this fashionable hairdo, people will surely look your way. Layer the length of your bob from medium to long and keep your front bangs parted to the side.


6. Angled Bob with Bangs


Having thin hair isn’t a disadvantage as an angled bob with side bangs is a perfect style for thin hair. Angle your bob from your nape to your neck at a lower angle, giving it that slope.


7. Bob and Side Bangs with Weave

This hairdo will definitely take you back to your rebellious days. Getting a bob with a long weave parted to the side is reminiscent of rocker fashion, grow one side longer than the other to get the look!


8. Inverted Bob + Side Bangs

An inverted bob together with side bangs and messy hair is a great hairdo, simply cut your bob angled from the neck to the front and keep the front of your bangs arranged to the side.


9. A-Line Bob And Side Bangs

A-Line bob is perfect for the professional setting since it’s clean and modern. Cut your hair into a simple medium bob and leave your bangs long enough to rest on your cheeks.


10. Blunt Bob with Bangs

This hairdo is simple yet stunning. A blunt bob works by cutting your hair at a flat angle, giving it that “blunt” look. From there, just arrange your bangs to the right and you’re done!


11. Side Swept Curly Bob

This hairdo will make good use of your curly hair. Cut it into a medium-length bob just like the previous hairdos and sweep your curly bangs to the side. It blends perfectly well with ombre hair.


12. Straight Bob

Having this bob with side bangs hairdo will make you look fashionable with silver-colored hair, although blonde would look good too. Cut your bob short at cheek level and part your bangs to the side.


13. Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Take advantage of your curly hair with this hairstyle! Style your hair into a medium bob and keep long strands of hair for the bangs, this hairdo is perfect for women with chiseled faces.


14. Bob And Side Bangs For Black Women

Got thick, black, messy hair? Then try this absolutely amazing hairstyle. This style complements well with thick hairs, for this hairdo just cut your hair into a long or medium bob and grow out your side bangs.


15. Bob with Long Side Bangs

Popular with the younger generation and youthful on the mature ladies, this exceptional hairstyle brings out the young charm. Just cut your hair into a bob, then grow out your front hair to the side.


16. Textured Bob

This hairdo is ideal for light-colored hair. Simply style your hair into a medium bob with short choppy layers for that textured look, then sweep the bangs to the side.


17. Very Short Bob with Side Bangs

This bob with side bangs hairdo is perfect for those younger people that want a gorgeous and mature look. Simply cut your hair into a bob and keep your bangs as long as your bob, parted to the side.


18. Asymmetrical Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This hairdo is great for older women, and if you have a lighter skin tone. Cut your hair into a bob with one side shorter than the other while cutting your front hair in a slope for the bangs.


19. Bob with Side Bangs for Round Face

This hairstyle is ideal for those that have a rounded face and works best with medium-length hair to cover those sweet cheeks. Cut your hair into a bob with bangs at the front swept to the side.


20. Blonde Bob

This hairdo is perfect for the older readers but works just as well on younger girls. Just dye your hair blonde, cut your bob short, and part your bangs to either side.


21. Side Bangs With Sew In Bob

Got a fierce character? Then this elegant, bold, and fierce hairdo is perfect for you. Simply cut your hair into a bob with the other side shorter and sweep the bangs to the side.


22. Side Bangs for Thin Hair

Have thin hair and don’t like the hassle of doing your hair? Then try out this gorgeous and stylish hairdo. Cut your hair into a simple bob, but keep your bangs short and thin.


23. Choppy Bob with Bangs

This refreshing, stylish hairdo is a fabulous hairstyle that will make your day a bit more appealing. Cut your bob into medium and long lengths, leaving a long bang to the side.


24. Shaggy Bob + Side Bangs

A fan of classy hairstyles? Then try this stylish hairstyle with stunning blonde hair. For this hairdo, style your hair into a long bob with a choppy, textured and layered end for that shaggy look and leave the bangs long.


25. Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

This exquisite hairdo is also great for older women as the hairstyle makes them look younger. Cut your long hair into a bob with stacked layers and have a long side bang for that delicate touch.


These are the 25 bobs with side bangs hairstyles that are popular right now, shared with you. Hopefully, you found a hairstyle that suits your tastes! Let us know in the comments which of these hairdos you tried on.