23 Stylish Weave Bobs for 2023 – Hair Extension Inspiration

Not every woman is lucky enough to have that rich voluminous hair that she can style any way she likes. If you are among the less fortunate ones and if you want a short but beautiful hair, the answer is simple: bob hairstyles with weave.

When you have a weave bob, nobody will notice that this gorgeous mane comes with a little help from the hair extensions. What are you waiting for? Give your hairdresser a call and book an appointment.

1. Black Bob with Weave

When you want your hair to look fantastic, you can simply choose a bob hairstyle that will amazingly frame your face. If you’ve done this before, you know how it works, but if this is your first time, give your hairdresser a call and do it in a professional salon. It might get complicated!


2. Side Part Bob with Weave

These hairstyles look gorgeous! If you want hair with loads of volume, you should use 2-3 packs of Remy hair. Braid the area where you want to create the split and start gluing your hair extensions from bottom to top. When you reach the top, use your natural hair to cover the roots.


3. Middle Part Bob

If your hair is thin and rare, this bob with weave is the perfect solution for you. Make sure that for this hairstyle you use good quality hair because if you want to make your locks look flawless, you ‘ll need to use a straightening iron. You don’t want to see your hair melt, don’t you?


4. Short Bob with Weave

Nobody will find out that this is not your natural hair or that you used hair extensions for this hairstyle. If you are aiming for a stylish and chic look, part your hair on one side.


5. Long Bob with Weave

This long bob hairstyle goes near your shoulder line and really gives you a glamorous look. This hairstyle beautifully frames your face and you will adore the way the weave falls.


6. Medium Weave Bob

If you want your hair to look perfect you can split it in the middle and make it look stylish and shiny with some hair wax. This way you will reduce the chances of the glued parts of the weave to be seen.


7. Ombre Bob Hair

If you choose some blonde hair extensions for this long ombre bob hairstyle with weave, stick your black hair locks out and make them perfectly blend with the lighter hair.


8. Bob with Weave and Bangs

Want to look perfect at a reception or dinner? Or even at a party? This new hair will make you feel elegant and everyone will love the way it suits you. You can even wear this bob hairstyle with bangs.


9. Straight Bob with Weave

If you have rare hair, the best trick for this problem when wearing extensions is to use a powder that is in the same shade as your hair color and add it on your scalp. It will make your hair look fantastic!


10. Bob Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you can use your hair extensions in two ways. One of them is to create a rich ponytail and the other is to make the rest of your hair look smooth and bouncy.


11. Asymmetrical Weave Bob

When you use a hair weave you can create any hairstyle you want. That also includes this fabulous asymmetrical bob hairstyle.


12. Messy Bob

If you want a messy bob hairstyle for your thick hair, you can easily have it. Choose a mix of colors for the weave and start gluing them on your base. For an even more mesmerizing look, you can create some easy waves.


13. Bob with Curly Weave

You don’t need to use a curling iron every day if you want to have ringlets in your hair. Flip your bangs on one side and you are good to go with this curly weave hairstyle.


14. Wavy Bob with Weave

Those easy curls look fantastic If you don’t want a straight bob hairstyle, you can create some wide loops for your tips.


15. Sew in Bob

Braid your hair on your scalp, just the way you do it for other sew-in extensions. Sew your extensions and flip the hair on one side.


16. Red Bob Hairstyle

It’s not just the color that makes this hairstyle pop out, but also the haircut. Sew your hair extensions on your braids and use the top of your hair to cover the roots.


17. Blunt Bob with Weave

This look seems so natural! It’s all about the color, haircut and those amazing sew-in extensions that make the magic happen.


18. Weave Bob with Highlights

If you want a shampoo commercial look, this style is for you. It’s elegant, romantic and glamorous and you can get it with 2-3 bundles of Remy hair extensions.


19. Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangs

If you want a mesmerizing look, for this sew-in bob hairstyle you can now and there dye some blonde highlights. They will give such a fine touch to your blonde bob hairstyle!


20. Braided Bob

For this braided bob hairstyle, you will need loads of patience. Get a few packs of bundles and start braiding. Also, you can youse some pieces of jewelry to make it look eye-popping.


21. Angled Bob with Weave

This look is mesmerizing especially because of that astonishing dark green color. Split your hair in the middle to make it look fabulous!


22. Weave Bob for Round Face

If you have short thin hair, don’t need to panic. This electric blue bob for round face is the perfect thing for you. It will make your face look smaller and will beautifully frame it.


23. Blonde Bob with Weave

Create a gorgeous platinum blonde color for your natural hair and for your extensions and start gluing them on your head. You will love the way it looks on you.


If you want a beautiful bob hairstyle but your hair is far from being long and thick, sew-in extensions can make real miracles. In this case, weaves are your best friends and you can glue them, sew them and even use them for your ponytail. Did you ever use any of these techniques to change your hairstyle?