25 Best Textured Bob Ideas for Your Hair Type

A textured bob can be achieved when you cut your hair in varying lengths and add choppy layers to enhance dimension and create an illusion of a more voluminous layer. This type of bob flatters every face shape and works well with any outfit, whether it’s a top and jeans or a full-length gown.

Probably every woman out there has at least tried it once because it never goes out of style. This sophisticated haircut is highly adaptable but needs some upkeep. Deep conditioning, monthly trimming, and blow-drying are a must.

Reasons to Get a Textured Bob ASAP

Choppy layers are the main attraction of textured bobs. This unique bob throughout the hair will give you the illusion of volume and the desired beachy waves. Face-framing with tousled finishes automatically elongates the face shape and softens the jawline, regardless of your hair texture. High contrast highlights or ombre also blend perfectly with this deep-rooted haircut and add depth.

If you are searching to get an edgy feminine look for this season, we have the perfect options for you. Check out the latest 25 cool celeb-inspired textured bob haircuts you would love to try.

1. Short Textured Bob

This jawline short shaggy bob is incredibly flattering and suitable for women who have busy schedules. Doesn’t require much upkeep. Front baby bangs can frame your face nicely while adding choppy layers can bring soft waves.

2. Textured Long Bob

Bring some heights on the falling strands around your face by making the front part slightly more angled than the back. A lightly tousled finish looks fabulous and sporty with long texured bob. Opt for a vibrant tone of balayage for a sun-kissed vibe.

3. Medium Textured Bob

For those who want to cut it short but not too short. This medium-length razored cut textured bob shows off the neck and has more of an edgy look. Wear vintage earrings and tuck some side part hair behind the ears. Fritz some hairspray for extra stay.

4. Textured Bob for Fine Hair

Give your fine hair a thicker and fuller look with a textured bob. Add whispy layers sophisticatedly cut to the jawline. These voluminous beachy waves will bring life back to your hair. Easy to style and suits well almost every aged woman.

5. Textured Bob for Thick Hair

A textured bob looks more structured and chaotic in thicker hair as you can add more layers to define the depth and dimensions. This girl-next-door look goes perfectly well with formal attire or casual days. A rich coffee-brown highlight will be more eye-catching.

6. Textured Bob with Bangs

There are no doubt bangs are timeless and remarkably bring change in facial features. Slightly angled textured bob with whispy inward bangs looks sassy and quirky. Determine the length short enough not to fall onto your eyes. Choose your favorite vibrant shade lime, emerald green, or whatever to get extra glam.

7. Textured Layered Bob

Create a sultry, uneven, undone done look with cutting layers in a textured bob. Leave the finish tousled and asymmetrical even in chunky bangs for the bedhead effect. Chic yet whimsical.

8. Textured Bob with Highlights

Highlights add impressive depth and definition to hair. This can seem challenging but you would love the soft transitions and vivid complexions. You can go with partial or full highlights on your textured bob depending on your taste. Dark hair with caramel brown highlights looks absolutely stunning. But the highlight shouldn’t be more than two or three shades lighter than the original base. Before the outing, curl it a bit or fritz hairspray.

9. Textured Bob with Side Bangs

Side bangs are a subtle way to add shape your textured bob. Covering the forehead these bangs hides the extra weight of facial features and add symmetry. Appears fuller and natural-looking volume.

10. Textured Undercut Bob

Modern days undercut textured bob highlights your winning features. Your rockstar look won’t be far from Kristen Stewart or Miley Cyrus with this sporty side shaved haircut. Uneven hairline balances the shape of your face.  Keep the undercut neat and visit your hair salon for a regular trim.

11. Choppy Textured Bob

Choppy Textured Bob


Jazz up your style with choppy textured bob. You can keep it uneven or equal or both sides. Set it up with beautifully blended honey balayage and wear middle parted. You can add side bangs for extra movements.

12. Textured A Line Bob

Add some flavor in your regular bob. This textured A-line bob is really stunning especially with that flawless bump on the center back. Ask your hairdresser to give a tousled razored finish to the front tendrils. Vibrant highlights will also suit well.

13. Curly Textured Bob

Curly textured bobs might seem unmanageable sometimes but it’s extremely feminine. Those spiral locks sliding to your neckline is effortlessly cool. Tousle your coil with a bit of hair serum to give it more natural-looking.

14. Textured Wavy Bob

Embrace your naturally wavy hair with a neck-grazing textured bob. This haircut will create an illusion of depth and volume. Layers and loose waves offer a lot of dimensions. Sleek and soft balayage will help to frame the face attractively.

15. Shaggy Textured Bob

You don’t have to be blunt and neat-looking all the time. This rolling-out-of-the-bed look shaggy bob will undeniably be a bold move. That featured finish brings a sporty vibe. Don’t bother if it gets messy, that’s the new trend.

16. Textured Blonde Bob

An all-time favorite among the blonde ladies, textured bob offers a fair amount of layers. Neck-length hair with textured bob is universal for women who want a thicker texture and edgy look. This cut is super low-maintenance and easy to upkeep.

17. Textured Inverted Bob

A short inverted bob is easy to style that any woman can pull off. That round bump illusion on the behind looks amazing and frames the deep root. Removes the bulk from thick hair. Ladies with fine hair, go for it!

18. Textured Pixie Bob

Looking for something short and low maintenance yet ultra-fashionable? You came to the right place. Medium pixie accentuates the jawline while adding volume to the hair. Also, the side-swept tresses are super ravishing. Suited well almost every aged woman.

19. Angled Textured Bob

Usually angled textured bob length ranges between neck to collarbone. You can cut extra layers in the back to lift up the height which will eventually define the deep root and frame your face. Tell the hairstylist to give razored finish in the front and keep it way too longer than the back. A warm tone of balayage will be an additional oomph.

20. Messy Textured Bob

A carefree vibe has become the new trend both in outfit and hairstyle. This messy bob will bring the bedhead effect that looks playful and sporty. Whispy ends add overall volume. Subtle more highlights will be a winning option.

21. Textured Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are deep side-parted uneven and longer on one side than the other. This is super chic and brings some classic flavor at the same time. You can curl it up on the longer side to look more textured and naturally wavy.

22. Textured Blunt Bob

Stylists refer to this no-layer one-length blunt bob especially for women with fine hair. See how much volume you can get with this stunning haircut. Creates an edgy bottom and sharpens the jawline. Opt for a subtle ombre to add more definition.

23. Textured Bob for Black Hair

Textured bob for black hair is sleek and works well in afro-wavy hair. Beach wavy tresses are extremely flattering. Also, check out that peek-a-boo side-swept bangs nicely framing the face. A honey-caramel highlight will add extra oomph.

24. Textured Bob for Round Face

Wanna hide some extra weight on your round face? Here it is. Textured bobs sharpen the jawline and elongate the face. The wavy texture will create an illusion of depth and frame every tiny detail. You’ll get a thin-out face and sharp cheekbone.

25. Textured Graduated Bob

A textured graduated bob features a tapered back with stacked layers. This haircut is inspired by Vogue model Victoria Beckham and can be worn anywhere, from office hallways to gala evenings. The graduated length towards the front creates a super sleek look.

With this level of variety of lengths and finishes, the textured bob has become a modern-day women’s favorite. This stylish bob is distinguished by its choppy razored finishes and gorgeous geometrical asymmetry.

Bring out your inner rebellious and bold version of yourself this season with a textured bob. Just remember to regular blow-dry and monthly trimming to get rid of split ends.

For bringing out your best version of yourself, fritz some hair serum to create movement before special events.

Enough scrolling. We assume you have already chosen one. Ready to make an appointment for your next visit to the salon?