25 New Stacked Bob Ideas for the Current Season

A stacked bob is the perfect choice for women with thin hair or with less volume. Thin hair usually falls flat and this type of haircut gives your hair the effect you wanted.

Stacked bobs are hairstyles based on many layers that lay one on another and create dimension for the hair. Also, bob haircuts are very trendy right now, so if you crave a modern look, this is a pretty good option for you!

1. Short Stacked Bob

Short stacked bobs are highly recommended to women that have thin hair. It makes your hair look fuller in the back, and you’ll easily forget about the fine hair problem. You can keep your bangs longer and choose to create undertones or a beautiful ombre.


2. Long Stacked Bob

Do you want to give your hair dimension? A long stacked bob is exactly what you need. Create loads of layers in the back and keep your hair longer in front. Flip your hair on one side and choose a beautiful brown color for your mane.


3. Stacked Bob for Medium Hair

Layers beautifully make your hair arrange itself. You can choose to combine it with short bangs flipped on one side or keep your fringe long, split in the middle. Depending on how you arrange your hair, you can create a messy or an elegant look.


4. Stacked Layered Bob

A stacked layered bob looks gorgeous if you choose to create short bangs that you can flip on one side. You can also make some tiny blonde highlights like in the first image or transform your hairstyle into a statement; create a purple ombre and make some wider dark purple highlights. Either way, you will look gorgeous!


5. Stacked Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs look fabulous on any hair type, especially on thin locks. This hairstyle gives your mane dimension, and if you choose to combine an ombre with some highlights, you will get some well-defined strands.


6. Curly Stacked Bob

Curly hair has a “bad reputation” because it tends to be rebel and hard to arrange. A stacked bob for curly hair is a perfect choice if you want to keep your ringlets bouncy and well-defined. You can choose to create some bangs that you can flip on one side or make an inverted bob.


7. Wavy Stacked Bob

A stacked bob works so well with some easy waves. The layers in the back make your hair look fuller while the waves give you the glam! You can also flip your hair over and create some blonde highlights that will perfectly match your brown hair shade.


8. Stacked A-Line Bob

An A-Line bob looks perfect, especially if you choose to use a straightening iron. This will make your hair look outstanding! You can part your hair in the middle, and you can choose your favorite color for this hairstyle. If you want this look to be a real statement, you can make a drastic switch from the short layered hair in the back to the long locks in front.


9. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

As we mentioned before, a stacked bob is extremely suitable for thin hair. It gives your locks volume, and if you want your hair to look more textured, you cand combine an ombre with some highlights. You will adore the way your hair looks!


10. Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Every woman wishes for thick hair, but few really are lucky enough to have it. If you want to show your beautiful thick hair with bob, you can emphasize the back with some layers and choose black color to frame your face gorgeously.


11. Blonde Stacked Bob

If you want a gorgeous hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go, you can choose a mesmerizing platinum blonde color for your beautiful mane. Keep your bangs near your chin line and flip it on one side. Tousle your mane a little bit for a casual look.


12. Stacked Angled Bob

Angled bobs are perfect if you want a beautiful face frame. These hairstyles leave plenty of room for creativity because you can choose to either make it in an A-line or asymmetrical shape. Also, a red color or a brown shade with highlights can make your haircut look incredible.


13. Stacked Bob with Highlights

Whenever you want a look that pulls you out of the ordinary, some wide blonde highlights can do the trick. Get yourself a stacked bob with flipped bangs and choose to make your hairstyle special.


14. Stacked Pixie Bob

This is one of the best combinations between a pixie haircut and a stacked bob. Get loads of layers for your back hair and keep the crown hair longer a flipped on one side.


15. Stacked Bob with Bangs

When you have a round face shape, this stacked bob hairstyle with bangs is the ideal haircut for you. Keep your bangs near the eyebrows line and create loads of layers for the rest of your hair. This way, you will give your hair a lot of volume, and you will beautifully frame your face.


16. Rounded Stacked Bob

A Rounded bob hairstyle is ideal for those who want a glamorous and elegant haircut. You can create some bangs that go near your eyebrows line and let them cover your forehead. Also, you can add a little color by simply making a few red faded highlights.


17. Stacked Bob with Undercut

If you want a hairstyle that will draw everyone’s attention, you can create a bob haircut that goes near your chin line. If you want a gorgeous look, you can also make a short undercut on one side and flip your hair over the ear.


18. Permed Stacked Bob

Your fine hair problems are about to come to an end! You can try a permed stacked bob if you wish for a hairstyle that has loads of volume. Perms are not as damaging as they once were, and you won’t need to worry about destroying your locks. Create some bangs and split them into two even sides.


19. Shaggy Stacked Bob

Whenever you want to try something new, go for a casual modern look: you should definitely try a shaggy hairstyle. Get yourself some bangs and create loads of layers for the rest of your hair. Tousle your mane a little bit, and you’ll be ready to go in just a few moments.


20. Stacked Bob for Round Face

Are you that kind of girl that adores colors? Then this stacked bob us for you! Dye your hair in a bright purple color for the base and gradually transit from that to a pale mauve. You can even create some strands for which you use blue and pale blue dye. Keep your bangs longer and flip them on one side.


21. Stacked Swing Bob

If you want a gorgeous hairstyle that is genuinely eye-popping, you can get a stacked bob haircut with bangs. If you want it to look mesmerizing, you can create some pale blue highlights that will beautifully blend with the rest of your hair.


22. Stacked Bob for Woman Over 50

When you are a woman over 50, a stacked bob is the perfect hairstyle for you! Create some blonde highlights and keep your hair next to your chin line. You will look fantastic, we guarantee!


23. Very Short Stacked Bob

You will adore this stacked short bob with bangs! Create some bangs and flip them on one side. You can use a curling iron to create some here-and-there waves that will give your hair a lot of dimensions.


24. Stacked Choppy Bob

Waves make any hairstyle look better, don’t you think? Create a gorgeous stacked bob haircut and make some highlights that will beautifully blend. You will be amazed by the huge volume your hair will have.


25. Stacked Bob for Kid

Stacked bobs are also a great hairstyle for kids. Your little girl will have a modern hairstyle that she will adore.


Stacked bobs were always on the wanted lists un all hairstyling salons, and we can’t wonder why. They make real miracles for thin hair, oval or round faces and also create a lot of volume for your hair. These short and edgier techniques that we use to create the back layers of a stacked bob are probably the thing that makes all women want this excellent haircut. We are curious to know which was your favorite stacked bob, so leave us a comment!