20 Cute Styles Featuring Side Part Bob

Bobs attract a lot of conversation. They can vary significantly in length, ranging from pixie to shoulder-length. In addition to that, bob haircuts look excellent with any type of hair: straight, wavy, curly, etc. But they can also frame your face in a way that doesn’t look good if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can play with the cut in different ways, styling it with side parts to add that extra touch of lightness while maintaining the desired volume. So if you want to try one of these styles, we’ll show you 20 beautiful bob haircut inspirations today.

Trendy Side Part Bob Hairstyles

Here we have many examples of how to wear this beautiful cut. So regardless of the length, color or texture of your hair, you can find a side-parted bob that suits you perfectly.

1. Side Part Sew In Bob

This style is perfect for those totally committed to the side part Bob hairstyle. This is because it takes more time than other style variants, but the result is incredible and very natural. In addition, having a Bob cut, it is easy to style it either symmetrical or asymmetrical, looking good, neat and stylish on any occasion.

2. Side Part Blunt Bob

This alluring variant of the side part bob is beautiful and gives you a fresh modern look. Combining the blunt cut ends with a part style will make them complement each other harmoniously, combining the elements of both. Also, if you have naturally straight hair, this style will give you a more professional look without appearing overly serious.

3. Long Bob with Side Part

One of the advantages of a longer Bob cut is the versatility in options for styling it. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, you can achieve stunning and practical styles. If you combine this with a side part, you will have a fresh, relaxed, and modern style that will make you look fabulous.

4. Short Side Part Bob

Shorter Bob styles can be tricky for some people, but they are full of surprises. This style offers some variants for every occasion. For example, you can wear it seriously with a middle part for a professional vibe. But, after a day of work, you can opt for a side part Bob hairstyle to go out and look relaxed and friendly.

5. Side Part Bob for Medium Hair

When our Bob is at that growth point where it’s not short but still not long enough, we may need a little extra help. But fear not, there are many ways to make your medium Bob shine, and one of the best is to add a side part. This will give it movement, keep it fun, and above all, it will make you look stylish.

6. Side Part Bob with Weave

Adding a weave to your side part Bob hairstyle can be a way to make it much more exciting and fun. You can try many new and different things, from bold colors to asymmetrical cuts. It is definitely a style that will make you look very youthful and fun while being easy to style and keep neat.

7. Side Part Curly Bob

No matter how tight your curls are, or if you have soft waves, a Bob hairstyle can look great on you. You can reduce your volume by layering or adapting a side part style. The length will not be a problem either since your curls, especially if they are layered, will be able to give you a flattering shape regardless of the length.

8. Straight Bob with Side Part

One of the most versatile styles for bob haircuts is straight hair. A Bob with straight hair can always be styled in many ways, no matter the length. For example, suppose you want a professional and intense look; in that case, you can use a middle part. But on the other hand, if you want to look flirty and relaxed, a side part is perfect.

9. Side Part Wavy Bob

Waves are for you if you want to give your Bob hairstyle an extra touch but don’t want to do something too risky. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or machine-made; they bring a lot of movement, volume and freshness to your hair. Also, if you mix the waves with a side part, you can get a style that will make you look beautiful and flatter your face.

10. Side Part Blonde Bob

Bob style is one of those haircuts that can look good in almost any variation. You can have long or short hair, straight or wavy; it doesn’t matter; there will always be a way to style it to perfection. This also applies to colors. For example, blonde hair can look terribly good in any of the above variations without much effort!

11. Side Part Braided Bob

You may think that bobs and braids don’t mix, but believe us, they can be a winning combination. For example, if you incorporate a side braid in your Bob cut. In that case, you will not only be giving it a different touch, but you can also play with the type of braid and the accessories to go for a more badass or sweet look. It’s your choice!

12. Black Bob Hairstyle with Side Part

We all agree that straight hair is the most common with a short hairstyle like Bob. However, we shouldn’t be afraid to implement some waves to add some texture and volume. We can also play with bangs and a side part on dark-colored hair to give more accents to the eyes and frame the face.

13. Side Part Bob with Color

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted some wacky hair color at some point. However, you may have been unsure about matching your cut with the color. But today, we bring you good news: the Bob style goes well with any color, especially if we stylize it with a fun side part. So you can find the color that best suits you and try it without fear.

14. Asymmetrical Side Part Bob

You can try an asymmetrical bob cut for a more elegant and fashionable look. As a complement to this cut, a side part is the best thing you can do when styling it. This will make the whole hairstyle look coherent and, at the same time, give that touch of framing to your eyes and cheekbones that you will love.

15. Layered Side Part Bob

When you have a short hairstyle like a Bob, sometimes you may have trouble creating volume and texture. But layers help you give your hair that new shape and texture. If you already have a side part bob hairstyle, try cutting a few layers here and there to add more life and fun to your style.

16. Side Part Angled Bob

Angular cuts have been a sensation lately, and with good reason. These cuts are fashionable, modern and very eye-catching. In addition, they can be very flattering to accentuate round-face features effortlessly. However, if not styled carefully, this can be a face-hiding cut, so a side part bob hairstyle that helps show off the face is highly recommended.

17. Side Part Pixie Bob

Who said pixie cuts couldn’t be mixed with bobs? This style is certainly not only beautiful but also functional. Ideal for those hot times, the Pixie Bob can be your ally in the hot summer weather. Also, by mixing it with a side part and bangs that frame your face, you can look fabulous while staying fresh.

18. Invisible Side Part Bob

A great complement to a side part bob hairstyle is an invisible part. This is a technique used to simulate the hair coming out from the root of the scalp. It is a look that can complement many styles, especially short ones like the Bob. It gives a natural, relaxed and very aesthetic air that will make you look incredible

19. Side Part Bob with Loose Wave

The best thing about having waves in your hair is that they all have a style that suits them perfectly, no matter how tight they are. In this case, we are talking about the combination of a Bob with loose waves. It gives hair incredible movement and volume, but it also looks fun and playful when paired with a side part.

20. Side Part Ombre Bob

If your hair is sporting an ombre style, a Bob haircut can be your wingman when styling it. This especially applies to those with strong color contrast. In addition, using a Bob side part hairstyle can help focus attention on our face, achieving a more casual aura and a less intense color contrast.

Side part bobs are the pulled-together haircut that suits almost everyone, whether your part is deep or little. Playing with the depth of your part moulds your face, highlighting your best features while concealing the rest. Side portions work as a curtain, allowing you to display as much or as little of your beautiful face.