30 On-Trend Shoulder Length Bobs For 2024

Bob symbolizes bold, rebellion and spirit since mid-1920s when this unique hairstyle dominated alone throughout the western continents. Neck-to-shoulder length bob haircut take this mainstream to a whole another level of elegance.

Remember the iconic bob queen Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”? Or the evergreen Rachel in “F.R.E.N.D.S.”? This haircut is somewhat of a paradox!

Versatile Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

Medium-length bobbed beauties look like the quintessential diva on prom night and long runways. This ultra-chic shoulder grazing length is incredibly popular for its versatile nature.

This omnipresent haircut can be spiced up in various ways-straight, wavy, blunt, shaggy, angled, or layered, leaving an illusion of volume and instant face lift. You will be better off  with healthier-looking hair with much easier updos.

Regular medium bobs are extremely simple to care for. No drastic drama, no rough split ends, climate changes affect less. Smooth, risk-free option if you don’t have the kind of patience to grow Rupanzel length hair.

Though in some cases asymmetrical or angled ones are tough to manage as you need to trim in every six to seven weeks but believe us, it’s undeniably worth it.

Childishly demure at the same time a style multi-tasker. If you are searching for a fresh start yet low risk, bob haircut will be a safer choice. So many ways and lengths to wear that will make anyone go crazy about.

So before taking appointment to your next salon visit, check out these phenomenal mid length bob hairstyles and hairdo ideas and find the best one to rock this season!

1. Medium Layered Choppy Bob

Layer and bob can be an amazing combination while layers add extra volume in hair and angled bob sharpens the cheekbone following the jawline area. For the best daily outgoing makeover, twist a little using curler, your hair will look fluffy and wavy.

2. Bob with Bangs

With this wavy textured bob you will surely look out from the crowd. Is something missing?! Add extra touch of glam with those feathered bangs which will eventually elongate your face. You will notice the dramatic change after stepping out of salon.

3. Inverted Bob

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Inverted bob features tapered, shot back and long front. Stacked layers in behind creates a bulk, round illusion. Anyone can pull of this easy-to-keep hairstyle in any suitable occasion. Even you have thin hair, add some extra choppy layers. Also you can go for something subtle, like a new hair color or highlights.

4. Shoulder Length Bob for Fine Hair

Sleek and straight; this hairstyle always leave your appearance perfectly groomed. However it does need some work to care. With those asymmetry opt for some dark brown base which will add extra dimension. Flex the sunkissed shiny texture all day long as glossy as your highlighter.

5. Thick Medium Bob

Trimming to a collarbone length bob is the best way to take advantage of puffy thick hair. This will help your hair to loose extra weight without losing any beauty. This lightly textured style will make your naturally thick hair into an excellent work of art.

6. Shoulder Length Blunt Bob

Blunt bob feature plain straight line at the ends without any layers or angles. Simple as that. This shoulder grazing haircut will elevate your look without any extra hassle of work. Just visit your hairdresser after six to seven weeks to avoid feathered split ends.

7. Bob with Weave

This fabulous bob haircut might be your biggest comeback. Create a middle section and toss chin length weave on both side parting sides. For the best effect, apply heat serum or use straighteners before special outing.

There are more middle length bob haircuts to get amazed about. Stay with us.

8. Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

Some considered blonde hairs are effortlessly gorgeous. All these modified cuttings yet blonde bob still something that’s undeniably classic. You can use an unique graphite shades to make it look less causal, aadd some voluminous wave to get bounce in every step.

9. Middle Part Bob

A center parted bob put the spotlight to your eye and nose that immediately balancing up your face and slims down the cheekbones. This medium bob haircut is perfect mostly for oval or heart shaped beauties. Super edgy; super cool.

10. Mid Length Wavy Bob

Medium length and wavy texture combination perceived as a bold feminine feature. Those free flowing angular bob brings sporty vibe with flattering dark deep center root. Always ready for outdoorsy; sassy and summer-ready.

11. Medium Curly Bob

This lady is fortunate enough to have some gorgeous bouncy blonde curls gently touching the collarbone. You can work with such curls in more subtle way. Bleach and dye with some dark glossy caramel shade. Thin front bangs will add extra glam to your full makeover. Caution; Curly hair tends to shrink. Never skip conditioning if you don’t want hair breakage and split ends.

12. A-Line Bob

This trendy hairstyle is the perfect definition of standard and classy. People often get confused between A line and  inverted bob. Unlike inverted bob, this bob doesn’t have any stacked layers in behind. Rather it’s gradually gets longer towards the front from shorter back. Length graduation might be subtle or sudden angled. Highlighting with a vibrant hades will give an ombre finishing.

13. Angled Bob

Craving for a retro vibe? Those asymmetrical cut and subtle balayage intense combination will certainly take all the spotlight. Light highlight break up the intensity. Anyone can pull off this mid length bob regardless age or hair textures.

14. Shoulder Length Braided Bob

These knotted bob braids are so cool to style with colorful accessories, fancy ribbons and bands. The fuller the braids, the more beautiful it looks. Can be set in side parting or uneven zig-zag. Might need some work but totally worth it.

15. Sew In Bob for Medium Hair

Sew in weaves or extension are a traditional technique where extensions are attached onto a braided base lasted for 3-6 months. Make sure you washed your hair and deep conditioning before weave extensions, otherwise it might get itchy.  Precaution! Requires a little upkeep; even damage your natural hair and hair follicles without proper care.

16. Straight Bob

A straight bob can be cut in chin, neck or shoulder length depending of the hair texture, facial features and preferences. It is suggested to keep hair maintenance and schedule regular trims in every six to seven weeks.

17. Medium Bob with Sharp Undercut with Bangs

sourceTracing 100 year evolution, this haircut is a forever symbol of 20’s rebellion and feminist fashion.Over the past few decades, undercuts have become one of a cool, badass styling option. Some prefer a clean shave where some leave it a fade. It helps to take the weight off and give a sharp contour following the jawline.You can add baby bangs for finishing touch up, elongate your face as well.

18. Mid Length Wavy Stacked Bob

A stacked bob doesn’t necessarily have to be straight always. Rather a slight wavy twisty line enhance the volume and gives sassy vibe. Who would resist it?

19. Chin-grazing Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs are flattering; can change up the overall look but try to choose the bangs shape and size according to your face shape. Long side bangs narrow the face shape hiding extra bulky weight. Those chin-to-neck grazing bobs look extra majestic with side-swept fringe. From long runways to office hallways, this girl will rock anyway.

20. Medium Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is currently an ultra-stylish trend which is cut uneven, mostly longer one side than the other. Asymmetrical short bangs will add extra mystery. Dye with an insane color, heavy eye makeup and slick lipstick. All ready for today’s party.

21. Dyed Bob for Black Woman

If you are a fan of frequent dyeing, give this look a try. This adorable cotton candy will remind you those childhood saccharine barbie hair. If you go from a darker shade to light color, must bleach your hair first.

Search no further, this will be your next experiment.

22. Shoulder Length Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bobs give spontaneous ‘rolled out of bed’ vibe with shagged chunky layers. If you have thin hair, shaggy bobs create illusion of volume and more movements. Front bangs will take the overall featured vibe to a next level than casual. Well suited at any aged woman.

23. Medium Bob for Woman Over 50

Hair breakage or thinning are common after 50s but compromise with style? Age beautifully with this neck to shoulder short bob that excellently suits gray hair. Why not try some front fringe with dark highlights and knock 10 years off? Be that super-stylish grandma grabbing all attention in family gathering.

24. Highlighted Bob

Ash-green or electric blue? What about raspberry pink balayage! Explore the fanciest rainbow palate this season. New hair color depends on your natural skin tone and complexions. If you are not ready to dye the whole hair, try to enrich with some vibrant shades of highlights which will eventually bring out the depth of your locks. We can’t get enough!

25. Razor Bob for Medium Hair

Razor cut feature something more of a jagged cut using edgy razors leaving your hair textured and whispy ends. This tousled chin-skimming bob cut gives shorter-hair-don’t-care vibes. Complete this sassy cut by adding sweet caramel shade highlights.

From a bold business women or a wild party girl-this look sums up all.

26. Side Part Medium Bob

Cutting and styling hair might be a challenge but this shoulder length bob cut will create an illusion of volume effortlessly. With matching outfit this haircut goes with any occasion. Comb your hair in reverse way to keep extra bouncy.

27. Medium Choppy Bob

Messy is the new trendy; so as this face-framing feathered bob look. Create a choppy look by adding bangs or layers. A whispy side-swept bang will contribute to show off those cheekbones. Focus on the face shape and bang size for balancing symmetry.

28. Asian Bob

Though the origin of bob is in Europe, this versatile haircut is pretty popular in Asian women. If you are looking for some easy hairdo for this summer, try out some sleek short bob. Front fringe long or side-swept will make you effortlessly cool girl of the town. Look how cute she looks!

29. Shoulder Length Bob for Round Face

Are you looking for a perfect haircut for balancing out your chubby cheeks? This one’s for you then. Blunt bob touching the collar-bone while thick fringe sliding down from deep root covering forehead. This haircut is a key to soften roundness and slim down extra weight. This low maintenance haircut can be wear in daily basis really worth trying.

30. Messy Bob

Messy bob hairstyles are super chic; jagged finish, feathered layers, and razored strands all together make an amazing carefree vibe. This bedhead tousled cut seamlessly blends with choppy bangs and lightly textured layers.

Blondes or brunettes; this look get easily embraced by all. Dark weaving shades like purple, brown, caramel tresses will undoubtedly make your appearance stand out. What’s up, rockstar?

Among all other ranges, mid length bob hairstyles are the most versatile, especially when we talk about neck-to-shoulder length.

Medium bobs easily go with any face shape, relatively low maintenance, and risk-free. Even you are sticking with this range for years, you have multiple choices of seasonal update and fresh look ideas.

From the no-makeup outdoor look to the wild party girl, choose one of the above shoulder length bob haircuts and see what takes your fancy today!