23 Refreshing Sew in Bob Ideas For The Current Season

Sew-in bob hairstyles are said to be the substitute for glued-in or full-laced weaves. Its specialty includes a long-lasting, damage-free hair commitment. This hairstyle is for women who prefer ranges from neck to shoulder length.

Sew in bob is surely a universal trend for the time being because it allows your natural hair to breathe for 4–8 weeks. It enhances the volume of the hair without any hard work. Just make an appointment with the best stylist in town, and sew in some extensions according to your desired length and volume. Isn’t that super cool and easy?

Stunning Sew-In Bob Hairstyles

Get ready to make your bob way more stylish and eye-catching in an easy way. Just sew in some weaves that will help your bob get voluminous. Extensions will not only add length but will also add color as well. Spare some time to go through the amazing 23 sew-in bob hairstyle ideas provided below!

1. Side Part Sew in Bob

The transition from medium or long hair to a bob can be a little hard for hair lovers. To avoid that, try out this side part sew in bob hairdo. Braid your hair, get yourself a net, and start sewing those short bob-length extensions that will help you get this bold and pretty look.

2. Middle Part Sew in Bob

Middle part bobs are always a better option when you’re done with long hairstyles. But then again if you’re too picky to chop off your hair. Try this middle part sew in bob hairstyle that will please your desire as well as keep your natural hair just the way you want.

3. Feathered Bob

Following the trend from the ’80s and giving it a bold and classy touch is all that girl these days wants. Feathered sew in bob is the right option for such preferences. It more or less suits every outfit, occasion and also women of all ages.

4. Sew in Angled Bob

Angled bobs are quite popular among teen girls these days. Your short bob can be converted into a stylish hairdo, like sew-in angled bob, in just a couple of minutes. Hair extensions are tied in front to enlarge the length in the frontal strands and short weaves are added at the back to make it voluminous.

5. Straight Bob Hairstyle

Long sleek bobs are a true example of elegance when your hair is straight and thick. Try them out by sewing extensions that is going to add length and give a beautiful outcome without harming the natural hair.

6. Short Sew in Bob

A short sew-in bob hairstyle suits all facial categories. Whether it’s round or square or long or heart-shaped, this specific hairdo looks amazing if you part them from the middle.

7. Sew in Lob

Straight sew that includes layers is known as sew in lob. This modern lob has razored layers paired with a deep side part. It goes well for a grand occasion with a grand outfit.

8. Medium Bob

Black women love bob hairdos, and mostly medium one. Instead of chopping off their natural hair, they choose the way to sew weaves that makes it a medium sew in bob hairstyle.

9. Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are quite similar to short sew in bobs. You can adjust the length from below your jawline to a little higher from the neck end. Keep them straight and glow like a diva.

10. Sew in Bob with Bangs

Bangs are saviors for girls having big foreheads. Style your sew in bob with some bangs on the front to give that cute structure to you face.

11. Asymmetrical Sew in Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are something that requires courage to put on. It’s better to experiment by sewing extensions than by cutting your natural hair. Asymmetrical sew in bob gives you a uniquely bold and feminine look.

12. Bob Ponytail

Sew in a bob with a ponytail is chosen by celebrities on the red carpet. That flat oily back slick with a high ponytail goes mostly with medium oval faces with small foreheads.

13. Sew in Bob for Black Woman

Sew in bobs are meant for black women. They nail that look. They also add layers all over the hair to create volume and bruh back the front layers to keep a slight ’80s touch.

14. Sew in Layered Bob

Layers are just loved when they are combined with bob and sewed in the hair. A little blonde or ash highlights also enhances the beauty of the voluminous sew in layered bob hairstyle.

15. Bob with Invisible Part

Invisible bobs are quite a classic look to wear on. It manages to hide the scalp shown in between the parted hairs.

16. Sew In Bob with Color

When you want a drastic change in your look then sew in a bob with color will save you for quite a long time. Colored hair extensions are sewed in your natural braids and the final look is just bold and glamorous.

17. Partial Sew in Bob

Ombre with bold colors is just perfect with a partial sew in bob hairdo. Keep your hair length till the shoulder and let the layers do the job.

18. Sew in Blonde Bob

Blonde bob stands out well for middle-aged women. Keeping the hair straight and sleek till the shoulder is how it’s styled on. Parting the hair from the middle extends the beauty of this hairstyle.

19. Swing Bob

In order to diversify your plain bob, sew in a swing plays a good role. You can go for  a asymmetric strands and add some color contrast to slay the look.

20. Wavy Sew in Bob

Turn any short pixie hairstyle into a wavy bob just by sewing some weave. A wavy sew in bob gives an interesting look to your hair. Waves are a good choice as it works on volume just like layers.

21. Curly Bob

Curly bobs are always a great idea for girls who are done with short straight hairdos. Curls does an incredible job for covering the sewing of extensions with the braids. Make sure you have enough hair to braid that holds the sewed weaves.

22. Sew in Ombre Bob

Be trendy and bold with the shiny ombre sew in a bob hairstyle. To get a furnished look like the picture, you’ll need to sew an already colored extension to your hair and part the locks in the center.

23. Messy Bob

Messed up or bed-headed hairdos are quite famous among teenagers. Messy sew in bob has its way to rock. The extensions are layered and waved before sewing and the lock is parted in the side of the head.

All these hairstyles are recommended by influencers and celebrities these days. Girls who love their natural hair and don’t want to damage it opt for sew-in bobs, which are extensions with a different style.