30 Perfect Bobs for Round Face Shapes in 2024

It’s not as difficult as you might expect to figure out the best bob cuts for round faces. Worry not, because we have a list with 30 such hairstyles to inspire you for your next bob hairdo!


Cute Bob Haircuts for Women with Round Face

Below, we have 30 different hairstyles featuring bobs for round faces. You’ll see that there are many variations – some with long bangs, some curly, some straight and simple and a lot more! Keep browsing to get inspired.

1. Long Bob For Round Face

We aren’t so sure about the eyebrows, but the hairstyle definitely scores 10/10! Simple bob cuts can be styled into many new looks, which makes the hairdo very suitable for everyone.


2. Short Bob For Round Face

Short bobs frame your face well, especially if you have parted your hair well along the sides. It can help round faces to appear a little leaner!


3. Medium Bob For Round Face

You might notice that your bob ends start to curl up towards the end. Don’t worry – this is normal! Just keep your hair conditioned and well-taken care of with hair oils, and your hair will look good even with the curls.


4. Bobs For Fine Hair

A good quality hair curler is the secret for creating the look of a thick bob. Curl your hair around each other so that the curls start layering!


5. Bob Haircut For Women With Round Face & Thick Hair

Whatever the hair length, if you have thick hair then your bob will look good. You can comb your bob to the side for a more refreshing look, or have them hang over your face to make your face look less round.


6. Angled Bob For Round Shaped Face

Interested in an angled bob? The secret lies in layering and segmenting your hair to different hair lengths. Once you have cut your hair with different lengths, this look follows naturally.


7. Inverted Bob Haircut

As it turns out, orange hair color pairs up very well with fair skin! With the right hair color, your hairstyles can also easily look good. We love this style!


8. Stacked Bob Cut for Round Face

This lady used some layering in her hair, paired up with some curls laid atop each other. It’s the perfect hairstyle for middle-aged women who wants to look graceful.


9. Bob Cut for Asian Women With Round Face

The typical Asian bob hairstyle will definitely feature some bangs as well. This hairdo is a look that ladies young and old can replicate!


10. Bobs For Woman Over 50 With Round Face

The secret lies in having bangs that you can wear on the side. With the awesome bangs, you can wear the look with greying hair, or dye it all silver – everything works!


11. Bob Hairstyle For Black Woman With Round Face

No one said that bobs can only be applied to straight hair – look how amazing this hairstyle can look with curly hair too!


12. Bob For Round Fat Face

If you don’t want your face to appear too round, try keeping your bangs a little sparse. Cut only a few sections in your bangs short, and keep the rest side-swept.


13. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Having a medium-length bob with curly hair and straight bangs can be a good idea too! Be sure to condition your hair well ss that the curls don’t end up drying up.


14. Curly Bob For Round Shaped Face

Fine hair tends to produce thin curls like what this lady here has. It’s not always the best look, but it does has its charm on rounder faces!


15. Bob With Layers

There’s just a certain way that bobs with layers capture the trendy sense in a lady. This simple hairstyle looks stylish, and would make any woman look amazing in a business suit!


16. Edgy Bob For Round Face

There’s no such thing as a bob that looks too edgy. You see, you’ll only need to wear your bangs a little longer to have this look, and how long you leave your hair is entirely up to you!


17. Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Round Shaped Face

Have you ever considered having a blonde bob for yourself? If you’re okay with bright colors, then you can most definitely consider getting this hairstyle and in this color too.


18. Blunt Bob

You can call this a blunt cut, or you can call this a straight cut. In any case, this look is one that shows the beauty of thick hair in a bob hairdo.


19. Funky Bob For Round Face

Go all out stylish and almost edgy by adding colors to your bob! The style here is beyond colors though – there’s an intentional longer hair length along with the bangs, which we can definitely say complements the colors well.


20. Shaggy Bob For Round Face

This feels like one of the hairstyles that you see on many aunties that you come across when you’re headed out for the day. You can’t complain though – it does round the face pretty well!


21. A Line Bob Haircut

Just like there’s an A-line for skirts and dresses, there’s also A-lines for haircuts, even these bobs! You can recreate this look as long as you can part your long hair properly.


22. Asymmetrical Bob For Round Face Shape

Bring your bob game to a new level with an asymmetrical cut! The color choice here, an ashy pink color, is also pretty good. Just enough to stand out a little, but not too much!


23. Braided Bob + Round Face

Want your bob to be braided? No problem! You’re going to need some time to tie these braids, but once they do, your bob is going to be unique from everyone else’s.


24. Graduated Bob

Look at that beautiful ombre! A dark blue to red ombre will almost certainly look good on almost any hairstyle, but it looks even better on a bob that’s slightly curly just like this.


25. Messy Bob For Round Face

This looks like a crossover between a bob and a pixie cut. The subtle pink highlight is a nice touch, but we think there are better hairstyles that you can pull off for a bob like this.


26. Pixie Bob For Round Shaped Face

Tune-up your hairstyle game by mixing a pixie cut and a bob! Once again, the style can look good when you have thicker hair on top for some rich volume.


27. Textured Bob

Every hairstyle can be enhanced with some texture. This lady here has her bob textured with a little bit of waviness. It looks amazing when paired with her light blonde tones!


28. Choppy Bob Cut For Round Face

When you wear a bob, you can even call your bedhead an actual hairstyle. Here, as an example, the hairstyle is a little messy, but it looks as natural as it gets!


29. Straight Bob Haircut For Round Face

Try to dye your hair properly where possible. This way, when your hair grows out, the colors will blend in rather naturally.


30. Bob With Weave For Round Face Shape

This blue is an amazing color for a bob cut, won’t you agree? The parting is also very neat, and we love it! You’ll also notice that the girl’s round face is perfectly masked with the straight bob.

That’s it for our amazing collection of bob cuts for round faces! What do you think of this hairstyle, and would you want to try having a bob for your next one? Let us know about it in the comment section below! You can also browse our site to find more hairstyles for various face shapes.