21 Trendy Middle Part Bobs for Women of All Ages

The middle-part bob is mostly worn by women who prefer something comfortable, easy to do, and long-lasting. If you want to get a break from long or dramatic fluffy hairstyles, then this one’s just for you. Not to forget models like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Gwyneth Paltrow rocking the red carpet with this hairdo.

The middle part bob hairstyle is said to be a snazzy styling technique for short hair. It has a slimming and elongating effect on faces with pointed angles and round shapes. The middle part bob hairstyle also plays a role in making your makeup appear more stunning.

You just need to work a little to recognize your preferred style, cut, and length of bob that will suit you well. We are here to help you with that. Check out our 21 different ways to style your middle part bob hairstyles.

1. Middle Part Sew In Bob

Sew in bob is always a great choice for women who want an actual transformation but in a simple long-lasting way. Sew-in hairstyles are basically an alternative to full-laced weaves or glued-in methods.

Here, weaves are sewn into the natural hair with the help of a needle and thread. It’s the best way to make your hair voluminous and long without damaging them.

2. Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is the latest way to grow your confidence. All thanks to Hailey Baldwin for providing rise to this trend among women who want that eye-catching look. It’s quite easy to create.

Cut your hair short and straight at the ends without any layers all over. These cute, sleek styles suit mostly oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.

3. Middle Part Bob for Curly Hair

Well, it’s hard to believe but yes curly hair can also nail the middle part bob haircut amazingly. Make sure you give that perfect shape and some sharp layers all around the hair. Give a final touch by parting in the middle and letting your cute curly hair glow on its own.

4. Middle Part Wavy Bob

Waves are famous for their boosting-up the charm power, and when you add them over the middle part bob haircut you’ll surely startle the world. Keeping it up to the shoulder, make some waves either naturally or with styling tools and finally section them up in the middle to get that middle part wavy bob hairdo.

5. Straight Bob

Straight locks are the perfect pair for the middle part bob hairstyle. If your facial structure is thin and long then you should try out this hairdo now. Chopping off the hair up to the shoulder and straightening them with a tool is how it should be styled.

6. Middle Part Short Bob

A middle part short bob is not an easy hairstyle to wear. Make sure to know your face shapes and then make the decision because short bob goes well with round faces only. It’s way shorter than other bob cuts that lie slightly below your jawlines.

7. Long Middle Part Bob

Long bobs and middle part hairstyles are on trend these days. Combine them up by getting your haircut a little lower from the shoulder with straight ends. To enhance the beauty, add some highlights matching your skin tone.

8. Shoulder Length Bob

The sleek middle part on the shoulder-length bob is surely going to give you a refreshing vibe. This one also goes well for a go-to hairdo for women of all ages. It gives that sharp texture to your jawline and helps to contour the round chubby face.

9. Middle Part Bob with Weave

When you get bored with all the trendy hairstyles, don’t forget the middle-part bob with a weave is always at your service. It’s quite fun to add a bold hair color with it. Here the length of your hair lies till the neck and parted equally from the center of your head.

10. Middle Part Blonde Bob

Blonde is always the best match for middle part hairstyles. So don’t wait for Christmas and get your hair chopped and shaped into a bob cut, blonde them up and style them to your preference.

11. Bob for Black Woman

Experimenting with hairstyles is something black women love to do. They surely nail it with the middle part bob as well. Either braiding them up or even waving the hair just like the picture given, the look suits them to the peak.

12. Middle Part Messy Bob

There comes a time you get tired of styling your hair straight or twisted. Not to worry because this bedhead look called middle part messy bob is the coolest style for young and teens. Use the tangling hair technique to create that natural mess below the wavy hair.

13. Middle Part Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical middle part bob hairstyles trending these days as it sets you apart from the common looks. You got to be a little detailed while getting the haircut. The difference on the length of both sides should not be more than a few inches and yes keeping them straight is the best way to show it off.

14. Middle Part Bob with Color

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will match perfectly to your bold hair color, then the middle part bob is for you. Get your hairs chopped till the shoulder and dye them up in any bold color and finally part those beauties in the middle and let them rock on their own.

15. Angled Bob

Blunt-cut bobs are cool, but angled bobs are the coolest. It has a different way of styling that says to keep it short at the back and a little longer at front to give your face a slim texture.

16. Feathered Bob

Although feathered hairstyles are quite ’80s, the middle part of fathered bob is on the runway. Keep your center part voluminous to keep the proper balance and resulting in an open facial feature.

17. Invisible Middle Part Bob

What can be better than styling your hair with a perfect invisible middle part bob? Keeping it straight and sleek with a burgundy touch is what you should style it like.

18. Layered Bob with Middle Part

There’s always a way out to fix your thin, flat hair. Ask your stylist to settle down your hair by doing a layered bob with the middle part. Layers play a vital role in bringing volume to the center part of your hair.

19. Braided Bob

Long braids are kind of outdated from the time when short-braids replaced them. Braided Bob with a middle part is something cute, funky and light to carry at the same time.

20. Middle Part Bob with Bangs

If your facial structure doesn’t allow you to get a middle part bob, then say hello to some cute bangs that will help you hide your forehead behind. The middle part bob with bangs ultimately grows your cuteness and makes you look polished all the way.

21. Middle Part Ombre Bob

What can be the best way to show your sparkling ombre hair than that of the middle part bob? The smooth color blending down the middle part of your bob haircut is quite satisfying to see.

I hope you’re already in love with the middle part bob hairstyle. If? Then head over to your stylist right now and transform your hairstyle according to your face and shape. All these varieties of hairstyles have their own way of startling the crowd. Whether you’re off to a wedding or hanging out with friends, the middle part bob has the spark to make you look more than beautiful.