20 Best Long Angled Bob Haircuts Trending for 2023

A long angled bob is a pretty yet fierce hairstyle! It screams power and savageness like none other. If you want to switch up your manes and sport something bold, this angled haircut is a must-try for you. It doesn’t matter what type of hair or face shape you have, when cut perfectly, it will greatly up your hair game and make you look as trendy and chic as ever.

Besides being suitable for most face shapes and hair types, a long angled bob also offers incredible styling versatility!

From trying out different lengths to mixing and matching with other haircuts and putting in various colors and highlights, the styling options are endless. And that’s why it is among the top choices for girls when it comes to trying out a new hairdo.

We have 20 most amazing angled long bob styles for you to try right now!

1. Long Angled Bob with Bangs

Want a super sexy yet subtle hairstyle? The long angled bob with well-trimmed bangs will accentuate your face perfectly, especially if you have a big forehead, and make you look irresistible without even trying hard.

2. Long Angled Bob with Layers

Add incredible texture and movement in your manes with layers in your angled bob. It features longer strands at the front and shorter at the back to give the illusion of incredible volume and body. Be it straight, curly, or wavy, you can flaunt this layered haircut in any type of tresses proudly.

3. Angled Lob with Side Bangs

The side bangs with the angled lob looks incredible on almost any face shape. However, as its appeal changes with each face type, it looks different on different women and vibes differently. If you are looking for a low-maintenance, stylish haircut for your straight manes, this gorgeous one is a must-try.

4. Long Angled Stacked Bob

Serve some serious drama with a rounded, full-bodied long angled bob. Featuring super short strands at the back and “below shoulder” length at the front, it is the right “do” for girls who want extraordinary body and oomph in their manes without trying too hard. You can customize it a bit to fit your facial features perfectly.

5. Angled Lob for Thin Hair

Introduce an extraordinary body and bounce in your thin hair right now! The light layers at the front combined with the choppy strands at the back create an impression of fullness and make your tresses as voluminous and sexy as ever.

6. Long Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Get rid of the weight of your thick tresses with an angled bob. The “just over the shoulder” length and steepness of the angle adds sharpness and edge to the whole look while also maintaining the texture and movement.

7. Long Angled Blonde Bob

Turn your angled bob at its stunning best with ashy blonde hair color. When paired with some darker outfit and lipstick, the silver dye draws every bit of attention and makes you feel like true DIVA.

8. Long Angled Bob for Curly Hair

Show off your superb curls with an amazingly sultry angled bob haircut. This feminine yet powerful” do” not only highlights your gorgeous ringlets but also adds versatility to your style. Pair it with a headband or let it loose as is for a more vibrant outlook.

9. Wavy Angled Lob

Waves can make any hairdo stand out. And when it is paired with a sexy long bob, the result is simply STUNNING! The twists and crisps of the waves provide incredible character and definition to your already impeccable manes without looking overdone or OTT!

10. Long Angled Straight Bob

Enjoy a low-maintenance hair care routine with a straight angled bob.  As it features a shorter, less weight back, this haircut doesn’t require long hours to style or maintain. All you need to do is slide in your straightener or give the tresses a few flips—you are ready to face the world.

11. Brunette Angled Lob

Proper and perfect- a brunette bob brings out the long-lost sultriness in your characteristics while also keeping it sweet and subtle. As the color is muted, you can pair it with some caramel/golden highlights to make it pop out even more.

12. Long Angled Bob for Round Face

An angled bob is the perfect haircut for girls with a round face. Because the angles and layers frame the face precisely, it hides the chubby cheeks smartly and makes it look slimmer than ever. Personalize your style with a few caramel highlights to add height at the crown. It will make you look even sharper and fiercer.

13. Angled Lob with Weave

When you don’t have the right length or amount of hair to don a long bob hairstyle, try in some weave! The sew-in locks of artificial hair increase the length of the strands so that you can deck them up a classic angled bob easily. You can play with the length for a more customized look.

14. Long Angled Bob with Balayage

Tired of your old hairstyle? Get bold and try the blonde balayage in your angled bob RIGHT NOW!

The perfectly painted tresses with super sharp edges serve as the focal point and would look good on anyone with any hair type and texture.

15. Long Angled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Give your long bob a dramatic spin with some blond highlights. The splash of colors will make your angled haircut look more prominent and help you to keep up with the trend effortlessly. Adorn the highlights with some sexy waves to stand proudly in the crowd.

16. Angled Lob with Side Swept Bangs

For a sweet, cute, girl-next-door look, try out a long angled bob with side-swept bangs. The perfectly cropped side bangs soften down the edginess of the angles and make you look very feminine yet desirable.

17. Long Angled Inverted Bob

We can all agree to the fact that the inverted bob is a universal haircut and suits all face shapes and hair types. More interestingly, you can always customize the sharpness and length of this lob and make it even more befitting for you.

18. Shaggy Angled Lob

You can never go wrong with a shaggy bob! Its asymmetrical layers with the jagged ends provide incredible texture and movement to your manes and make them look effortlessly edgy and exciting.

19. Very Long Angled Bob

This super long angled bob shapes your face nicely while also enhancing your features like none other. As the front strands are down the chin or longer, this extraordinary haircut gives the impression of medium-length hair without the extra weight at the back. You can style it with waves, curls, or leave it alone, either way, this haircut will up your glamour quint instantly.

20. Angled Choppy Long Bob

The angled choppy long bob would never go out of style. Its textured ends soften the fierce look and give your otherwise plain hairstyle more options. And therefore, it looks incredible on everyone, regardless of the hair type and texture.

Wrapping Up

All the long angled bob hairstyles we have discussed above are celebrity-approved and beautiful. If you are in the mood for a newer do, any of these lobs would do for you. Just gather the courage to chop off your manes. You won’t regret your decision—we can assure you of that.