30 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles To Add In Your Style Arsenal

A layered bob hairstyle is all about creating layers with your hair by cutting it in a particular way. Instead of cutting hair evenly, the technique involves cutting it unevenly.

Longer over shorter strands or short over longer strands, you can go either way. Mixing different kinds of strands to create an exquisite look is the goal of this hairdo. A pretty relaxing and laid-back haircut with bangs, braids, curl, and waves, among many others.

You won’t feel the need to frequent the hair salon to maintain this hairstyle. It’s one of the perks of its low maintenance. Maybe once every two months will be an ideal routine for you to follow.

Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and many more actresses have donned this haircut, which makes the credibility of this hairdo skyrocket when you think about it.

Mesmerizing Layered Bob Hairstyles

Let us take a huge breath to dive deeper into the world of bob haircuts with layers for the fashionista of the town.

1. Long Layered Bob

This long layered hairdo works with neck-length hairs amazingly. It’s a pretty standard-looking hairdo and easy to get. Tell your barber to clip the half ends of your hair and give rough cuts to create uneven strands of hair. This will manifest the layered vibe—an effortless style for an exquisite look.

2. Short Layered Bob

For the short-haired pixies out there, layers are a slaying choice. Clipping and rough cuts are the bread and butter of this hairdo. But the change of area on your hair brings about a different style. For short hairs, do one handful from your back section and a handful from the sides and voilà.

3. Medium Layered Bob

With medium hairs, it’s a great option to create more volume and texture with a medium layered bob. To get this hairstyle, ask your barber to give the clipped cut to the sides instead of the back. Your back hairs can stay as they are. See if you notice more volume in your hair with this.

4. Layered Bob with Bangs

Bangs are great hairstyles to cover your forehead. The addition of layering with your bangs will give you a newer look without changing your hairstyle completely. If you’ve been flaunting bangs for a long time, go with this cut. Layering will add more uniqueness to your hairstyle.

5. Black Girl with Layered Bob Hair

The African-American girls can opt for a bob haircut with layers. If you have shoulder-length or shorter hair, it won’t affect the hairstyle because layering suits all types of hairdos. You can even go for an awesome texture look with your layered bob haircut. Don’t worry about trying different hair parting for a sassy look every day.

6. Layered Inverted Bob

Attempt an edgy and dramatic hairdo with an inverted bob. Cutting your bob hair at an angle brings the difference between the usual bob and the inverted bob. Keep decreasing the length on your back hairs opposite of traditional stacked bob and keeping the front long.

7. Stacked Layered Bob

In your standard bob cut, you’ll always have the same length of hair all around, instead tell your barber to cut some length from your hair as you keep going to your back part of the hair. The uneven length of your hair and layering will give it a more killer look.

8. Angled Bob with Layers

There’re standard bob, stacked bob, and even an inverted bob. What’s an angled bob? Instead of gradually diminishing the length to the back or keeping the same length all around, produce an angled vibe—longer at the jaw and shorter near your nape for this trendy look.

9. Layered A line Bob

The ‘A line’ bob creates more layers to your hair, having long hair to the front and shorter hair on the back. This type of angled cut gives a more dramatic look to your hairdo. Plus, it lets the hair more freedom for a layered bob cut.

10. Layered Bob for Thin Hair

Bob haircut with layers is an excellent choice if you have thinner hair. Sometimes thinner hair makes you look flat. But no worries, layered bob is at your service. As mentioned earlier, a layered bob haircut is an excellent choice for thin-haired people for producing more volume.

11. Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

It’s easier to endeavor different hairstyles for thick hairs. For a thick layered bob with wavy hairs, the focus of the layering is to the sides of your hair. You can use a brush and hairdryer to heat your hair to create curls for a more refined hairdo.

12. Layered Bob for Woman Over 40

With age, it’s common to lose hair. Not to worry because, again, a layered bob cut produces the appearance of more volume to your haircut. Add a side part to either side to get a better texture to your layered bob cut.

13. Layered Curly Bob

A layered bob with curly hair is a funkier mix rather than an edgy or dramatic look. It’s doesn’t matter whether you have shorter hair or longer – either is fine for this hairdo. Next time instead of trying to straighten your hair, do a layered cut for a new appearance.

14. Wavy Layered Bob

With your wavy hairs, it’s possible to get an elegant-looking layered bob hairdo. You can try a stacked layer with an angled cut. This makes the front hairs longer than your back hairs. Opt this hairdo in your next makeover for a surprise.

15. Layered Bob for Straight Hair

Bob haircut with layers isn’t only for curly, wavy, or thin-haired people. With your straight hair, you can try this one out. You can utilize your bangs for a unique style and layers all around your hair for the finishing touch.

16. Layered Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is more about the hair on your head’s top part. Making a layered cut on top gives the pixie a fascinating look. You can have a sideburn with that for a more casual feel. It shines more layers to the sides of your pixie bob haircut.

17. Asymmetrical Layered Bob

Now, what about a more asymmetrical look? Make one side of your hair shorter than the other with layers on both sides to get this banger look. You’ll undoubtedly look awesome with the asymmetrical hairdo – a perfect haircut for any event.

18. Messy Layered Bob

Layered bobs are an effortless way to give your hair a messier vibe, as if you have just woken up with the previous night’s hangover. The addition of the side part completes the overall look. Try this out in your next weekend party, with the sides being clipped for the layered cut.

19. Layered Bob with Weave

Weaves are like addons of artificial hair extensions. If you’re skeptical about attempting a layered bob, then using a weave with a layered bob can help you get the feels for the hairdo. See if the hairdo is comfortable for you, then you can actually try to do a layered bob or keep the weave on.

20. Textured Layered Bob

If you have more textured hair, the bob haircut with layers will create a feel of heavier volume than usual. Having longer hair on the back helps with this hairdo. Make the layered cut on the back to get this look. Your fronts won’t need many layers in this one.

21. Layered Blonde Bob

Layers in blonde hair will outperform all the traditional combinations. You can utilize the clipping to the end of your hair strands for the layered blond bob. Side part and keeping one eye covered with your bangs can give an edgy look.

22. Sew In Bob with Layers

Attachments with your layered bob can be an awesome option to trial. You can sew in weaves for extra flair to your hairstyle. Having them layered is also an attractive alternative if you want. Try with both short and long hair to get the best looks out of it.

23. Layered Bob Haircut for Square Face

Face shape doesn’t matter for a great layered bob. Square, oval, elongated, you name it. All for this one type of hairstyle, it suits great. So, if you have a square face, don’t worry. Try the layered bob with your hair, curl it if you want to add an extra layer of edge to your style.

24. Layered Bob for Round Face

The same goes for round-faced women out there. Try either of the hairstyle variations of layered bob and voilà; you’ll look amazing. Curling is also a nifty option to try with layered bob. Undoubtedly an amazing rendition of the layered bob haircut.

25. Bob with Layers and Undercut

Undercut bob, a classy and evergreen haircut. Mix up with layers for an amazing makeover. This goes hand in hand with thick hairs. Cut a lower section from your hair and let the longer section fall over them, not entirely covering. Make layers with the longer hairs, and you are good to go.

26. Side Part Layered Bob

Side parting your hair can give off a different vibe than mid part or back brushing your hair. Utilizing this basic with a layered bob can make a unique hairstyle. Keep your layered cut to the sides and an untouched top of hair to get this attractive look.

27. Center Part Layered Bob

Now for the center part. Pretty much the same formula for this one as the side part. Keep your top hairs clean of layers and focus more on the sides to create the layered cut. Finish it off with the mid part.

28. Feathered Layered Bob Haircut

A casual look for parties and getaways is a feathered bob with a layered haircut—one of the unique haircuts from this list. Don’t be afraid to try this out. You can combine this haircut with an undercut for an amazing look.

29. Layered Bob for Asian Girl

You can attempt a layered bob even if you’re Asian, African, Latino, or whichever. It’s a universal hairstyle. Curling the ends of your hair and adding texture to the hairstyle is a suitable option. A slight side part from the mid-section can give a beautiful hairstyle.

30. Layered Bob with Highlights

Highlights give the hair a tad more flair than a single-colored hairstyle. It portrays your hair in a cooler look. If you already have a highlight, then go for this, or you can do a layered haircut and draw highlights on your hair as a bonus.

Layered bob hairstyle is the best freestyle haircut out there. It allows you to bring a casual, light, and cheerful style. Sometimes you can try to bring an edgy look also with some of the hairstyles from the list. In turn, it portrays a brightened persona with a new YOU!

Get your desired haircut at your next salon appointment. Enjoy the new look and the new you!