25 Wonderful Inverted Bob Haircuts to Copy

Inverted bobs are perfect if you are a woman who likes to look elegant and fresh at any time of the day.

In inverted bob haircuts, your back hair is kept shorter and the front locks way much longer. You can choose to keep your hair short or long, near your shoulders, add some highlights or create your ombre; you can make any kind of mix you like.

1. Long Inverted Bob

Waves can make any haircut look elegant and modern and this applies especially to bob hairstyles. Keep brown chocolate with milk color for your hair and your locks will shine wherever you go.


2. Short Inverted Bob

If you are sick of styling your hair in the morning, a short bob hairstyle is the right thing for you. You can keep it in brown color and add some subtle highlights to define your strands or use one single color such as a blonde shade with a ginger tint.


3. Shoulder Length Bob

This is one of the best hairstyles when it comes to framing your face. You will love the effect and the way your hair falls down.


4. Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Everyone wants thick hair because it has a lot of volumes. A long inverted bob is such a great idea if you want to keep that volume for your mane.


5. Layered Inverted Bob

If you want a crazy modern look, get an inverted bob that beautifully frames your face. You don’t have to keep it dull, play with your favorite shades and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.


6. Asymmetrical Bob

Victoria Beckham killed it with this inverted bob hairstyle. Since then, every woman loves this amazing hairstyle and we have to agree that it can make real wonders for your hair.


7. Wavy Inverted Bob

Waves and inverted bobs go hand in hand especially if you choose to make some highlights that gorgeously define your locks.


8. Straight Bob

For this straight bob hairstyle, you can use one single color such as brown or you create a sombre that will define your hair strands in a mesmerizing way. Keep your hair straight and go out and shine.


9. Blonde Inverted Bob

A blonde warm color is something you need for your hair. If you have a lighter skin tone this inverted blonde bob haircut will suit you perfectly.


10. Pixie Bob

Inspired by the pixie cut, this is a combination between the two, a pixie haircut and a bob. Create an asymmetrical form and swipe your bangs on one side. You can even create some highlights that will give your mane a mesmerizing touch.


11. Inverted Bob with Bangs

An inverted straight bob hairstyle can look very appealing with some short bangs, cut above the eyebrows. Keep your hair straight and it will beautifully shine in the light.


12. Bob with Undercut

Undercuts are very popular at the moment and there are a lot of reasons you should get one too. First of all, they go so well with short bobs and pixie hairstyles and you can create a unique design in the short back area.


13. Curly Inverted Bob

If you want a look that everyone will remember, get an inverted bob for curly hair and make an ombre that transits from black to a blue shade for your hair tips.


14. Choppy Inverted Bob

This inverted bob haircut looks mesmerizing not only because that burgundy color is glamorous and shiny, but also because of those perfect waves that give a lot of volume to this hairstyle.


15. Bob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and you want it to be well defined, a medium inverted bob haircut is the perfect choice for you. You can even create some highlights that will make your strands amazingly glow.


16. Shaggy Inverted Bob

If you want a punk look, this shaggy inverted bob is just the thing you need. Create some layers and dye your hair in a black shade and you’ll have the look you craved for.


17. Bob Hairstyle for Round Face

Such a romantic beauty look. Pick a ginger color for your hair, create a long bob haircut with bangs and you will look like a real princess. Also, a red lipstick and a black eyeliner give you such a glamorous look.


18. Inverted Bob for Wedding

This is a hairstyle we adored the moment we saw it and we are sure that you will do too. The gray blue-tinted ombre is fantastic and it goes so well with those easy waves. The flower head crown is just fabulous!


19. Inverted Bob with Highlights

For this hairstyle, you need to get an inverted bob haircut and make some honey blonde highlights. You can even make a kind transition from the black base color to some brown hair tips.


20. Bob for Woman Over 50

If you are a woman over 50, a bob hairstyle is perfect for you. It will make you look elegant and beautiful! You can even choose to make some wide highlights for the longer strands.


21. Middle Part Bob

This short bob haircut is perfect if you want to frame your face. Keep your hair strands near the chin line and split your hair in the middle. Some blonde highlights will make real magic for your hair and those huge earrings will complete your gorgeous look.


22. Inverted Bob with Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for you especially if you are a big fan of romantic looks. Get a pink-tinted hair dye, create some waves and braid your long gangs. You will love your new look.


23. Messy Inverted Bob

Your hair doesn’t have to look perfect, a messy hairdo is probably just what you need if you want to look without a care in the world. Create loads of layers and keep your hair near your shoulder line.


24. Bob with Balayage

This inverted bob hairstyle looks astonishing! If you want a hair just like that, all you need to do is to create an ombre that beautifully fades to your tips. You can also flip your hair on one side to make your hairdo look modern, cool and fresh.


25. Asian Inverted Bob

One thing we love about Asian hair is that that black color is so natural and breath-taking. If you want a look that is modern and easy to manage, get an inverted layered bob with bangs and you won’t have a care in the morning.


When it comes to inverted bobs, these hairstyles can be your best friends. They make your hair shiny, textured and if you choose a gorgeous color you will love the effect in an instance. You can choose an ombre or his little brother, sombre or some highlights to make your look modern, romantic or elegant, it’s your choice.