18 Crochet Bob Hairstyles That Are Seriously Flattering

Crochet bobs are a great solution for women with natural hair that want to get rid of all those hair fixing struggles in the morning.

We all know natural hair is quite difficult to tame so crochet bob hairstyles can look impressive and fix the hair problem at the same time.

1. Crochet Box Braided Bob

Crochet hairstyles are so volatile because they can adapt to any hair type and any hair length. In this case, you can use them to create a beautiful bob hairstyle. Flip some of your braids on one side to make your hairstyle even better.


2. Crochet Faux Locs Bob

You don’t want to spend your whole day in a hair salon? You can’t get your hair in a bob curly shape only if you spend loads of hours in the mirror? Crochet braids are just the thing you needed.


3. Crochet Bob With Ocean Wave

Elegant, stylish, romantic, you can get all of these with a bob hairstyle. If your hair is not suitable for this haircut, use some crochet wave braids to make it look just the way you want.


4. Crochet Straight Hair Bob

Looks like it’s your natural hair, right? Well, it isn’t! Straight hair extensions were sewed on braids that are knitted from your hair. The best thing about this is that you can wear them like this for 4 up to even 8 weeks.


5. Curly Crochet Bob

This curly hairstyle is so satisfying to see! Those riglets look perfect. You should definitely try this crochet curly bob.


6. Wavy Bob With Crochet Braid

If you love wavy hair, this is your chance of making it look like this for even 4 weeks. Get some sew-in extensions but also pick something that has highlights for a beautiful effect.


7. Short Crochet Bob

If you want your ringlets to look perfect at any moment of the day, get some curly sew-in extensions to apply.


8. Crochet Medium Bob

Get yourself a crochet medium bob that goes near your shoulder line. This hairstyle is perfect for women with glasses.


9. Long Crochet Bob

If you want a lot of dimensions for your hair, choose some curly hair extensions that you can knit on your braids. There are lots of types of hair from which you can choose. You opt for something simple, natural, or like in this case, for purple-tinted colored hair.


10. Bob With Crochet Dreadlock

You always wanted dreadlocks but you know that there’s no coming back after making them, right? Well, for this hairstyle you need already made dreadlocks that you can sew on your hair.


11. Crochet Bob With Deep Wave

If you always wanted to be blonde, some sew-in blonde curly extensions cand be the right choice for you. Keep them in a medium bob hairstyle.


12. Asymmetrical Crochet Bob

Create a crochet bob hairstyle with some clack and brown wavy locks. Make your highlights wide and you’ll love your new look.


13. Bohemian Crochet Bob

Why be ordinary when you can look spectacular. Combine some black hair extensions with some curly red hair that you can sew on your braids.


14. Crochet Bob With Bangs

You can have a brilliant look with some tight curly extensions. You can even create some above the eyebrows bangs.


15. Crochet Havana Twisted Bob

Keep your hair near your shoulder line and make a hairstyle. For your locks, you can twist them and add some hair jewelry to make it look more appealing.


16. Crochet Senegalese Twist Bob

Those twists look absolutely perfect! You can get them just the way they are or you can ask your hairdresser to twist your extensions for you. Flip a part of your hair on one side and you’ll have a beautifully twisted bob.


17. Beach Curly Crochet Bob

To create a hairstyle like this, all you have to do is find the proper sew-in extensions. They have to be thick, curly and dyed as an ombre, lighter at the tips of the hair.


18. Crochet Blonde Bob

Create a short bob hairstyle using some blonde sew-in hair extensions. Keep them near the line of your cheekbones and you’ll get a short blonde bob cut with bangs that you will adore.

In order to create a crochet bob hairstyle, all you need is to find the sew-in extensions that you love. They can be wavy, with tight curls, or maybe some dreadlocks can help you find the perfect style for you.