20 Bob Braid Styles Perfect for Any Hair Types

Very rarely would you find hairstyles that would easily go with any hair types, but the bob braids are here to change that fact for you! Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, you’ll find that this is one of the styles can change up your look of the day in a glamorous way.

The best thing yet? These amazing braids can be undone and you can explore other hairstyling techniques easily! Here are some of the 20 examples of a braided bob that you can consider.

1. Bob with Box Braids

This is one of the most basic types of bob braids. Just braid it up and you’re all ready to go! Anyone with curly hair will find this to be a way to keep your hairdo much more manageable.


2. Crochet Bob Braids

Style up your hair parting with some crocheted braids! Instantly look ready for some hip hop genre music video with a hairstyle this unique.


3. Short Bob Braids

Even if you have short hair, you can still get the bob with braids look done! Of course, the braids will still turn out shorter, but you can always style it up with some hair extensions for highlights.


4. Long Bob Braids

If you keep your braids smaller, you can accessorize your hairdo with beads to go with your outfit of the day. What better hairstyle to wear for a party?


5. Shoulder Length Braided Bob

Some bright colors will always make any hairstyle much more glamorous. Keep your bob braids accessorized with color-matched hair accessories for more eye-catching results!


6. Pixie Bob Braids

You can make your bobbed braids look different just by sweeping it towards the side. Have you tried this simple hairstyling hack yet?


7. Bob with Micro Braids

Thin hair? That’s not a problem with this hairstyle! Keep to micro braids to achieve the same results with for this look created with thicker hair! Micro braids also have a certain charm to them, don’t you think?


8. Bob Braids with Curly Ends

Add your own twist to your braids by leaving the ends free! Show off your natural hair texture with this simple trick, and add more flair to your braided bob as well.


9. Cornrow Braided Bob

There are not many things that would go well together with this unique look as they would with the classic corn rows! Try adding this simple element into your hairdo today and see the differences yourself!


10. Asymmetrical Braided Bob

You’ve seen asymmetrical hairdo elsewhere, but what about on a medium length braided bob? The colorful hair bands certainly adds on to the charm, don’t you think?


11. Blonde Braided Bob

Your skin and hair color does not matter when you’re adding blonde bob braids to your hairdo! Look how amazing even a blonde girl can look with these neat braids!


12. Burgundy Box Braided Bob

You’ve probably seen some other women rappers wearing this exact same hairdo, in the same color too! The reason is because burgundy works so well for bobs with braids!


13. Black Girl with Braided Bob

This type of braids would look the most natural on black girls, which most of us would already expect. This picture just goes to show that thicker braids can look amazing!


14. Thin Bob Braids

Thin type of hair braids will give you more space to work with the spaces in between. The lining and the patterns you can create is all up to your creativity!


15. Individual Braided Bob

This is a little different from the thin braids, although they may look similar. Individually braided bobs are more achievable if you’re individually braiding the segments on a thick head of hair!


16. Ombre Bob with Box Braids

Ombre will always be in style. Always. Look at how this simple two-toned ombre can enhance your overall hairdo!


17. Box Braided Bob with Bangs

If you’ve never imagined that braided bobs can be adapted into bangs as well, well then, here’s the image for you to properly imagine yourself in it! Certainly eye-catching, wouldn’t you agree?


18. Bob With Braid for Round Face

A wider hair parting with your braids pulled towards a side bang look would make your round face look smaller. Give it a try next time!


19. Braided Bob with Beads

Even thick braids can be accessorized with some beads. Have some different colored beads with you and wear them according to the outfit that you’re going to be wearing that day!


20. Braided Bob with Shaved Sides

If you want a bit more style in your bobbed braids, how about going for really thin, individual strands for braids and tying them towards one side to expose another shaved side?


So now you’ve seen several bob braid hairstyles that you can consider, but with the customization options available, these 20 styles are just the tip of the iceberg! Try asking for this hairdo in your next trip to the hair salon – you could be very pleasantly surprised by the results!