25 Quick & Cute Blunt Bobs for Any Occasion

The blunt bob, unlike shaggy featured hairstyles, is more of a uniform-length, sharp trim. Being a perfect base for various hairstyles, this modern-day symmetrical cut will frame your face elegantly. Accuracy of line and smooth geometry take this unique hairstyle to a whole another level.

Luckily, a blunt cut suits everyone regardless of their hair texture and facial features. And in terms of maintenance, nothing much, a visit to your hairdresser every six weeks.

Have a latest blunt bob this season and give your shiny-straight hair the spotlight it deserves. You can pair it up with a whispy front fringe or side “S” waves for a coolest-as-can-be result. Win-win.

Time to stop scrolling and flipping through magazines for your next haircut, check out the 25 trendiest blunt bob haircuts that are dominating in 2023.

1. Long Blunt Cut Bob

Long blunt cut bob usually stretches right on collarbone or shoulders. A chop like this an ideal for straight hair ladies. Can be middle or side parted. To reinforce the dimension, you can add extra layers or warm tone highlights.

2. Short Blunt Bob with Bangs

Short bob is an excellent to bring extra volume and fuller texture following the jawline. Those inward ends and short bangs is undeniably a killer combo. Looks equally fab on casual or business events.

3. Shoulder Length Blunt Bob

Sharply cut down to neck to shoulder length and side parted are an effortlessly chic moment. This length is so versatile you can wear it as side braid, ponytails, updos or keep as it is with some shine serums.

4. Side Part Blunt Cut Bob

Side parted hairstyles leaves a perfectly imperfect touch on your hair with their geometrical asymmetry but not too severe. Her trusses hung following her jawline creating an illusion on elongate angular frame. Smokey eye makeup and nude lipstick; BOOM! Ready to grab all the spotlight on today’s party.

5. Middle Part Blunt Cut Bob

Switching from side part to center part can frame your face, adds symmetry and highlight facial features. Super easy, not looking overdone, softer perimeter. You can apply hair spray or serum in the middle and blow dry the rest to get a voluminous shiny texture.

6. Blunt Bob with Bangs

Front bang soften the contour of jawline and hides wide forehead and extra weight on face. If you have chubby cheeks and wants to get a sharper cheekbone short blunt cut bob and front fringe is the match made in heaven. Keep up with your regular trims and choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully to avoid greasy bangs sticking with your forehead.

7. Blunt Cut Bob Sew in

The sew in or weave bob cut and styling have been trending over the past decade. This fierce and bold look has a clean and edgy end. Inspired by Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B. you too can rock this season. If you have fine-textured hair, stop scrolling now and take your next salon appointment; you won’t regret it.

8. Blonde Wavy Blunt Cut Bob


Blonde hair is the best canvas to style or dye as per your occasional tastes. A beach wavy neck-grazing blunt bob with deeper graphite root is absolutely noteworthy where the thin front whispy bangs reflect lightness and bouncy movement. Ready to go for casual outing or friends meet up.

9. One Length Blunt Cut Bob for Black Hair

If you are blessed with such jet black thick hair color opt for this beautifully crafted blunt bob immediately.  A blunt one length bob offers extra fullness around your collarbone.Not a single hair out of place. Universal hairstyle for round and oval shaped faces.

10. Blunt Cut Bob with Parted Side Bangs

The fine straight hair and side parted bangs looks sweet classic times. Pick the bang length and type according to your face shape and hair color which will eventually add more volume and vibrancy to your hair.It’s hard to resist from touching!

11. Blunt Cut Bob for Thick Hair

Blunt Cut Bob for Thick Hair


Thick hair hangs beautifully sliding down to shoulder in blunt cuts.With side parting, this chic modern style can be adjusted easily with square or oval shaped face, covers the corners of wide forehead as well. Visit your hairdresser in every six weeks to get rid of all the slit ends. Not recommended for long or thin face.

12. Blunt Wavy Bob

A tousled lob cut with twisty strands look effortlessly whimsical yet feminine.  It enhances the natural movement with every step. Try to warm up with a pale complexion or vivid balayage. This wavy blonde looks extremely flattering!

13. Curly Blunt Cut Bob

There is a myth about curly hairs are way too struggling with blunt bob cut which we strongly oppose! From loose curls to coils, be ready to get a fresh chop. These glossy layered curly bob is the safest option who wants to go short but not too short. Add front bangs for instant glam. There is no way of know how your curls will behave after getting a new haircut. Avoid excessive shampooing and blow drying, switch to air drying.

14. Straight Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are often styled super straight creating smooth geometry and sleekness of texture. Parting in middle can add root-boosting voluminous illusion. Ready to walk through office hallways to long runways.

15. Blunt Angled Bob

Slightly angles, accurately chopped; we are talking about angled blunt bob. This neck-skimming longer forward and shorter back is now on-trend. Pair it up with a minimal makeup and subtle highlights. How incredibly polished it looks!

16. Blunt Choppy Bob

Choppy bob looks best on short to medium length hair. Add fair amount of layers with tousled finish and an equal length front fringe for extra oomph. Show off this fancy French bob all day long with some boho-styled earrings and winged eyeliner.

17. Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

This hairstyle is minimalist and appealing. Side-swept bangs frame your face delicately and bring out a dramatic girl-next-door look. Extremely low maintenances and can adjust your easy-going lifestyle. Tuck a little behind the ear, kinky accessories and a mild makeup, that’s it!

18. Blunt Cut Bob with Color

For a youthful glow dyeing or highlighting can be a phenomenal addition. Chopped one length blunt bob with hints of vibrant colors (hot pink,wildfire,cotton candy,purple haze) look marvelous. Some might want a subtle occasional change whereas some wants drastic. All based on your taste. Whether it’s ombre or balayage. Consult with your hairdresser as per your tone, hair texture and hair care routine.

19. Messy Blunt Bob

Messy blunt b is the new trendy like never before. This bob style sums up choppy layers, jagged ends and razored cuts .Feathery layers bring extra dimension and volume. Spray dry shampoo and frizz in cream before and after styling. Curl it lightly which will make it aesthetically pleasing.

20. French Bob with Vibrant Haircolor

French bob AKA fall’s coolest haircut is all time favorite. Super short, chin-skimming cut makes a dramatic change after haircut. Brow line bangs are something to take a second glance at. Not everyone is capable of rocking in copper red warm undertone. We’re sure you CAN!

21. Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Round Face

An edgy, uneven cut bob are for those who loves to take risk. Flip your hair on one side creating an unconventional flair. Asymmetrical front bangs breaks up the roundness of face.Elevate your look with some ombre highlights.

22. Blunt Bob Ombre

Women who are fan of warm tones which is both office-friendly and occasional as well opt for ombre highlights. Customize the color with your personality with dark roots and lighter faddish sliding down to end. Champagne, auburn, shimmering, two-tone etc. plenty of options to choose.  Requires more upkeeps but no awkward growing out tension as it has darker roots. Get your hair done professionally performed.

23. Asian Blunt Bob

K-drama actresses’ haircuts are eternally trendy hairstyles to get inspiration from. Opt for a lob with a deep side parting which instantly peps up your entire look and bring out the sophisticated appearance that is impossible to miss. Asian humid weather can make your hair frizzy. Apply deep conditioning mask and  avoid warm water or regular blow dry.

24. Blunt Bob Balayage

Balayage is a highlighlighting technique without using foils rather directly by hand-painting. Less maintenance then ombre or lowlights. If you want a fresh look without any major change go for some cool brown balayage to add extra shine.

25. Blunt Cut Bob Ponytail

Fans of Khloe Kardashian might recognize this iconic hairdo. A high ponytail is equally fabulous for the daily workplace as it is for red carpets. If you have super long, thick hair, show it off with a high ponytail all summer.

Blunt bob cuts claimed to be one of the most versatile haircuts among the existing ones. It might be the most hyped modern-day modification with endless variations coming from the original classic bob.  Noticeably adds gorgeous depth and dimension you will feel right after stepping out of the saloon.

Extremely low maintenance this haircut is super customized and low-risk. But keep in mind, a regular trim is necessary, at least every 7-8 weeks.

Have you chosen one? We’re assuming yes. So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment!