20 Balayage Bob Hairstyles You Can Rock This Season

A balayage bob is all the rage these days. Everyone’s talking about how awesome the colors look and how trendy it is. We do foresee that this hairstyle is going to stay in trend for a long while!

Want to see how you can sport your own balayage bob? We have 20 examples of balayage bob hairstyles below – so just browse around and pick your favorite!

1.Blonde Balayage Bob

The simplest way to rock a balayage bob is to wear it as it is – there’s no need to make it complicated! This one here is dyed a pale blonde tone, and it’s also textured to be a little more wavy. It works just fine!


2. Balayage Long Bob

Don’t want a textured Balayage bob? You can wear your medium length hair straight and it would still look good! You can trust us on this one. Just make sure that the colors in your bob are combined well.


3. Short Bob With Balayage

Is your hair on the shorter side? That’s fine! Just take the leap of faith and choose a bold color to go with your short Balayage bob. The greater the color contrast, the better!


4. Brunette Bob With Balayage

Even if you don’t want to play with bold colors, try choosing one that has just enough contrast against your natural hair color. This shade of brown is relatively common and won’t stand out, but is still beautiful for a Balayage bob!


5. Brown Balayage Bob

Your Balayage bob can also be more subtle with only a little bit of highlights at the ends rather than having the entire bottom parts dyed. This is how you can expect yours to look like!


6. Balayage Bob With Straight Hair

Here it is! If you have a short bob with straight hair, your Balayage bob can look something like this. The colors will slowly blend in from the mid-part, giving the appearance of a gentle color blend.


7. Balayage Inverted Bob

Admittedly, inverted bobs are not your usual go-to hairstyle. However, with a Balayage bob, even this unique hairstyle can make you look like an absolute diva.


8. Angled Bob With Balayage

This hairstyle looks a little like the one above, the inverted bob. The hair gets layered in such a way that it appears shorter towards the back of the head. The Balayage look is also more subtle here with the heavy dye.


9. Balayage Bob For Fine Hair

Want an excuse for silver of platinum hair? You got it. These stark colors are perfect for individuals with fine hair. The best part is that your hair is already short and low-maintenance!


10. Balayage Pixie Bob

Even with hair as short as a pixie bob, you can still get a Balayage look. Usually, older women wear a pixie bob, but they can spice it up with this unique tone to appear stylish!


11. Ombre Balayage Bob

A balayage bob is already a popular hairstyle on its own, but this one amps it up a notch by adding an ombre style into it! These two styles are very similar and often mistaken for each other. We definitely see why!


12. Caramel Balayage Bob

This caramel Balayage bob looks like something you’d expect to see on the walls of a hair saloon! We can definitely appreciate the neat flow in this lady’s hair. It’s impeccable!


13. Choppy Balayage Bob

If you don’t mind your hair looking a little choppy, you can curl your hair just like this. The waves won’t be even, but with that hair color, you’d barely even notice!


14. A Line Bob With Balayage

There’s a certain charm to A-line bobs. It’s simple enough for daily wear but still retains its gracefulness to give its wearer a sense of sophistication.


15. Asymmetrical Bob With Balayage

Shaved sides are no problem or challenges when you’re aiming for a Balayage bob. Just make sure that the sides are trimmed evenly to give your bob a neater look.


16. Balayage Bob With Layers

Go for hair layering if you are searching for a hairstyle that gives the impression of thicker hair. Layering gives your hair more volume so that you can rock the curly Balayage bob with no worries.


17. Graduated Bob With Balayage

Your bob could get this texture if your hair is finer than other people’s. If you have a fine hair texture, you’re one of the lucky ones whose Balayage bob will take no effort at all!


18. Balayage Bob With Bangs

Remember that bangs can always enhance a hairstyle by giving it more personality. So, if you need a hairstyle with a little more personality, you only need to add some bangs to bob and you’ll be just fine!


19. Balayage Bob For Black Hair

Dark hair colors such as black can be difficult to apply a balayage look on. But that’s alright because lighter shades of brown are still easy enough to accomplish and give you an awesome Balayage bob.


20. Balayage Bob With Dark Roots

If your hairdresser knows how to blend her Balayage colors well, chances are that you won’t even need to worry about maintaining the roots or touching up too often.


And that’s 20 Balayage bobs for medium length hair for you! These looks are often achieved with brighter hair color tones, although not everyone will follow the unspoken rule. We hope you found some inspiration in these Balayage bobs picture.