30 Cute Styles Featuring A-Line Bob (2023 Trends)

A-line bob haircut just screams elegance and class! If you want to mix up your style, this hairstyle is a must-try. It’s probably one of the trendiest hairstyles up to date and it never goes out of style. From night outs to casual coffee dates, this haircut will work for you— just pair it with a nice outfit of your choice and you’re good to go.

Most women opt for this hairstyle because it flatters most face shapes and hair textures, giving you a good variety of bob hairstyles to try! Highlights, length, and bangs can be mixed and matched with a bob haircut, the choice is yours. To top it off, this haircut is shorter in the back while the back part is longer, giving you the right dimension and texture for the contemporary women in you.

We give you 30 classy A-Line bob haircuts that will suit you!

1. Long A-Line Bob

You always deserve an elegant look, right? This long A-line bob paired with a dark hairstyle will surely exude your sultry side. Pair it with a power red lipstick for a girl boss look.

2. Short A-Line Bob

For women who want shorter hair but still want dimension, this look is for you. Mature women always try this hairstyle because of how effortless it looks while still looking chic.

3. Medium Bob

Balayage highlights and medium bob? Count us in! This hairstyle is one of the trendiest this season. This hairstyle makes you ready for the summer season, basking under the lovely sun.

4. Layered A-Line Bob

A great option for women who have thicker hair. This takes the volume off your hair, replacing it with dimension and an edgy vibe. It looks fun, classy, and highlights your face shape.

5. Stacked Bob

Are you feeling adventurous? If you’re bored with your long locks, try this chic stacked bob! A classic from the 60s, the stacked bob is versatile and never goes out of style. 

6. A-Line Bob with Bangs

Platinum haircut + A-line bob with bangs = Major Gwen Stefani vibes but with a twist! It exudes uniqueness and a fun vibe that will make heads turn. This is such a classy take on this haircut.

7. Curly A-Line Bob

Curly hair is sometimes a pain to handle. Try to chop off those curly locks with bangs for a new look and opt for something shorter. What’s wrong with a new look right? Take the risk!

8. Straight Bob

Low-maintenance gals will love this straight bob. If you’re always on the go and don’t have the time to style your hair, this is a wash-and-wear hairdo that will still look glamorous. 

9. Wavy Hair Bob

Who said wavy-haired girls can’t rock short hair? These waves are outstanding! Not only it looks chic, but it also highlights the dimensions in the hair, giving you a fresher look throughout.

10. A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

Having thin, long hair can make you look weighed down. Opt for bob to give your locks dimensions and pair it off with highlights for a fuller look on your tresses. 

11. Thick Bob

This hairstyle will give you a prim-and-proper look. As they say, nothing beats the classic. A thick bob can be styled in many ways, blow-dry or dye a different color. 

12. Tapered A-Line Bob

This A-line bob is poofy in the back while sleek on the front. It gives you the dimension and volume that you need. Another plus is that it will frame your face shape.

13. Bob Haircut with Highlights

Go all out with your hair transformation with a long overdue haircut and highlights. Trendy, chic and will make you look classy. A balayage hair color will never do you wrong, trust us on this.

14. Side Swept Bangs with Bangs

Another combo that would work for this hairstyle is bangs. If you want a hairstyle to frame your eyes and make your features pop, try this. A woman must try bangs once in her life!

15. Bob for Asian Woman

A trendy hairstyle for Asian women is a long bob with balayage hair. Search for Niki, you’ll get what we mean. It is flattering and is definitely out of their comfort zone.

16. A-Line Blonde Bob

Prim and proper— A blonde bob exudes these qualities. It brings out the sultriness in your personality while maintaining a professional girl boss look. Pair it with blonde hair to step up your vibes.

17. Choppy Bob

Bored of your hairstyle and want something new? Try out this choppy bob. With a splash of mix and matched colors, this look screams editorial. Looks like you’re a model off to a runway.

18. Shaggy Bob

Let’s have a throwback and try on a shaggy bob. A shaggy bob works for different face shapes and hair textures, it will surely fit you. The layers will highlight your waves and curls. 

19. A-Line Bob for Kid

Girls should keep their hair neat and tidy, ready for school. An A-line bob paired with bangs will bring their youthful side while still being appropriate for the activities in school. It looks so cute!

20. A-Line Bob with Undercut

A hidden undercut is a twist for a short bob. Not only does it look stylish and tomboyish, but it also gets rid of weight on your hair, giving you a lighter look.

21. Very Short A-Line Bob

Are you looking for a sleek and stylish haircut that will work for all ages? A short bob is versatile and will make you look clean and proper. Pair it with bangs too!

22. Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is making a big comeback this year! Shorter on the other side, this edgy yet fashionable hairstyle works for all hair colors and hair textures. It looks fabulous with a sleek blowout. 

23. Black Bob

For women of color, your haircare should prioritize protective hairstyles. This haircut is low maintenance yet a fresh take of bob styles. Sleek and stylish, it exudes a glamorous and sassy vibe. 

24. Bob for Round Face

For ladies with round faces, a bob cut will suit you because it naturally frames your face. It also gives you a youthful glow when combined with the right hair color or perhaps, with bangs. 

25. A-Line Bob with Ombre

An A-line bob with ombre will surely make heads turn because of the unique color. Purple, red, pink, blue, the color is your choice. It looks edgy, showing your artsy side through your hair. 

26. Messy A-Line Bob

Always on the go? A messy bob will suit you. As messy as it looks, it still exudes an effortless look that will match your happy-go-lucky personality. This hair would work on casual days!

27. Sew In Bob

Treat yourself and get yourself a great hairstyle, take this as a sign. A sew-in bob may be high maintenance but it surely is worth it. Paired with ombre highlights, it screams power and elegance.

28. A-Line Bob with Balayage

A long bob with balayage gives your hair the extra pop that it needs. A balayage highlights your waves and natural texture, giving it more dimension and volume. Give this hairdo a try now!

29. Bob with Weave

For women of color, a variety of hairstyles can be executed in weaves. Try a shorter look for a change! This gives you a prim and proper look while being classy and sultry at the same time.

30. A-Line Textured Bob

Thin-haired girls would love this hairstyle. Everybody needs an extra oomph with their hair right? Match it with a bold color like this and you’ll make heads turn instantly.

These A-line bob hairstyles are great if you’re in the mood to change up your look! If you have long hair right now, take this as a sign and chop those locks off. This haircut is always versatile and would work for all women.