25 Black Ponytail Hairstyles You Need to Try Immediately

Black ponytail hairstyles impress by their richness, textures and creativity. Depending on how you style them, they can be pulled off at the office, for weddings and parties. Women love to use their imagination when they create these sassy, gorgeous hairdos and hair extensions play a crucial role in getting the most wanted pony.

Braided, waved, colored, or sleek, black ponytail hairstyles don’t require too much effort. But it all depends on how stubborn and coarse the hair is. Even so, there’s nothing a good edge control gel can’t tame so make sure you don’t lack this product when prepping the hair.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to discover 25 remarkable pony hairstyles for black women, scroll down and learn how to recreate the examples below.

1. Braided Ponytail Styles for Black Hair

Ponytails made of box braids are remarkable attention grabbers! Give them a nice glow by extending the initial braids with dark burgundy hair extensions.


2. Weave Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

There are so many ponytail textures available and if your goal is to achieve a voluminous curly pony, this is the right way to get it. Use pomade to make the top look sleek and attach the hair at the nape.


3. Ponytail with Bangs Black Hair

Detangling and straightening your hair is required to obtain such a flawless look for the pony and your bangs. Use edge control and a toothbrush to make the pinned hair look neat.


4. Little Black Girl Ponytail Hairstyles

Little girls adore braids, and for your princess, you can get as creative as you want. Opt for cornrow braids and pin them in a top pony. Continue the hairstyle with thick rope braids.


5. Drawstring Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

When prepping the hair for this fantastic ponytail hairstyle, start with a leave-in conditioner. If your hair is stubborn, make sure you apply a larger quantity of product.


6. High Ponytail Black Girl

Getting those perfect edges might need a little bit of work, but with some styling gel, everything will stay in its place. Create a small bun and attach the long wavy black high ponytail.


7. Low Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

Use a brush with dense bristles to style that sleek top. Attach the pony at the nape, and using a toothbrush, do a wavy style for the sideburns.


8. Slicked Back Ponytail Black Girl

The hairstyle is casual, perfect for school and even coffee with friends. Just style the tips of the pony outwards to recreate this distinctive look.


9. Curly Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

The baby hairs also need some styling when you create such a mindblowing hairstyle with a wavy ponytail for black women. Play the ponytail on top of the head and spare a strand that you’ll wrap at the root.


10. Black Straight Ponytail Hairstyles

For an impeccable look that can be pulled at parties, events, or even for office days, you need a hair straightener and some of your favorite styling gel. Styling the baby hairs will provide a more romantic modern touch.


11. Wavy Ponytail Black Hairstyles

A voluminous, wide, long, wavy ponytail will undoubtedly make a tremendous difference for you. If you want an Ariana Grande-inspired to look, place the rich pony on top of the head.


12. Side Ponytail Black Girl

A side-cool curly pony is perfect for women with round or chubby faces because the hairdo requires a side bang. Create angles to cut off the roundness of the face.


13. Twist Ponytail for Black Hair

When styling a ponytail you can wear the hair loose or use your fav braiding technique. In this case, the twisted plaits are perfect for a rich pony placed in the midsection. Wear the braids on one of the shoulders.


14. 90s Ponytail Hairstyles Black Hair

Glamorous and impeccable! Build a side part and arrange the bangs slightly covering the forehead. Gain that sleek effect with some gel that will not only make the hair look perfect but keep all the rebel hairs in their place.


15. Ponytail for Natural Black Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, you need a ponytail that has the same wave direction. If you can’t find one that suits you, style your natural hair in the same way as the ponytail.


16. Two Ponytail Hairstyles Black

Two ponytails might remind you of your school years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt the hairstyle for your current age. Transform this childish hairdo into a sexy brand new look.


17. Short Ponytail Black Girl

When struggling with thin fine hair, extensions come to the rescue. Gather all the hair on top and attach a ponytail that is a little bit denser. You don’t want the difference to be pretty obvious.


18. Long Black Ponytail

Not too many women can brag about such long healthy-looking hair and if you are not one of them, remember that you can always get a Remy 100% natural hair ponytail that will transform you into a nowadays Rapunzel.


19. Ponytail Box Braids for Black Hair

Thin box braids can be styled into almost anything. And we have to say that ponytails make them look so damn fabulous!


20. Ponytail Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles

When you have naturally long, gorgeous hair, all you need to do is find a hairstyle that gives the mane even more value. Go for a half ponytail and straighten the tresses and add some texturizing spray to obtain more shine.


21. Mohawk Ponytail Black Hair

Wanna feel like a punk rock star? Shave the sides to get a mohawk and section the remaining hair in three pieces. Create small buns for each part. Attach hair extensions to these sections and you’ll certainly get everyone’s attention!


22. Side Part Ponytail Black Hair

A diagonal parting will give the hairstyle a unique feel. Sleek down that hair and attach the pony at the bottom. Use a strand of hair and wrap it at the base.


23. Middle Part Ponytail Black Hair

Go for a fabulous contrast by creating waves for the long ponytail. Use a crimping iron or braid the pony overnight to obtain that volume and wave. For the top, recreate that sleek greasy aspect with an edge controller.


24. Ombre Ponytail Black Girl

If you already have an ombre on your short hair, pick a ponytail that already has that effect painted. If you choose a high-quality pony, made of natural virgin hair, you might be able to dye it and change its color as often as you like.


25. Black Ponytail Hairstyles for Wedding

On their wedding day, women want to be sure everybody will remember them! Even if a black ponytail hairstyle might look simple, be convinced that this is the perfect choice for such a momentous occasion.


No matter the event, a black ponytail hairstyle is always welcomed. Even if some of these hairdos don’t seem intricate, they clearly are effective, don’t you think?