21 Bold & Beautiful Pixie Cuts for Black Women

Nowadays, pixie cuts for black women are not only practical but also very popular! If you got tired of straightening your hair, braiding it, or fighting to keep it in shape, this hairstyle would make all these struggles disappear. All that because pixie cuts for black girls are so low maintenance, easy to style and so damn sexy!

First of all, a pixie cut will help you tame your rebellious coarse or curly hair. You have various options, from making it really short or showing off your curls. Either way, the option is yours! Find a style that suits your face shape, and get ready to embrace this edgy haircut.

Pixie cuts are hairstyles that make your face stand out by drawing all attention to it. They can be styled to match various personalities, from rebel girls to elegant ladies.

Pixie Cuts for Dark Skin That Will Make You Want to Chop

Here is a list of the most mind-blowing pixie cuts to see what I mean. Please scroll down to discover them!

1. Short Pixie

Pixie cuts are flattering for black women, and they can be that dramatic change you always wanted. If you feel you need this cut in your life, book an appointment with a stylist who knows how to cut coarse black hair.

2. Long Black Pixie

If you want the benefits of both short and long cuts, this pixie is what you’re looking for. Keep the nape hair trimmed shortly and maintain a long top that can be styled with lots of volume.

3. Curly Pixie

Many black women adore their curly hair and pixie cuts are the proper way to highlight it. Keep a long top to achieve volume and shape and trim the sides and nape shortly.

4. Black Girl with Straight Pixie

Ready to impress with your unicorn hair? Here’s the best way to do it. Dye your hair in a pastel mauve and create pastel pink, green and teal highlights for the top and bangs. Cut the fringe in a straight line, covering the eyebrows.

5. Black Pixie Hair with Highlights

Such wonderful textured hair! And you can easily achieve that glow with short pixie and copper highlights. Flip the top and arrange the bangs flawlessly on one side.

6. Black Pixie for Women with Round Face

Elegant and sassy! This is exactly how you’ll feel after styling this gorgeous pixie cut for black hair. The bangs should be messily spread on the forehead, while sideburns are gorgeously styled on both sides, framing the face.

7. Tapered Pixie

Who said a short pixie cut couldn’t have volume? On the contrary, you can get all the dimensions you need by trimming your hair properly. So cut the sides as short as you want and use the top to create a pale blue ombre look.

8. Black Girl with Blonde Pixie

How would it feel to get up in the morning without needing to style your hair? Brilliant, right? And if you want that, you can easily get it with a pixie cut for black girls. If you want to stun, you can even dye it in a gorgeous platinum blonde color.

9. Black Pixie with Bangs

Black pixie haircuts with bangs are so trendy. Get a choppy cut and carefully arrange the fringe on the forehead, slightly oriented on one side. Mess up the top, and you are ready to go.

10. Pixie Hair with Black Weave

A pixie cut can be easily obtained with a weave. Attach it to the roots and use a straightening iron to style the bangs, just above the eyes. Do not neglect your sideburns and curve them in front of the ear.

11. Layered Pixie Cut for Black Hair

Tiny highlights will create depth and a stunning glow for your pixie. Use your fav hair spray to style the top and fringe messily and to obtain volume.

12. Pixie Cut for Thin Black Hair

If you are a black woman who loves to stand out, dye your thin hair blonde. You will create a stunning contrast that won’t go unnoticed. Create finger rolls to obtain that elegant retro touch, and wear a pair of diamond rings to get that upscale look.

13. Thick Pixie for Black Woman

Thick hair is the perfect canvas for color mixes and highlights. Use that to your advantage to get volume and gorgeous blends. Use dark purple, blue, and teal to obtain this wave pixie cut for black girls.

14. Black Pixie Bob

Need more texture? In this case, you are in the right place! A long pixie cut with natural hair color and some blonde tiny highlights will make you feel and look stunning. Your hair will be easy to style and look gorgeous if slightly flipped on one side.

15. Black Woman with Ombre Pixie

A pixie mohawk cut is a proper hairstyle for girls who love rebellious looks and need to amaze every time they leave the house. To maintain your natural dark color but style thick copper blonde highlight for the top and bangs. Lift the fringe to get a faux mohawk.

16. Very Short Pixie for Black Hair

Very short pixie cuts are ideal hairstyles for women over 50 who want to look elegant without too much fuss. Use your fav jam to arrange your baby bangs on the forehead.

17. Feathered Pixie for Black Woman

Hollywood stars love a glamorous pixie and so should you. They are versatile and ideal for black women with round faces. Asymmetric cuts tend to diminish prominent facial features, so a pixie is the best option if you want to make your face look slimmer.

18. Messy Pixie for Black Hair

When you style gorgeous black hair and build waves and curls, this color will have a particular shine. Black nuances reflect light, so your hair will look healthy and glowing.

19. Black Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides

As a powerful independent woman who wants to stun with her look, you should know that an asymmetric pixie will be a match for your search. Create a design on one side and get chopped long bangs that you’ll toss on one side.

20. Spiked Pixie Hair for Black Girl

Spiky curls are glamorous with a touch of sass. Trim your hair short on both sides and maintain the roots in their natural color. Use blonde hair dye to paint the tips only.

21. Side Part Black Pixie

A side part pixie for black girls is the right match when you want a haircut that is low maintenance. Swipe the top hair and bangs on one side and forget about all those long hours spent in hair salons or in front of the mirror, braiding your locks.

Pixie haircuts are still among black women’s favorite haircuts. They are so versatile, can be easily styled, and can be achieved in no time. If you love our examples, feel free to comment below and tell us which one’s your favorite.