21 Beautiful Layered Bobs for Black Women

Have you been wanting a short haircut but still want something with length? Consider a chic layered black bob! These short-to-medium haircuts are a favorite for their low-maintenance upkeep and easy style.

If you’re looking for a fresh new look for 2024, these 21 black layered bobs should definitely be on your list!

1. Short Black Layered Bob

This black layered bob stops just below ears for a no fuss style that shows off necklines.

2. Layered Bob with Highlights

Give your black layered bob a glowup with highlights of any color, such as an edgy copper.

3. Curly Black Layered Bob

Use your curls to their advantage on a black layered bob with bangs. Keep fringe thin for a soft look and to balance out a full mane.

4. Black Layered Bob with Red Highlights

If you prefer a lot of color in your hairstyle, you’ll love a black layered bob with a rich red all over color.

5. Medium Black Layered Bob

This medium black bob is complete with angles on all sides to flatter your neckline and jawline. Feathered bangs look elegant brushed to the side but can be easily pinned to the side.

6. Black Curly Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Women with oval or round faces will love the way a layered black asymmetrical bob flatters their face shape.

7. Long Layered Black Bob

If you choose a long black layered bob, instead of a center part, part hair 3/4 of the way over and add a little curl to the ends.

8. Long Layered Black Bob with Heavy Part


If you prefer a longer black bob, this layered one has a bit of flipped curl for a fun touch of style. A heavy part adds lots of volume.

9. Highlighted Black Layered Bob for Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair? A black layered bob will disguise those thin locks and trick everyone, even you, into thinking you have a fuller mane. Highlights give this look a beautiful golden glow.

10. Curly Layered Bob for Black Hair

If you have curly black hair, style it into a layered bob for a beautiful new year update. With bangs or without, you’ll look gorgeous.

11. Layered Black Bob with Bangs

If you prefer a hairstyle with bangs, a black layered bob looks great with them. This curly style pairs a full mane with peekaboo bangs for a soft look.

12. Black Layered Bob Updo

Preparing for a special day? A black layered bob with soft big curls and highlights in a mix of colors will make you the most fashionable.

13. Textured Black Layered Bob

If you’re used to having straight hair, switch it up with a textured black layered bob full of curls all over. You can use hot tools or your fingers and curl creme to get this look.

14. Wavy Black Layered Bob

Can’t decide between wavy or straight locks on your black layered bob? Combine both for a truly chic style.

15. Layered Bob for 4C Hair

Any woman with 4c hair should be proud to wear it in this black layered bob. Brush most of your hair to one side for an old-fashioned pin-up style.

16. Short Layered Bob for Thin Hair

For women with thin hair, consider a curly black layered bob. The layers will help to not only create a more voluminous look but a better overall shape.

17. Layered Bob with Braided Bangs

This black layered bob with braided bangs is low maintenance and out of the way, perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish cut.

18. Black Layered Bob with Weave

If a textured hairstyle is what you’re looking for, black layered bob with a weave can help you achieve this gorgeous look.

19. Layered Bob with Platinum Color

The kinks and coils on this curly layered bob stand out beautifully with platinum color.

20. Curly Layered Bob with Invisible Part

The invisible part on this black layered bob helps the style come across flawless and sophisticated. Be prepared for compliments!

21. Straight Black Layered Bob

The short layers on this black bob make for a low-maintenance style while the angles keep the cut from being anything other than traditional.

The nice thing about black layered bobs is they’re all relatively low maintenance, plus they’re easy to play with as far as texture like waves and curls. When it comes to bobs, have fun experimenting to find the one that best suits your personality.