20 Black Bun Hairstyles That Look So Chic

Bun hairstyles look gorgeous on black women. The buns can enhance the beauty, appeal, and versatility of your natural hair. Be it long, medium or short hair, with a perfectly made bun, you can avoid all the “hair fixing” hassles in a busy morning and still look as stylish and classy as ever.

And if you are someone who prefers comfort along with style, it’s high time you try bun hairstyles in your natural hair. It will not only keep you uber fashionable but would also ensure incredible comfort throughout the day.

Even though it’s quite tough to manage and style natural black manes, you can create some extraordinary bun hairstyles and look impressive with the right technique and style sense.

Below, we have shared some black bun hairstyles for different lengths and types of black hair that you can try.

1. Braided Bun for Black Hair

Add a bit of visual interest to your long natural hair with a sexy yet comfortable braided bun. The diagonally-created cornrows not only make you look chic and graceful but also make the style extra striking. Tuck in a few gold cuffs on the black braids to provide extra glamour to the already stunning hairstyle.

2. Black Hair Bun with Bangs

This is the perfect black bun hairstyle for girls with a bigger forehead. The perfectly trimmed bangs will cover the forehead perfectly and make you look good with any outfit. However, remember to slide your flat iron on the bangs a few times to keep it in place.

3. Bun Hairstyle for Little Black Girl

When your little princess has a lot of natural hair, tie them up in a few smaller buns so that they not only look adorable but tied up for utmost comfort. Try to make bigger buns at the front and smaller ones at the back for a visually balanced outlook.

4. High Bun for Black Girl

Combine comfort and convenience with this high updo. Be it long or medium, this bun is the right style to rock if you want all your manes out of your neck. You can deck it up with a few rhinestone bobby pins for additional sparkle.

5. Low Bun Hairstyle for Black Hair

A slicked-back low bun is always good for your fluffy black hair. It is simple, sophisticated, and appropriate for both casual and formal events. Make sure to apply a bit of an anti-frizz cream before creating this black hair bun to make it look silky and smooth throughout the day.

6. Curly Bun for Black Woman

Give your basic black bun hairstyle the much-needed twist with a braided headband. While making the curly bun leave a few strands of hair at the front and middle part them. Create 2 braids on both sides of the part and secure them behind the ear to give the illusion of a natural headband.

7. Black Twisted Bun

Accent your high bun with a few twists here and there for more definition in your hairdo. Even though it has an incredible appeal, this twisted bun is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles for black women and can easily change your everyday outlook instantly.

8. Two Buns on Black Hair

Adorn your black tresses with these casual space buns to look as playful as ever. This interesting, easy-creating updo gives your natural hair the much-needed twist and flair and helps you stand out in the crowd without trying too hard.

9. Black Bun for Wedding

Elegant occasions call for an exquisite hairstyle. And this sophisticated, sleek braided bun is just that. Adorned with pearl and rhinestone pins, it is just the right bun hairstyle for black hair to rock with a glamorous evening gown or dress.

10. Bun with Weave for Black Girl

Spice up your “ordinary” black bun with colorful rubber bands! Section off your front hair and create small twists in them. Secure the twists using colorful elastic bands to make them pop while you tie the rest of your tresses in a big twisted bun.

11. Bun Hairstyle for Short Black Hair

Take your hairstyle to another level with this amazing half-updo. Perfect for short hair, this top knot bun doesn’t look as big or fluffy as the other buns and gives you a muted, gentle outlook.

12. Long Black Hair Bun

If your hair is long enough, you can tie it up in a cute ballerina bun and be set for the day. It makes you appear well put together and polished without even trying too hard. Be it with your formal outfits or an evening dress, this bun works seamlessly with all your attires.

13. Half Up Half Down Black Bun

For a Boho chic appearance, try this half-up half-down black bun hairstyle in your long natural tresses. This hairdo is super easy and effortless to create yet looks extremely stylish. The curly, “below the shoulder” strands are the highlight of the “do” and go with almost any outfit you wear.

14. Black Hair with Side Bun

Pile up your cornrows into something more fascinating and regal by making a side bun out of them. If you are tired of carrying the braids with all your looks and outfits, you can always create such a bun in your black hair and switch up your overall style in a matter of just a few minutes.

15. Bun Hairstyle on Natural Hair

Bring the vintage glamour in your black hair with this puffy twisted bun. This princess-y hairstyle should be your top favorite to pair with any cocktail dress, featuring a voluminous, puffy updo and side twists. Adorn it with a comb crown for a more formal vibe.

16. Black Woman with Donut Bun

If you want to deck up your black tresses with something sleek, something less fluffy, a donut bun is your thing. This gelled-down hair bun ties all your rough hair together and presents you with a very simple and effortless hairdo. You can wear it with your office attire or everyday outfit to appear incredibly chic.

17. Messy Bun for Black Hair

Here’s a gorgeous yet super easy-to-do messy bun hairstyle for your natural black hair. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short manes, you can always tie them in a messy, laidback bun and be comfortable all day long.

18. Black Cornrow Bun

Classic cornrows are fabulous. And when you tie them up in a bun, the result is even more eye-catching and beautiful. You can dress it up with sparkly hair accessories or play dress down by leaving it as is. Either way, this black hair bun will elevate your overall outlook greatly.

19. Black Crochet Hair Bun

The half-up top knot is the right hairdo to go with your carefree vibe. Accessorize it with a few cuffs to add more attitude and edge to the crochet style.

20. Ninja Bun with Black Hair

Take a break from your usual bodylicious updos and flaunt this sleek, sexy ninja bun in your natural tresses for a charming appearance. Don’t forget to straighten the hair strands before creating this bun to give the style incredible sharpness.

Wrapping Up

Even though black hair is not the easiest hair type to style, these hair buns say otherwise. These versatile bun hairstyles for black hair offer you enough ideas to style your manes differently for different occasions and let you stand out in the crowd. Be it a black-tie event or going to the supermarket, you would never feel out of options to deck up your black manes perfectly with such a huge collection of buns.