30 Black Braided Hairstyles for a New Look

Thinking of making a change to your black hair and need some inspiration? Braided hairstyles are popular for a reason: most of them are low maintenance, easy to pull together, and versatile, meaning you can wear them up or down and look amazing no matter what!

From cornrows and buns to box braids and weaves, there’s no shortage of styles that’ll work for you. These 30 beautiful black braided hairstyles will make you want to stop what you’re doing to try them right now!

1. Braided Updo For Black Hair

Tiny black braids beginning on the side of the head wind up in a tight bun for a pretty low updo perfect for a casual evening outing.


2. Braided Bun For Black Hair

Thick braids spaced an inch or two apart curve down the head into a low ballerina bun for another low updo you’ll look beautiful in for date night.


3. Black Braided Ponytail

For a beautiful evening hairdo, braid your hair into a low ponytail with straight locks. Use a lock of hair to secure it in place for a chic look.


4. French Braid For Black Hair

Two black braids on either side of your head lead into two low ponytails full of long curly hair falling to your waist.


5. Short Black Braided Hairstyle

This fun braided hairstyle is perfect for black women on days when you feel like expressing your peppy personality. Gather as many braids as you can all over your head for a neat yet fun style.


6. Long Braids For Black Woman

Long braids are a popular hairstyle for women. Not only is it a low maintenance hairstyle, but it’s protective and easily done up when you want it out of the way.


7. Medium Braided Hairstyle For Black Hair

For medium braided hair, pull the top half up into a bun for a cute laid back hairstyle you can rock on a night out with friends or that concert you’re going to this weekend.


8. Side Braids

Thin side braids wrap around the head in this unique hairstyle. If you’re looking for dimension and something to set you apart from every other style out there, this is it!


9. Half Braid For Black Women

Women with short hair will love these teeny tiny braids that decorate one half of the head while a thick half braid decorates the other.


10. Box Braids

Box braids are simply that: hair divisions that are box-shaped giving your hairstyle an interesting shape many others won’t have. This protective hairstyle is low-maintenance and beautiful whether worn down or up.


11. Black Braids With Weave

If you want long hair but don’t have it naturally, a weave will give the illusion of black braided long locks. Pull back the top half for a cute hairdo.


12. Crown Braids

This chic braided crown hairstyle for black women is easy to achieve: form a braid starting at the nape of the neck, then wrap up around your head.


13. Braided Mohawk

A black braided mohawk will show off your curls beautifully while tiny braids on the side of your head give it all the detail it needs to be unique.


14. Cornrow Braid

Black cornrows are popular for a reason: they’re protective, last several weeks, and are easy to take care of. While time-consuming, they’re worth it when the end result can be this stunning!

15. Braids For Black Teen Girl

Medium black box braids are perfect for a teenager who wants to be the trendy one at school. This versatile hairdo can be parted in any way for a flattering style.


16. Braids For Older Black Woman

Older women wanting to keep their hair out of the way will appreciate a black braided hairstyle like this chic mohawk braid that doubles as a bun.


17. Braided Bangs For Black Hair

Who wouldn’t love black braided bangs this cute? To get this chic style, keep the bangs long past your eyebrows and pull the top half of your hair up into a cute ballerina bun.


18. Rope Braids

Check out the many tutorials online for rope braids, then top off yours with a contrasting elastic band like white or gold for a lovely accent. This hairstyle is perfect for a formal event when you want to feel like a goddess.


19. Feed-In Braid for Afro Girls

This edgy feed-in black braided hairstyle is accented with silver safety pins and large silver hoops. The ends of her braids are also colored with hot pink for a fun pop of color.


20. Halo Braids

Halo braids come in handy as the perfect hairstyle when you want to feel like a princess. The soft hairdo is easy to accomplish: form two low braids and wind them around opposite sides of the head, then clip in place.


21. Bob With Braids

Do you have a round face? A black braided bob that stops just below your cheekbones will show off your angles in the best way. A center or side part makes for easy and quick styling.


22. Black Hair Braids For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, a bunch of skinny braids is a great way to make it look like you have a full mane of luscious locks. Pull the top half up to make the hair look longer too.


23. Crochet Braids

This gorgeous crochet braided updo should be your go-to choice for any wedding or other fancy event. Accent it with silver charms and curl loose hair for a soft romantic look.


24. Braided Hair With Beads

A long waist-length black braided hairstyle is exotic looking with brown and copper beads spread throughout random locks of hair.


25. Braids For Black Woman Over 50

If you’re a woman over 50, consider a long braided hairstyle with colorful elastic bands to hold each braid in place.


26. Wedding Look

This black braided hair makes for a chic updo perfect for a wedding. You can even place a few flowers in the braid for a sweet addition to this look.


27. Black Braids With Shaved Sides

This edgy black braided look wouldn’t be edgy at all without a shaved side. Shave one or both but you’ll slay the rocker-glam look either way!


28. Protective Braids For Black Hair

Keep your ends safely tucked way in this protective long braided hairstyle for African American women. J Lo would love the way you brush baby hairs sweetly to the side.


29. Jumbo Braids

Diagonal jumbo braids look their best when just a few are wrapped criss-cross halfway down with twine or string. Pick your favorite color and have fun!


30. Ghana Braids

These black braided twists are raised slightly above your head for a cool crown-type hairstyle. They make for a fierce and fun fashion choice.


So, which black women with braids look you’ll choose? All of these braided hairstyles are versatile and work for any face shape, so pick your favorite and have fun! We promise you’ll look amazing.