20 Black Hair with Bangs That Look Really Hot

Bangs are still the most popular overnight transformations for Afro beauties. Black hair with bangs adds drastic remarks to your facial features, and you will immediately feel like stepping out of the salon.

Bangs have been overly popular on the South American continent since the 1920s, changing little by little in every decade. How can a few strands or locks of hair slide before the brow line cause such dramatic changes, which are the true beauty of bangs?

Nowadays, bangs are coveted by black celebs like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Obama, and so on. Extremely low maintenance and weave friendly regardless of your hair type, kinky or jagged textured.

Just choose the right shampoo and deep condition the bangs regularly, make sure you blow-dry before going out; that’s it. No frizzy-dry problem, flex those jet black bangs all day.

So, how do you like your bangs to be styled? Is it K-pop-inspired, blunt, or choppy? Or a rolling-out-of-bed whispy vibe?

Curtains are also on-trend. If you are getting perplexed about choosing the right for your facial features and hair textures, lucky for you, we know exactly what you need.

Check out the African-American bangs hairstyles below for more ideas!

1. Ponytail with Bangs for Black Hair

This hairstyle is extremely chic yet whimsical. To get this look, first determine the desired bangs and ponytail length you want, then make the snip.

Blunter the fringe, the easier to upkeep. Before makeover brush your hair, make a bump-free ponytail leaving the front fringe sliding onto your forehead. Casual and easy.

2. Long Black Hair with Bangs

If you are blessed with such silky straight long hair this hairdo is perfect for you. Bangs can be subtly cut crossing the brow line to frame the face. Use hair serum or spray for extra shine.

3. Short Hair with Bangs for Black Woman

A blunt bang with short hair can create a striking look. This is made even bolder by the bright beach color. Make sure to trim the right length of hair to highlight the best feature of your face. Use flat iron and hairspray to shape it neatly before going out.

4. Shoulder Length Afro Bangs

Bring out your inner rockstar with this effortless free-flowing mid-length bang haircut. The bangs are mostly straight and equal to the eye line, long enough to flex without any fuss. You can cut some extra layers near the cheekbone that will add extra volume.

5. Bob with Bangs

Chin grazing bob and front bangs can be a wining combo. This hairstyle helps to slim down your face by hiding extra weight near your jawline and cheekbone area. Visit your hairdresser in every six weeks for regular trim to keep it neat.

6. Black Teen Girl With Bun and Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect on long summer days. Pull the hair all way up to the top center and tuck with an elastic or chunky ribbon. Leave some sidelight tendrils around the bangs. Don’t bother if it gets messy because messy is the new trend nowadays.

Isn’t black hair with bangs fun? There are more for you!

7. Black Braid with Bangs

African black hair braiding is way too popular now. This hairdo is so versatile you can wear as high ponytail, updo, side wrapped braids , twisted rope braid, cornrowed buns, even leaving it on its own. The front fringe adds extra ooze bringing a major flirty vibe. You can pick colored extensions for extra bling. What’s up, Rockstar?

8. Pixie with Bangs For Dark Skin

Getting inspo from pop icon Miley Cyrus, this pixie with side bangs is for fashion forward ladies. Cut an asymmetrical pixie match it with the bangs. You can choose a sharp neat undercut on one side which will display your classy impression. Go for a warm vivid balayage that will offer a bulkier illusion. Easy to maintain; perfect for ladies with active lifestyle.

8.Top Bun with Bangs for Black Hair

Top bun with bangs can be a bold move. Twist all the hairs on center top leaving no bumps and tuck it with elastics and bobby pins. Let your spikey bangs cover a large area of your face that will be extra fun. This can change your whole appearance dramatically. Ready to walk on office hallways or after work parties. You will be today’s center of attention.

10. Side Bangs with Black Hair

Tousled side fringe with stepped layer in black hair is super chic and feminine. Bangs add symmetry in our whole image formation, especially versatile side bangs.

They add symmetry starting at the cheekbone, and also help to elongate face by covering high forehead. Mist with hairspray for an extra stay in position. You also can play up the look by choosing warm highlights.

11. Curly Hair with Bangs for Black Girl

There is a myth that curly hair is never meant to wear bangs. We strongly oppose! Despite of getting unmanageable or dry sometimes curly hair can be look fabulous with bangs. A mid length shag with eyebrow grazing bangs is top-heavy style nowadays. This wet-look stunning ringlets adds extra dimension on your hair. Spritz a bit shine serum if your strands get frizzy.

12. Wavy Black Hair with Bangs

To recreate this half up half down look first make a high bun twisting with ribbons. Then flat iron the front fringe, apply hair spray to keep it in position. Rest of the strands can be leave as it is or you can curl it up. This vintage hairdo is perfect for gala nights or house festivals.

13. Black Straight Hair with Bangs

We consider this most phenomenal hair cut if you have naturally straight hair. Opt for super blunt edge bangs slightly touching your eyelashes. Trim the rest of the hair as per length you want. Wear them in ponytails, braids or comber all the way over. Easy to maintain, perfect for any occasions. Don’t miss out regular trims.

14. Black Hair with Thin Bangs

Subtle and classy. Lightly-feathered whispy bangs can be a great choice if you have thin hair. This bangs easily disguise wide forehead and add bounce in hair every movement. Effortlessly cool and easy to upkeep.

15. Weave Hair with Bangs for Black Woman

Weave hairstyles protect your natural hair from constant iron, blow-dry and all those harsh effects. Though it needs little more upkeep but it will give what you always longed for. A metallic vibrant tone and heavy dramatic bangs can be a bold contrast and highly alluring. Such a sophisticated style!

16. Black Hair with Bangs and Highlights

Highlights need to be pair well with bangs for best results. This haircut is for ladies who are daring and want to take a risk. That asymmetrical bob is absolutely appealing.

Also the platinum blonde highlight on bangs is super delicate. You can choose between near shades like auburn brown or copper blonde for your deepest brunette hair. You can wear it side-swept or casual front. Spritz hairspray for extra stay on.

17. Black Hair with Side Swept Bangs

No wonder side-swept bangs are so versatile that they can be worn at various lengths on any skin tone. It goes well with the face and adds volume to cover a high forehead and softens the jawline, giving the face a cascading look.

You cut it into several layers for more dimensions. If side-parting are more stubborn you can switch curling it up a little or use hairspray.

18. Black Layered Hair with Bangs

Layered haircut fits all lengths and shapes of hairs, also doesn’t require more frequent upkeeps as it grows on its own. Inward long eyelash-grazing bangs paired up with collarbone length is ultra-crisp. It looks voluminous in every choppy layers. This precise cut can be extra spiced up with deep rooted caramel balayage.

19. Sew In Hair with Bangs for Black Woman

With proper upkeep and maintenance, sew in can be an excellent style that you’ve always wished for. Try out this sleek and straight blunt haircut, which can make a major comeback.

Upgrade it with ombre or subtle balayage according to your black hair and skin tone. Just remember wrap your hair each night and spray hair serum before outing.

20. Blunt Cut with Bangs for Black Hair

If you have naturally fine hair opt for this sharp straight bob with beautifully crafted blunt bangs. Following the cheekbones this bangs balance out extra weight on face and allows maximum fullness. You can accessorize it with floral scarfs or ribbons.

As you can see, afro bangs are undeniably versatile and customizable. Consider these if you want to make a fresh start this season. Black hair is the most admired hair texture by professional hairdressers, as are bangs. This classic combination has ruled the western fashion world since the 1920s and is still not outdated.

We have unique hairstyles and tips for every hair texture. You just have to do some work to pick up what suits you the most.

So, next time you thinking of getting dolled up for any gala event come scroll through this blog again and hope you will get your new look.