24 Wispy Bangs Ideas That’ll Suit Any Taste

Wispy bangs are softer than a regular fringe, and they can enhance your overall image and vibe and correct some unwanted face features.

Also, wispy bangs are just what you need when dealing with a longer face that you need to shorten. If you need a perfect illusion, here it is! You will want a longer fringe because it will trick the eye into thinking the face is not as long as before.

So, instead of cutting the bangs above the eyebrows, keep in mind that anything that goes below them would be great.

Because oval faces are considered the most feminine, this will be your goal: to make those perfect features by using the proper fringe cut when getting bangs.

How to Style Wispy Bangs

In the article below, we’ll teach you how to cut and wear the wispy bangs and how to arrange this particular fringe to suit your attitude and lifestyle.

 1. Long Wispy Bangs

As a woman with a large forehead, you have a lot of lengths to cover, and you certainly need long wispy bangs that will flatter you a lot. You can also play with the corners of the fringe, making them longer, but this is not necessarily. However, it will definitely look cute.

2. Wispy Bangs Short Hair

A longer fringe is highly recommended for women with oblong faces. Also, if you have a fine hair type, by going for such a wonderful fringe you’ll build a romantic chick look.

3. Wispy Bangs Medium Length Hair

Like any other type of bangs, wispy baangs require commitment and almost daily styling. Whether you will need to create a bump or straighten them, make sure that you’re using a heat protection product if you plan to place heated curling or straightening devices on your strands.

4. Wispy Side Bangs

Wispy bangs don’t necessarily need to cover the full forehead. They are so versatile and even if the are perfect for women with oblong faces, they can flatter almost everybody. If you want a little bit of sass, you can slightly style them on one side.

5. Thin Wispy Bangs

As a girl with thin or fine hair, see-through bangs can be the solution for you. They won’t fully cover the forehead and they go adorably with loose curls. If you know your hair can’t hold a curl, use hairspray that will preserve the waves for the whole day.

6. Thick Wispy Bangs

Wispy, thick bangs will accentuate the jawline and the cut will make the hair look thinner. And since you have such a thick hair, you can afford that look. They are also perfect for those days when you want a day without a fringe, mostly because you can easily blend them.

7. Wispy Bangs Round Face

Wispy bangs are not necessarily the best choice if you have a round face because they tend to make it even rounder. When having such a face shape, you need to make the face look thinner and wispy bangs don’t really help you counter that shape.

8. Wispy Bangs for Oval Face

As we previously mentioned, oval faces are the goal for each and every woman. So if you happen to have it, you don’t have to think twice when getting wispy bangs because they will absolutely flatter you.

9. Wispy Bangs Square Face

As a woman with a square face, you need to add some softness and wispy bangs will give you not just that. If you also opt for an ashy blonde color, layers and waves, the fringe will have the desired effect.

10. Wispy Bangs Long Face

Wispy Bangs Long Face


Wispy bangs are never out of style, especially because they are so soft, and suitable for all face shapes. But when you have an oblong face shape, they become a must.

11. Bob with Wispy Bangs

Such a short bob hairstyle with wispy bangs has a retro yet very feminine touch. If you are one of those girls who adore glamorous hairdos, don’t overthink the chance; they will look marvelous on you.

12. Korean Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs can take various shapes and sizes and probably one of the most requested is the one with longer strands in the corners of the forehead. It is modern and stars like Selena Gomez love showing it out.

13. Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Pixie bangs are low-maintenance and so fresh! If you want a slightly one sided fringe, you can also make it look wispy. Sport an undercut if you fancy those badass rebel looks.

14. Shag with Wispy Bangs

Shags have loads of layers and, most of the time, are shorter in front and with more length in the back. Wispy bangs will work hand in hand with the shag, especially if you adore messy looks.

15. Wispy Bangs with Glasses

These wispy bangs should be shorter than usual because you don’t want them to interfere with the glasses. Instead of keeping them covering the eyebrows, cut them just above. Get a balayage and add the color starting the temple area.

16. Blonde Wispy Bangs

A gorgeous blonde ombre with dark roots will work its magic on the blunt bob and the wispy bangs. The whole cut will create a stunning face frame, especially if the bob reaches the chin line.

17. Layered Hair with Wispy Bangs

Layers can provide more dimension and volume and they will look astonishing with some wispy bangs. If you have fair skin, you might consider getting a honey blonde hair color to light up the face and look.

18. Wispy Bangs Straight Hair

Large foreheads can be easily covered with a long wispy fringe. You will also divert all the attention on those rich, perfectly trimmed strands by choosing a long straight haircut.

19. Wispy Bangs Over 50

Even if you’re in your 50’s, you can still pull off a chic wispy fringe that will make you feel cool and fresh. Get an ahy sandy glamorous blonde to match your gorgeous blue eyes and here you have an angelic look that will turn all the heads.

20. Wispy Bangs Curly Hair

Who said wispy bangs need to be long? Yes, they are often used to cover a large forehead but that doesn’t mean they don’t suit all face shapes. Go for dark roots that turn into copper at the ends and use some foam to maintain that curl and bounce.

21. Wispy Bangs Black Hair

One of the best things about wispy bangs is their capacity of styling: wear them spread on the forehead or use the fringe to create a gorgeous curl or wave for a more elegant glammy look.

22. Wispy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs create a small gap in the center of the forehead and are quite chic and romantic in 2023. They can also be styled in various ways by totally flipping them on one side or creating a larger gap. It all depends on the look you want to pull off.

23. Wispy Angled Bangs

Wispy fringes will not only cover the unwanted large forehead, but they will create an impressive illusion by drawing the accent on the eyes and lips. Frame the face by styling longer strands on the sides.

24. Wispy Bangs Ponytail

When you don’t use wispy bangs to cover the forehead, you can style them with a high half up half down hairstyle. Go for a pony on top and wave the mane to give your strands more bounce and gorgeous shine.

Wispy bangs have a soft touch and are feathered at the ends, making them the perfect tool to cover large foreheads for long or heart-shaped faces.

After all, bangs are a perfect illusion and the best way to draw away the attention from those particular features that you find too prominent. But before you make the cut, make sure you know what face shape you have and adapt the wispy bangs to it.