21 Winning Looks With Bangs for Thin Hair

If you want a hairstyle that makes your thin hair look fantastic you should definitely try bangs. You can tousle your fringe and nobody will notice your struggles with this mane type.

Bangs for thin hair can be easily mixed with curly or straight hair, short or long haircuts, it’s totally your choice. Below are some of our favorite bangs hairstyles for women with thin hair.

1. Bangs for Fine Hair and Big Forehead

When you have a big prominent forehead all you want is to find the best way to cover it. Bangs are ideal for this situation! Keep them at the eyebrow line and create some easy curls for your waves. This way you will ad loads of dimension to your locks.


2. Medium Length Thin Hair with Bangs

When you have thin hair, all you want for your locks is volume. A beautiful grain blonde ombre will define each thread and your bangs will gorgeously frame your face.


3. Thin Long Hair with Bangs

Give your hair texture with some beautiful dark blonde highlights for the tips of your hair. If you want to give volume to the upper part, consider see-threw bangs cut in a straight line.


4. Short Thin Hair with Bangs

If you have a square face shape consider getting a pixie haircut with bangs that cover a big part of your forehead. To make it look outstanding, go fore some blonde honey highlights.


5. Side Bangs for Thin Hair

Dark brown hair does a great job when it comes to framing your face. If you have thin hair you can create some bangs that you can swipe on one side.


6. Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

If you create an inverted bob, make sure you also get a fringe that is above your eyebrows. A blonde platinum color will suit you like a glove.


7. Layered Bangs for Thin Hair

When it comes to thin hair, layering is the main key to give your locks volume and texture. Create a blonde ombre and tousle your fringe a little bit.


8. Thin Curly Hair with Bangs

A long curly bob is always a good option if you want to give your riglets an outstanding shape. They will be bouncy, well defined and your bangs will help you get a beautiful face frame.


9. Bangs for Thin Straight Hair

By using an electric color for your bangs you will not only draw attention to your gorgeous hairstyle but you will also make your hair look thicker. Split your hair in two parts, one dye it in a turquoise color and the other a black color. For an even more outstanding effect, create a few purple highlights on one side.


10. Bangs for Thin Hair and Round Face

See throw bangs are the best option if you are struggling with thin hair. Tousle them on your forehead and your hair will look like it has more volume.


11. Bangs For Long Face with Thin Hair

If you have a long face, bangs are a real aid! Keep your hair long and use a curling iron to make some curls. You don’t want them tight so comb them a little. Your hair will have such volume!


12. Bangs for Thin Hair and Oval Face

Hair that goes near your shoulders mixed with some straight-line bangs that barely cover your face will give the impression of a thinner face.


13. Bangs for Very Thin Hair

Create various updos for your hair and let your fringe loose. Split it in two and tousle it all over your forehead. You’ll get an elegant look that everybody will adore, especially you!


14. Bangs For Thin Black Hair

Curls and bags go hand in hand if all you want is to give your hair lots of dimensions. Keep your locks long and use a curling iron to make them bouncy.


15. Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair

When it comes to thin hair, you need to create loads of layers. This way your hair will cascade to your shoulders and it will have so much volume. For a mesmerizing appearance, split your bangs into two parts.


16. Thin Hairstyle with Bangs for Woman Over 50

When you get older, your hair not only tends to lose its pigment but it also starts to fall. If you have thin hair, get a bob hairstyle and keep your bangs short, on your forehead.


17. Lob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Use a straightening iron to make your hair look flawless. Let your bangs to slightly cover your eyebrows and you’ll obtain a fantastic look.


18. Pixie with Bangs for Thin Hair

If you love hair that looks textured and messy, dye your hair in a dark color. For your fringe, use the opposite, a beautiful platinum blonde shade. The contrast will be mesmerizing.


19. Side Swept Bangs for Thin Hair

Get yourself a medium bob hairstyle and dye your locks in a bright beautiful auburn color. Create some cascade bangs and some easy waves to give your bangs the volume you craved for.


20. Updos for Thin Hair with Bangs

If you have very thin hair you can also use some faux bangs to cover your forehead. Create a big bun on top of your head and clip your bangs so that they can reach your eyebrows.


21. Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair

These wispy bangs go hand in hand with your long healthy locks. Cut your fringe in longer and shorter pieces in order to obtain the wispy effect.

Layers are definitely your best friends when you have thin hair. They give your locks dimension and you will adore your look. Curls can also make real magic when it comes to helping your hair get that volume you always craved for. Which is the best hairstyle with bangs that you saw?