18 Best Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

Need some tips on how to manage bangs for a square face? This article here is going to outline some of the best hairstyles which will work for your unique face shape! Face shapes play a big part in how a hairstyle would eventually turn out, which is why you need to take it into consideration when you’re choosing a new hairstyle.


Various Ways to Wear Bangs for Square Faces

Whether you are going for a short, medium or long hair length, there are still ways to wear bangs in a way that will suit your square face. Take a look at some of the hairstyles below for inspiration!

1. Long Hair with Bangs for Square Face

Instead of having blunt bangs, your bangs can fan out a little from the middle to look like you have wider, rounder bangs. Your long curls can wrap around your face to complement your high cheekbones and sharper jawbones.


2. Short Hair with Bangs for Square Face

If you do go for blunt bangs, you can have them just around your eyebrow levels.  Loose curls which curl around the sharper features on your face will also make your face look smaller.


3. Medium Hair with Bangs for Square Face

You can spice up your hairstyle with some colors. One way that you can do this is by leaving your bangs in your natural hair color, while dyeing the hair on all the other sides.


4. Korean Bangs for Square Face

Korean bangs are more sparse compared to the usual bangs that you see on Westerners. This would give your hairstyle a more airy or light appearance. A great look for someone who doesn’t want their hair to look too thick!


5. Square Face Woman with Side Swept Bangs

Your bangs with square face look doesn’t need to always feature the same style! As an example, some sideswept bangs will create more dynamics in your hairstyle.


6. Bangs for Short Forehead and Square Face

Most of us have different hairlines and that’s fine! You can still have your bangs cut and segmented in a layered look to frame your face.


7. Bangs for Square Face and Big Forehead

The secret to making your forehead look smaller when it comes to bangs for square faces is to use airy, wispy bangs. These bangs will give a layered appearance and frame your face to make it look a little rounder overall.


8. Side Bangs for Square Face

Need more different styles for your bangs? How about some side bangs? You’ll want to grow out the ends of your bangs a little, especially around the sides. Your bangs will look much more natural with this trick!


9. Curly Bangs for Square Face

If you have never considered curly bangs before, you should! Curly bangs can easily help you cover up your forehead. If left to grow longer, it can also become side bangs, albeit being on the curly side.


10. Bangs for Wavy Hair and Square Face

Bangs are kind of the only way to get your hair looking a little more straightened if you have naturally wavy or slightly curly hair. It’s a good look for anyone looking for a medium length hair too!


11. Bangs for Square Face with Glasses

In case you haven’t noticed, glasses are great accessories to complement your bangs for a square face! It covers up any possibly awkward gaps that appear between the ends of your bangs and your eyebrows, and if you are wearing big glasses, it will also make your face look smaller!


12. Bangs for Chubby Square Face

Another trick to cover up your square-ish face is by having longer hair which covers the edges of your face. Having thicker hair would make this easier, but it’s not a necessity! Light curls can also do the same wonder for thinner hair.


13. Bangs for Square Shaped Face Woman with Fine Hair

Even on thin hair, bangs for square face can work wonderfully if its layered or puffed out just right. Some light curls on your bangs will give it a thicker appearance.


14. Thick Hair with Bangs for Square Face

Naturally, thick-haired ladies will find themselves with thick bangs. Imagine all the ways that you can style your bangs when you have thick hair!


15. Bob with Bangs for Square Face

Bobs are a very straightforward hairstyle! As such, it’s no surprise that the accompanying bangs are also very casual and simple – no extravagant styles included.


16. Curtain Bangs for Square Face

Curtain bangs work best on wavy hair. If you can manage to get your curtain bangs to curl out where the rest of your hair starts to curl as well, it would make your hairstyle look more natural and neat.


17. Layered Hairstyle with Bangs for Square Face

A layered look is always the go-to hairstyle when you want to hide the shape of your face. Whether you have a round face or a square face, bangs surrounded by a layered bob will frame your face structure perfectly.


18. Blunt Cut with Bangs for Square Face

Your bangs for a square face doesn’t need to be as blunt as the rest of your blunt bob. If you snip your bangs in a slightly layered style, you’ll make your hairstyle look a little more complex than it really is.


Are you convinced that bangs for square face can work for you? We hope that this list has shown you some examples of how you can recreate a hairstyle featuring bangs for yourself!