Side Swept Bangs: 25 Gorgeous Ideas for 2024

Want an easy way to spice up your look? Side swept bangs suit any hairstyle and any face shape. They are extremely chic and stylish, and of course, versatile. Bangs remain a favorite for celebrities, especially in a red-carpet look. Whether it’s thick side fringe a-la Emma stone or wispy bangs like Taylor Swift, face-framing layers are the key to highlight your face. 

This hairstyle is achieved with a side part, with the hair framing your face. Layers can be added for a nice touch, the style may depend on your hair’s thickness, length, and finish. If you’re already bored with your current hairstyle, why not try a change? For hair inspiration, here are 25 looks for side-swept bangs that will make other people’s heads turn!

1. Long Side Swept Bangs

This style looks great in long, layered hair. A natural part far to one side makes it easier to maintain but isn’t necessary to gain this sultry look. Caramel touches of highlights in chestnut hair make this look even sexier.

2. Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs

You can work these bangs into a huge variety of hairstyles for short hair. Whether a bob or a pixie cut, these bangs look great on all of them. A short curly look with these bangs works great as well.

3. Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Like the styling above, a bob looks absolutely perfect with side swept bangs. Working these bangs into the cut make it less severe and structured, keeping you looking soft and carefree without sacrificing any style.

4. Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Pixie cuts look especially cute with longer side bangs added in. They give a touch of femininity and allure to your look. Want to go for the fairy look? Try adding a couple of braids with your bangs.

5. Side Swept Bangs Curly Hair

Curly hair can work great with this hairstyle without turning into a frizzy mess. Keeping curly hair bangs a little longer lends some weight as well, so they’ll lie against your face instead of just popping out to the side.

6. Side Swept Bangs Wavy Hair

This style looks adorable on wavy hair. If you’re lucky to have this naturally, you get the wavy, beachy, tousled look without much effort. Throwing in a bit of asymmetry with it can give you more of a devil-may-care look.

7. Side Swept Bangs with Layers

When done correctly, a layered hairstyle combined with this can look perfect on any length of hair. The key here is layering and working those bangs into the rest of the hairstyle. Keep the bangs short for a younger look.

8. Side Swept Bangs Ponytail

Show off your youthful vigor with a thick cut of side swept bangs coupled with a long ponytail. This look goes great with several personal styles, and everywhere from a day at the beach to an afternoon in autumn.

9. Blunt Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Curb the severity of a blunt bob with a soft layering of this style that adds allure and mystery to your face. Short enough to be off your shoulders, but still long enough to put in a spiky ponytail.

10. Blonde Side Swept Bangs

Blonde Side Swept Bangs


This hairstyle gives every blonde hair a princess look. Some subtle highlights can also bring shine and pop to your skin, using your hair color to bring out your natural bright tones and keeping you from looking wan or pasty.     

11. Side Swept Bangs for Square Face

This style is perfect for square faces as they add some softness to the sharp lines of the face and curve along the forehead. If you have a square face, go for longer bangs that graze your eyebrows.

12. Side Swept Feathered Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for thick, curly hair. Show off just a touch of curl in your bangs while still giving the allure to shadowing part of your face. These bangs are sure to draw some eye to your curls.

13. Half Updo with Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

A gorgeous, elegant look for many occasions, this type of hairstyle is quite popular for formal events like proms and weddings. This is a great opportunity to play with some height and body in the updo as well.

14. Asian Side Swept Bangs

Asian hair goes perfectly well with these side swept bangs. The straight, not-too-thin not-too-thick Asian hair can be easily manipulated into the perfect shape for any face, highlighting the cheekbones and mouth for a cute look.

15. Black Hair Side Swept Bangs

Black hair is a great candidate for this hairstyle, easily holding shape and being the perfect thickness. Plus this look can be worn straight or curly, long or short, depending on the face type, and it will always look great.

16. Side Swept Bangs Small Forehead

Having a shorter forehead doesn’t rule bangs out for you, or mean that you have to wear your bangs like Bettie Page. Using short, choppy bangs on a smaller forehead can draw attention to the rest of your facial features.

17. Side Swept Bangs with Glasses

This style looks amazing with glasses on all types of haircuts and facial structures. One of the benefits of wearing glasses is you can use them to tuck your bangs out of your eyes when necessary.

18. Side Swept Braid Bangs

To look glamorous and adorable at the same time, try this hairstyle. Using a small French braid that leads to one side of your face, this style makes an elegant updo for your bangs for all sorts of occasions.

19. Thick Side Swept Bangs

Thick or coarse hair doesn’t have to shy away from side swept bangs. With the right cut, this style can look beautiful and fun on thick hair. Keeping them longer with regular trimming cuts down on split ends.

20. Fine Hair Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are a go-to for many haircuts and styles for fine hair. They will easily hold their shape with just a touch of hairspray (or sometimes nothing at all) and can give you a wispy, romantic look.

21. Emo Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

This is the perfect hairstyle for an emo look. Keeping them long and choppy is great for covering the face and working in any kind of color or lighting. They’ll always cover the face when you lean forward as well.

22. Choppy Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks amazing with highlighted hair worked in strategic places. This is an easy maintenance hairstyle that can look great either left alone or even swept up in a jiffy with some bobby pins.

23. Shaggy Side Swept Bangs

This is a great style for thick or coarse curly hair. A shaggy, layered cut with side swept bangs will reduce severity in the face and always keep you looking young and ready for fun.

24. Bun with Side Swept Bangs

A sleek updo in the form of a bun can look amazing with this style. Perfect for a formal event, this look can also be used every day as a quick and easy go-to when you’re feeling lazy.

25. Sew in Weave with Side Swept Bangs

A sew-in weave can be a beautiful opportunity for this hairstyle. The bangs can be formed to perfectly match your face, and adding a braid gives it a subtle touch of style while being functional at the same time.

Side swept bangs are a recurring trend, it never goes out of style. If you wanna level up your look for the year 2021, try these hairstyles and go out of your comfort zone! It’s one of those classic, versatile, and hip styles that will match your personality. You can wear it through a fancy side wave, or simply straight — your hair, your choice. As they say, flirty and feminine bangs make a woman look more lustrous and elegant, allowing you to look your very best!