25 Ways to Sport Side Bangs for a Flattering Look (2023 Guide)

Most women don’t like their hair funky, which makes them feel edgy. On the other hand, we also want to look stylish, trendy, cute, and confident. The best solution for girls like us is side bangs. It’s pretty convenient to maintain.

Side bangs are great because they don’t require a lot of extra styling when you’re heading out for a party or any occasion. Plus, they’re perfect for those of us who like to keep things simple and low maintenance.

The second thought that pops into our mind before hairdressing is the cost and befitting. Though the cost varies from place to place, it’s around 10$ to 15$, which can be considered the average price for a haircut. Its classic look blends every outfit, every occasion, and almost all shapes of the face. There have been many relapsed hairstyles throughout history. But the side bangs are still in vogue.

Find your favorite style from our list of 25 ways to wear side bangs in 2023.

1. Bob with Side Bangs

Just a plain bob may seem dull. So at most, shaking your hair a bit with side bangs going down towards the side of the face. Side-swept short layered fall diagonal to one side of the face, giving you a classic and elegant look that never fades away.

A fusion of bob and side bangs blends with women of any age, and it is super easy to maintain. That also cuts the cost of the salon.

2. Long Hair with Side Bangs

If you own long, beautiful hair, which you don’t want to sacrifice but bore you to tears while styling. Then chop your front portion of hair in layering without a second thought.

Long hair with side bangs easily finds your feet with every hair styling from lounging to updos.

3. Short Hair with Side Bangs

Today’s craze in vogue is short hair. But you may get pondered how to style with short hair in any textures you own. The easy solution is to cut your hair with layered bangs that go down towards the side of the face. It gives you a classy, trendy as well as cute look.

4. Side Bangs Medium Hair

A side bang is ideal for medium hair length for an easy go lucky look. With side fringe in mid-length hair, you can do a lot of styles. Even when you remain your hair open, you wouldn’t have to worry about your look because this asymmetrical layered would stand by.

5. Ponytail with Side Bangs

There would be days when you feel like tying your hair up like a classic pony, then a tiny layer upon your forehead never makes you look bland. Alike going to the gym or under the sun, a ponytail with bangs will give you a simply gorgeous look.

6. Layered Hair with Side Bangs

You can make loads of hairstyling with layered and with some bangs. It will give you a new dimension and make your hair pops. What’s more, layered hair with side bangs gives the appearance of more volume to your hair.

7. Side Bangs Curly Hair

Many curly hair women are afraid to do any front hairstyle. Keep the natural structure of your hair, creating see-thew bangs that slightly cover your eyebrows. You can customize the fringe length according to your face shape or choice.

This styling gives you a variety of looks, from messy to romantic.

8. Straight Hair with Side Bangs

Those who have straight hair without any texture like wavy or curl know how much trouble is required to tame and manipulate. In that case, just cut one side of your face in layers and see the dramatic appearance. It opens a vast growth experience to style your hair.

9. Bun with Side Bangs

There are different types of buns to do your hair. But without side bangs, it is flat. With changing the bun according to the circumstances like workplace or night party, side bangs also should be changed in length and number of layers.

10. Wispy Side Bangs

Wispy bangs cover your portion of the forehead like light feathers. So it is an advantage for longer shape face to seem short. For thin hair, it’s a great solution to freshen things up like tousle or pop style.

11. Side Bang Sew in

Hair extension is sewn to your existing hair for those who do not become familiar with sewing in then. It is sewn to your braid or then sewn through it. Its advantage is you can go fringing to any hairstyle with it. You can moderate this style differently, leaving some of your front hair out or full head sew-in.

12. Side Bangs for Round Face

Whether you have long hair or short, side bangs can mingle with any length. The fringe angle layering down to the ear gives you an oval-shaped face. It can be a go-to hairstyle for a round face.

13. Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs

Pixie hair cut is short on the back and sides of the head. If you want a voluminous look on your pixie, keep it a little longer to create a bang. The length of bangs may vary with the kind of fairy. That makes you look edgy and trendy.

14. Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

If you hold wavy hair, you are born under a lucky star. Voluminous wavy hair gets extra dimension when it fuses with side bangs. The fringe length depends on the hair length and face shape.

Wavy Hair with Side Bangs style makes you pretty and a princess in a fairy tale.

15. Side Bang Braid

Braided bangs radiate an aesthetic vibe to your style and are much more suitable for daywear like a picnic. It’s not that tough to create. You can braid the entire loose front portion if your bangs are a bit long or can also be left with small layered hair onto the forehead.

16. Side Bangs for Kids

Most mothers would go for easy maintenance and an on-trend and classy hairstyle for their little princess. Side-swept bangs are perfect for this purpose. It’s easily adaptable with a ponytail, bob cut, braided and all types of styles, even any textured hair like wavy or straight.

17. Emo Side Bangs

If you are an up-to-date person, you obviously know that side bangs with emo cut take the trend by storm. This hair cut holds plenty of sharp fringes like layers that create a bold and rock look. Bangs with emo are just two sides of the same coin.

18. Thick Side Bangs

If you like your hair up then, thick side bangs are splendid. You also slay with the look wavy hair with thick bangs. But it is perfectly suitable for those with good hair density. Luckily, if you are one of those people, you make a carefree and romantic style.

19. Side Bangs for Thin Hair

Girls with thin hair have difficulties making style, wondering how to cut bangs as it lacks volume. But side bangs with thin hair go perfectly fine with every hair length. Just keep in mind that, while cutting, take a small section from the front side that can cover ¼ of your forehead.

20. weave with side bangs

Weave with side bangs are light and easy to maintain. Plus you can have more options to create the exact look you want from textured to slight texture or straight. Bang is at attention area whatever cut you have done. A little advice is that before taking a weave make sure it suits your face shape and personality.

21. Blunt Cut with Side Bangs

Blunt hair cut is typically straight across the end of the hair without any layers. You can have neck length to long blunt crossing your shoulder. If you have a shoulder-length blunt, go for side bangs. In long straight blunt hair, side-swept can be a cute go-to style. With wavy hair, this style also gives you an artistic vibe.

22. Feathered Side Bangs

How a feather cut can change your look, you won’t imagine without trying it out. It gives you a soft and younger look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the thickness of your hair because it keeps the texture smooth and works with a thin portion of the hair. It is suitable for all types of hair.

23. Korean Side Bangs

Korean side bang is not heavy; they are whispy type. To have it after sectioning medium portion hair that’s not much thick. Then cut one portion chin length and another chunk of hair middle of the lip. Then front portion is cut at an angle to create a diagonal line. For round shape face like Korean, it looks super cute and natural.

24. Side Bangs with Black Hair

Black hair looks stunning with side bangs from different dimensions. Shoulder length, medium-length roller set, collar bone length bob, Medium-Length Layered and so on. There is no place to hold boredom, for not having blonde side fringes can transform you into a new versatile, impressive woman.

25. Long Side Swept Bangs Short Hair

This haircut is super stylish, slims down your cheeks, and shows off your chin and neck. Side-swept add volume to your hair and set it teasing crown. Front chopped cut with short hair in the back will always frame your face well.

Side bang hairstyle is a kind of evergreen haircut that never loses its appetite. It’s a simply gorgeous haircut that suits a wide range of hairstyling and hair type. You may have different textures or types of hair still, you can go for a side bang.