20 of The Cutest Bangs for Oval Face

Bangs for oval face make real miracles when it comes to making your forehead look smaller. When we are talking about oval faces, the chin tends to be much smaller than the forehead and you want to fix this problem.

Bangs hairstyles for oval face can come in many shapes: in a straight line or longer on sides or even flipped on one part. Either way, you will easily frame your face in a gorgeous way and instantly adore your new look.

1. Bangs for Oval Face and Big Forehead

If you can’t get a proper haircut because your big forehead gets in the way, try getting yourself some bangs that will totally fix the problem. Keep your fringe dense and in a straight line and choose a ginger blonde color for your hair. You can also create some wide curls and add a flower tiara for a beautifully romantic look.


2. Side Bangs For Oval Face

An oval face can be easily framed with a long haircut and side bangs. Your locks should be a little bit longer than your shoulder line. Choose a grain brown color and get some bangs. Flip them on one side and create some blonde highlights on top of your head.


3. Haircut With Bangs And Layers For Oval Face

A long oval face can look so much better if you choose a long hairstyle with bangs that are longer on sides. Keep them just above your eyebrows. For the rest of your hair, choose a dark color that will highlight your other facial features and get some layers to give your hair volume.


4. Long Hair With Bangs For Oval Face

When you have very long hair, but struggle with an oval face, get some bangs that go just about your eyebrows. If you want a romantic beautiful look, split your hair into two parts and create two braids on both sides.


5. Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

Struggling with a prominent forehead? You can make it look smaller with some short bangs. They don’t need to cover all of your forehead, they will do their job even if they’re shorter. This way you will highlight your eyebrows so make sure that they have a perfect shape. For the rest of your hair, you can choose a medium length hairstyle, layer your locks and create a red ombre.


6. Short Hair For Oval Face With Bangs

You can also get a nice beautiful effect when it comes to making your face look smaller, by choosing a short bob bangs hairstyle for oval face. Create some bangs and keep your hair near the chin line. For the tips, you can make it look fantastic if you choose to dye them in a pale turquoise color.


7. Bangs For Oval Face And Fine Hair

For this hairstyle, you can use to create some extended bangs that go near your ears. That’s right, create some bangs that cover only half of your forehead and extend them. Dye your fringe in a silver color and for the rest of your hair, create a silver ombre. You can also make some easy curls to make your fine hair look spectacular.


8. Bangs For Oval Face And Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and love unusual hairstyles, create some dreadlocks! Spare your fringe! You need to dye your hair in a dark color so that it will frame your face nicely. For the tips of your hair you cand use another color such as a pale silver. Tie a knot on the top of your head and cut your thick fringe near your eyebrows.


9. Wavy Hair Bangs For Oval Face

Are you searching for a romantic look? In this case, this hairstyle with bangs is perfect for you! Layer your locks and create some easy waves. Let them fall in a cascade on your back and chest. Choose a warm chestnut color and create some bangs that will make your face look less oval.


10. Curly Bangs

Use your short curly hair into your advantage in order to make your face look less oval. Play with the dimension. create a layered haircut with short bangs and you’ll have the effect you desire. This curly bangs haircut will amazingly frame your face and you will look gorgeous!


11. Face Framing Bangs

These bangs are perfect for framing. Make them short but let them cover your forehead. Tousle them a little bit and keep them longer on sides. For this hairstyle, you can pin your hair in a messy ponytail and you’ll get a look that you can choose for any occasion.


12. Bangs For Oval Face And Big Nose

When you have an oval face and a big nose, try to draw attention to something else. Choose a hairstyle that gives your hair dimension and loads of volume and you’ll easily solve the problem. Create some bangs that cover your forehead and choose a medium bob haircut. An ombre will give your hair a lot of texture and you will adore your new look.


13. Blunt Bangs For Oval Faces

Blunt bangs are perfect for women with big foreheads or oval faces. They beautifully tend to frame your face and make you a whole new person. Keep your hair long and let it fall in a cascade on your shoulders. You can choose a blonde ginger color and make some easy waves to make this hairstyle look even cooler.


14. Bob With Bangs

This amazing bob haircut for oval faces is perfect for you, especially if you combine it with bangs. Straighten your hair and bangs to make it look flawless and fill your forehead with your bangs. Keep your fringe longer on sides for a cooler effect.


15. See Through Bangs For Oval Face

Always craved for thick hair but you never had it? You can create some see-throw bangs that can cover your forehead. Keep your hair long, in brown color and lighten your tips a little bit. This hairstyle will beautifully frame your face and you will love the way this new look suits you.


16. Wispy Bangs For Oval Face

Wispy bangs are a good option if you have fine hair but still need to cover your forehead. Cut your hair in a straight bob haircut with bangs and create a pale turquoise ombre. The accent should be on the tips of your hair. Flip some locks on one side and you will get a look that everybody will notice.


17. Bangs For Oval Face And Small Forehead

When having difficulties with an oval face, you need to create a great framing. Start by getting a medium bob hairstyle with short bangs. Keep them in a dark color and create a pink ombre for the rest of your hair. Create some waves and you will adore your new crazy modern look.


18. Baby Bangs For Oval Face

Baby bangs are perfect for any oval face. Cut them very short and keep them in black color. Use a blonde shade only for the tips of your fringe and you’ll get a unique framing. Create some short layers in the top of your head and let the rest of your hair loose and longe, on your shoulders.


19. Bangs For Oval Face And Glasses

These bangs are perfect for oval faces and they look so good if you combine them with a medium bob haircut. These bob bangs are ideal for women who wear glasses!


20. Bangs For Oval Face And Straight Hair

Make your hair look flawless by choosing a straightening iron to add a little bit of glam and shine. For an oval face, some bangs are truly ideal! Let them cover your eyebrows, this way you will cover that prominent forehead and you will get rid of that oval face shape.

Many women have oval faces and don’t know that there are loads of tricks to frame your face and blur those flaws! Bangs are probably the best thing you can get when your forehead is too big.

Why is that? Because they beautifully shape your face and make all those imperfections vanish! Tell us which is the hairstyle you would like to get!