30 Long Hair With Bangs Trending in 2023

Do you feel like your long hair could use an update? Try adding bangs! With so many ways to style them, they’re an easy style update to give your hair without committing to something dramatic.


Long Hair Ideas With Bangs

Whether you have long thin or thick hair, or long curly or straight hair, there’s something for you in bangs. If you need hair inspiration, read on for 30 ways to wear your long hair with bangs.

1. Long Side Bangs

Side bangs on long hair make for a beautiful formal hairstyle when dressed-up with braids or special hair clips. You can also simply leave it down when you’re hanging about town over the weekend.


2. Long Layered with Bangs

The easiest way to give shape to your long hair is to add layers and bangs. Beachy waves will give you beautiful mermaid hair while straight locks can be for the office.


3. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Don’t straighten your curly hair – scrunch it up with mousse or curl creme and let your bangs be the frame for your gorgeous eyes.


4. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

Here, long straight hair with bangs that meet eyebrows gets a truly funky color treatment with green and yellow. Express yourself with your favorite colors to make your style pop on your own terms.


5. Wavy Hair with Short Bangs

If you want the ultimate in edgy haircuts, a long wavy hairstyle with a shaved side and super short straight bangs is for you.


6. Short Bangs and Side Part

Short bangs accompanying long strawberry blonde hair is a nice modern look that’ll look even cuter pinned up on a night out.


7. Long Black Hair with Bangs

Long black locks deserve to be shown off – let them fall over your shoulders in waves while straight bangs meet just above your beautiful eyes.


8. Shaggy Hair with Bangs

Long shaggy haircuts are always a classic option because the way they’re cut offers a built-in low-maintenance style.


9. Wispy Bangs

Whether you have long wavy or long straight locks, wispy bangs are the perfect complement. They’re statement-making without being too dramatic.


10. Long Curtain Bangs

On a long hairstyle with balayage color, curtain bangs make this look sexy and romantic.


11. Lob with Bangs

This straight brunette shoulder-length cut gets a little dimension from a small side bang.


12. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

The blonde babe in you might appreciate a freshen up from straight bangs. Long layers give this haircut a hand in an easy style and help thick hair stay manageable.


13. Round Face with Bangs

If you have a round face, a long hairstyle with layers that feather out and bangs you can easily manipulate is a great style option.


14. Bangs for Square-Shaped Face

For women with square-shaped faces, bangs are the one style trick you can’t ever go wrong with. Keep them long to elongate the face.


15. Brown Hair with Bangs

For kids, a blonde or brunette hairstyle with bangs is super cute and classy. For special occasions, two braids is adorable.


16. Baby Bangs on Long Hair

Not only are baby bangs ultra edgy on a long wavy red hairstyle, but they also come off as soft and a little flirty.


17. Blunt Bangs Long Hair

Ready to make a statement? Thick blunt bangs on a long blue highlighted haircut make a bold one.


18. Choppy Bangs Long Hair

To get choppy bangs, make sure your stylist cuts with the scissors angled down, not straight across. Coupled with wavy caramel locks, choppy fringe is fun and chic!


19. Long Weave with Bangs

Long hair looks even longer with your mane mostly straight and the ends slightly curled. Long straight bangs adds to this dramatic look.


20. Thin Bangs

Do you have fine or thin hair? Waves or curls will help it look fuller while a thin bang won’t overload the look or make it look unbalanced.


21. Thick Bangs for Long Hair

A rich burgundy pairs well with any skin tone while thick bangs on this layered long hairstyle is a cute casual touch.


22. Thick Blunt Bangs

It’s all the rage on runways – this thick blunt bang on a long thin haircut stops right before the eyes and is a total showstopper.


23. long sew-in with bangs

Trying to get longer locks on your already short natural hair? A sew-in is a great option for a fuller look and totally cute with semi-choppy bangs.


24. Long Hair Updo with Bangs

If you have bangs and long hair, throw your hair in a ponytail, a ballerina bun, or a messy braided updo for any casual or fancy look.


25. Feathered Bangs with Long Hair

These side-swept feathered bangs are all about the dramatic flair while a swooped side part that changes to straight locks is the ultimate fashion statement.


26. Colorful Pin-Up

Are you over 50 and looking for a fresh new hairstyle? Wavy pin-up styles are sexy and trendy with an added pop of rich purple.


27. Super Long Straight Bangs

A twisty ballerina bun is the perfect classy going-out hairstyle with super straight long bangs. Keep it frizz and bump-free with hairspray for that sleek look.


28. Platinum Side Part

For long hairstyles, side-swept bangs are a go-to for their sexy-casual look. The mix of straight and wavy locks says you woke up looking this gorgeous.


29. Perm with Bangs

Perms are still popular thanks to their low-maintenance upkeep. Get stunning all-over curls on your long hair complete with curly-Q bangs.


30. Long Ponytail with Bangs

Whip your hair back and forth at your next concert with the girls with this sleek straight pony and long bangs. A lock of hair wraps up this ponytail instead of that old hair tie.

With so many long hairstyles are available with bangs, all you have to do is choose which one best expresses your individuality. Whether it’s choppy, short, blunt, or feathered, the fun part is experimenting and knowing most of these options are versatile and will work with just about any face shape!