15 Trendy Ways to Style Bangs With Small Foreheads

If you’re part of a team that doesn’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair, bangs might be the perfect choice for you. There are plenty of bangs hairstyles that work well for ladies with small foreheads.

Bangs are a versatile haircut that can work for many different face shapes and hair types. Many women with small foreheads don’t want to try bangs because they’re not sure how they’ll look with them. But bangs can actually be a great way to accentuate your facial features and make the most of your best features.

Check out these photos and styling ideas to get an idea of how you can chop your fringe while still looking great with a short forehead.

1. Bangs for Small Forehead and Round Face

The number one purpose for chopping bangs for a round face is to hide the fullness of your face and elongate the face shape. So no sharp straight fringe works for it. Layered bangs are the perfect fit for a round face with a small forehead.

The sides of the bangs are longer than the middle part, and the middle part should cover the eyebrows that accentuate the eyes. This bangs style catches the attention upper part of the face that will balance the roundness of the fringe.

2. Bangs for Long Face and Small Forehead

A long face with a small forehead is called a heptagonal face. It includes a sharp jawline and cheekbones. You have to choose bangs for your heptagonal shape that make your forehead looks wider and smooth jawline.

You can try, like the photo tapered bangs that appeared like blunt bangs with longer sides that gradually go shorter in the middle of the forehead. The center part shouldn’t cover the eyebrows. That makes to look at your forehead a bit longer to match up your long face.

3. Bangs for Square Face with Small Forehead

The square face has a strong, sharp jawline. So you have to choose a bang that blends the sharpness a bit smooth and breaks the harshness of the corners of the chins. Choppy bangs can be a solution to that.

The bangs are straight across and almost complete but with even more choppiness to break them up. This bang goes with any hair texture like a straight, beachy wave or wavy hair. Try to keep the line of the bangs equal to eyebrows. That will balance the small forehead with your square face.

4. Thick Hair Bangs for Small Forehead

A short neck-size bob cut with thick bangs looks super cool and gives a feminine vibe. To do this style, keep your fringe thin and keep the line of the bang just above the eyebrows. It is more suitable if you have straight hair or slightly wavy hair likewise photo. But it has a drawback, if you have really thin hair at the back, it cannot go with the style. You can do this style with any color, but black seems more suitable.

5. Bangs for Thin Hair and Small Forehead

If you consider your hair thin over and above a small forehead to create any bangs, you are totally on the wrong side. Though thin hair is a bit tricky to cut among all hair textures.

There are tons of ideas. One of them is like the photo, seen through a short fringe. That makes your hair look voluminous and full. With the layer of your hair, this goes very well and looks cute. This bang gives the face a soft yet striking frame and adds a soft feather-like fringe.

6. Korean Bangs for Small Forehead

Korean bang has taken the world by storm cause many of us are pretty fans of Korean artists. So it is not going anytime soon. The Korean bang style is feminine and cute looking.

Mainly Koreans pursue the airy bangs or see-through bangs rather than traditional denser bangs. See the photo; Korean airy bangs are not that dense and end just below the eyebrows. It highlights your jawline gives your face an oval shape vibe like Koreans.

7. Side Bangs for Small Forehead

The long side-swept bang shown in the photo is best for your small forehead. It is the most low-maintenance fringe and creates a bendy soft-looking vibe. The side-swept bang for a short forehead should be put down to cheekbones to look cute and highlight the lower portion of your face, and it seems like a kind of oval shape. As the length of the bang is considerable, it makes to look the forehead a bit larger. That’s the magic in here.

8. Curly Bangs for Small Forehead

Curly hair is very tough to maintain. So many curly hair women think bangs are impossible to hold their natural hair. Moreover, if you have a small forehead, it may seem a nightmare to you. But all those are not true at all. You can also have bangs in your curly hair with a short forehead. Mid-length wispy bang until the eyebrows is perfect for a small forehead in curly hair. It makes to look at your lower portion of the face balanced with your forehead.

9. Straight Hair Bangs for Small Forehead

If you have straight hair, then without bangs, it would be felt something is missing. But girls with small foreheads become feel insecure about having bangs. Soft wispy bangs are perfect for small forehead straight hair.

The bangs should be passing the eyebrows and elevate the feature of your face a bit. It’s like a kind of eye-skimming bangs that sometimes feel effing to you. But it looks pretty when you have nice, smooth straight hair. If you can endure this effing thing, then this fringe is just right for your small forehead bangs.

10. Bangs for Small Forehead and Glasses

If you have a small forehead and wear glasses, you have to choose your hairstyle, keeping a few things in mind. Not all types of bangs are fit for your outlook. If you have wavy hair, just straighten the fringe and go for a wispy bang that you have to put the fringe a bit side like a curtain. This bang should be ended just the upper portion of the eyebrows. Though you wear glass and the trim is wispy, not thick, it doesn’t look overpowering. It seems simple but not nerdy at all.

11. Long Hair Bangs for Small Forehead

Arched blunt bangs will be perfect if your hair is long enough and you want to try bangs. The middle part of the bangs will be shorter than both corner sides. The length of the corner sides of the bangs should be down to the eyebrows. Since the fringe is blunt, it adds volume to your hair and gives a cute soft-looking vibe. The structure of your face will be blended with roundness, and the long hair by the side of the face manages the smoothness correctly.

12. Short Hair Bangs for Small Forehead

Bangs can also be blended with short hair. But if you have a small forehead, you can face some difficulties in choosing the right bangs from the millions of bang cuts. With a mullet haircut, a very short baby fringe is perfect to go. It will cut at an angle. Since its length is too short, it makes your forehead look more prominent. This short bang is handsomely textured and adorned with wispy bangs to make the short forehead visually longer.

13. Curtain Bangs for Small Forehead

Textured curtain bangs are suitable for a small forehead. While cutting. Keep your bang side-swept or angled. It helps to counter the small forehead of your face.

It highlights around the forehead area and makes the forehead look a bit bigger because it creates a triangle shape on the forehead, which diffuses the shortness of the forehead and creates an illusion of length. The fringe goes down to your eye and partly covers it to make the upper portion look longer.

14. Shag Hair Bangs for Small Forehead

Shag is a versatile haircut with tons of feathered layers. You may think a bigger forehead can have bang with shag, but it’s totally wrong. A small forehead can also style with shag with bang.

Let’s show you how to do it. The bang should be asymmetrical. Keep the bang less messiness and a bit arched. Both corners go up to eyelash, and the middle center is kept up to eyebrows. It’s more like a see-through blunt and covers your forehead to highlight it.

15. Wispy Bangs for Small Hair

Small hair with a small forehead, an easy solution is a wispy bang. It looks super cute and sashy. Women with fine hair texture can try this bang taking a tiny portion of the hair from the front and chopping it up to eyebrows. This hairstyle for your short forehead highlighted your cheekbones and gave you a soft vibe. It totally blended with your small straight hair.

Many of us feel underestimated and insecure with our small foreheads while chopping the hair, hesitating to go for a bang or not. But here’s already included the solutions of almost all kinds of hairstyle. So just pick one that suits you and give it a shot. You will not be hesitant to go for bangs because of your small forehead.