30 Ways to Wear Bangs for Round Faces

Among the hairstyles that passed the test of generations and time with flying colors, the bangs hairstyle is one of the prime ones. It is popular in different cultures, goes well with most outfits, suits most body types and facial shapes. However, it is somewhat tricky to find the perfect bangs look for round-shaped faces.

There are so many ways and options when it comes to bangs hairstyle like side bangs, short bangs, middle part bangs, baby bangs, etc, it’s not very convenient to get carried away. So, here we are, with a collection of 30 bangs hairstyle that precisely suits round face shapes.

1. Side Bangs for Round Face

Bangs cut to a side across the face is a hip style. It goes well with most hair types and lengths for round-faced people. However, for longer and flattened/straighter hair, side bangs add a touch of flair to the style.


2. Medium Hair with Bangs

For medium-length hair, bangs are a beautiful style to wear. Bangs frame a round face with medium hair in a catchy yet classy look. If medium-length hair is already textured or wavy, bangs go very well with the round-faced look.


3. Long Hair with Bangs



4. Short Hair with Bangs for Round Face

A short haircut is always a functional way to style hair, especially for a round face. Bangs add a refreshing look to the short hairstyle and complements the face shape. Bangs frame the top of a round face with short hair with a prim, clean look.


5. Bangs for Curly Hair

It’s a wrong myth that bangs do not sustain for curly hair because those do. When it comes to a round face and curly hair, bangs take the cake. Neatly cut bangs give the round face a clean look while curly hair adds a fiery dimension of personality.


6. Straight Bangs for Round Face

Straight hair hairstyles are too predictable most of the time, especially for Round face. The easiest way to get an edgy look with straightened hair is to get bangs across the forehead. The drape of straight hair frames the round face well while the bangs complete the look.


7. Bangs For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair already offers a character to the hairstyle with depth in texture. A round face can be complemented with a cascade of wavy hair with neat bangs. A fringe of bangs offers a refreshing contrast with the wavy hair and gives the round face a new, refreshing look.


8. Korean Bangs for Round Face

K-drama and animes have rightfully made bangs popular among the youth and upbeat grown-ups. Korean bangs are doubtlessly a beautiful way to style hair, especially for round-shaped faces. The anime-like hairstyle is a nice idea to incorporate for a dreamy new look, regardless of hair type.


9. Asymmetrical Bangs

For any hair type, asymmetrical bangs is a trending hairstyle since the mid to late 2010s. It can be adopted for any hair type, whether it is a conservative or edgy look. Asymmetrical bangs especially suit round faces, because it gives a lot of option to wear the hair and experiment with framing the face.


10. Bangs for Round Face and Big Forehead

Each body type is beautiful in its own special way, and sometimes body features are somewhat unique like a big forehead. For a round face with a big forehead, bangs are a very suitable hairstyle. With bangs draped over the forehead space, a round face gets good vertical framing.


11. Bob with Bangs

Among the hairstyles that are timeless and functional, bob is easiest to adopt. Bob has its way of complementing a round face with an edge. Bangs across the forehead with bob framing the round face complete the look with a precise neatness.


12. Middle Part Bangs for Round Face

Bangs don’t always have to drape lazily over the forehead. Middle part bangs are a pretty way to keep the bangs on. Middle part bangs give a round face a nice framing.


13. Long Bangs for Round Face

For a round face, framing plays a big role. Long bangs is a good way to frame a face from sides. Long bangs go well with any outfit of choice without disrupting the vibe.


14. Blonde Bangs

From Reese Witherspoon to Rebel Wilson, blonde celebrities of every decade and generation have sported iconic bangs hairstyles. Bangs go well with blonde hair, especially for a round face. It complements the color and the texture while cascading the face shape.


15. Long Bob with Bangs for Round Face

Recently, the long bob/lob hairstyle has become popular among every age group. It scores high in both fashion and function, especially for round faces. Drape bangs across the forehead, and you’re all set to look ready for any outfit of choice.


16. Textured Bangs

A round-shaped face is a perfect canvas for the art of bangs hairstyle. Bangs hairstyle suits the round-shaped face nicely in many ways, textured bangs are one of those. The varying consistency gives the look a refreshing finish.


17. Angled Bangs for Round Face Shape

In the case of a round-shaped face, geometrically experimental hairstyles go very well. Angled bangs are quite an interesting choice in this regard. The edginess suits the face very well.


18. Bangs for Thin Hair

Say it pollution, age, or any other physical cause- thinning hair is a prime modern-day problem people suffer from regardless of gender. Bangs are an excellent way to wear your thin hair with pride, whatever the circumstances are. It is easy to conceal patches and a lack of volume with bangs, especially for round-shaped faces.


19. Thick Bangs for Round Face

Hair volume is always an advantage. Cascading a round face gets easy with a prim drape of thick hair. Thick bangs are the best choice to adorn the round face.


20. Layered Hair with Bangs

Imagine Rachel’s iconic layers from FRIENDS, then imagine Hilary Duff’s iconic Lizzie Mcguire bangs haircut. And imagine this beautiful hybrid on your pretty round face. Layered bangs are a great look to sport on any day and enjoy the most of it.


21. Pixie Cut with Bangs

You can beat the heat of summer, not worry about your hair, and still look quite stunning with one cute hairstyle, pixie cut. Pixie cut with bangs across the forehead, mostly uneven has both girlish charm and ladylike practicality. It especially suits the rounded face for the shape and volume.

22. Bangs with Glasses

Glasses have become a utility for most people nowadays. Nobody said what’s worn for function cannot be fashionable. For round faces, glasses can be made to look very presentable, especially with a contrast of square frame and bangs draped on top of the forehead.


23. Curtain Bangs for Round Face

bangs for having a round face, curtain bangs is a great starting point. Curtain bangs are neither full commitment bangs, yet they give a vibe of full-fledged bangs. Pin it back if it’s too overwhelming, or cut it short with house scissors if you’re comfortable with it- options are always open.


24. Bangs for Round Plus Sized Face

We are past the time of refusing bangs for a rounded face, especially when it’s a plus-sized face. If cut neatly, bangs look very nice on a round face, regardless of the fullness and surface area of the face. If the hair is worn short and/or in waves by the side, any plus-sized face would look beautiful.


25. Messy Bangs for Round Face

For thinning hair, messy bang is a blessing. It is unfortunate that in rounder faces, the thin hair patches are more clearly visible. However, messy bangs can fix it. The added volume from messy bangs evens out the thin hair patches.


26. Shaggy Bangs

The shaggy hairstyle is hot for the last few years. Round faces look great with shaggy bangs. The whole bangs and shaggy hair emboldens the spherical facial features.


27. Rounded Bangs

Rounded bangs are one of the prettiest bangs hairstyles of the current time. The shape is pleasant and for round faces, this is a perfect look. If dying hair is your thing, then you should try rounded bangs at least once, it has no room for going wrong.


28. Bangs for Small Forehead

For a small forehead with a round face, hairstyle choices demand meticulousness. Bangs goes just well with the smaller forehead as much as the anatomically regular one. It looks cuter on the small forehead as the whole bangs will drape further down the brow, exuding an anime-like vibe.


29. Bangs with Undercut for Round Face

Undercuts are one of the best hairstyle trends now. A round face may look somewhat traditional, but an undercut would give it a rather edgy look. Drape bangs across the forehead to get a new and trendy look with the undercut.


30. Baby Bangs for Round Face

In the summer heat, baby bangs can make you look good and feel good. For round faces, most people are concerned about framing the face, but round faces are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated in their own glory. Hence, baby bangs, a perfect short and neat hairstyle too look beautiful and take full advantage of the freedom from hair maintenance.


Celebrate your life and your hair with joy. Round-shaped faces are often subjected to unjustified scrutiny, now go forth and put it to its place. Sport your favorite bangs hairstyle from these given 30 bangs hairstyles for round faces.