18 Cute Feathered Bangs Ideas – Add a Soft Vibe to Your Look

Feathered bangs have always given an ultimate aura to women of all ages out there. It has been the best match for a feathered haircut for decades.

The feathered haircut was made by the popular Farrah Fawcett in the early ’70s. The variation of layer cut with the down taken volume from the crown and separate layers added to the bottom with clean bangs over the forehead is the ultimate feathered bangs hairstyle. This hairstyle is considered to be light and refreshing like feathers on a bird’s body.

Short hair or long hair, feathery bangs never fails to add that spark to your hairstyle. We are up with some coolest feathery bangs hairstyle ideas on how to style them and what fringe might suit your face shape.

1. Bob with Feathered Bangs

A long face can be slightly challenging when it comes to matching a hairstyle. Feathered bangs with a classic bob haircut are the ultimate hairdo they should rely on. It cleans up that overly contoured long face and gives an elegant oval texture, a beautifully covered forehead with fringes of bangs over it.

2. 80s Feathered Bangs

Fashion trends in the ’80s were undoubtedly the top of their game. Feathered bangs have always given a stunning outlook from the ’80s till now. Not to forget the gorgeous princess Diana on her breathtaking feathered bangs ruling like a fashion diva. It suits both long and short lengths of hair.

3. Feathered Side Bangs

Simple and easy hairstyles can also be eye-catching and feathered side bangs are a true example of it. It’s a less time-consuming hairdo yet gives you a  pretty outcome. Short, long, or even medium-length hair is perfectly eligible for this hairstyle.

4. Feathered Bangs with Ponytail

When long hair troubles you a lot, they say tie it up high and put some volume in it. How about some voluminous feathered bangs with it? Well, it settles the look. Wrapping your hair tight into a ponytail, leaving the feathery bangs all sorted over your forehead gives that classy look that girls crave.

5. Long Hair with Feathered Bangs

Keeping your long hair open can lead you to a nerdy look sometimes. But when you style them up with some feathery bangs in front, it shapes up your face from a nerd to a diva.

6. Short Feathered Bangs

When short hair makes you feel low and uncomfortable, shag it up and settle it with some feathery bangs on front. You can either brush it down naturally or slightly edge it with hairstyle tools.

7. Medium Hair with Feathered Bangs

The best way to style your average medium-length hair is just shade them up with some blonde color and chop the front hair into feathered bangs. Keeping the bangs straight you can eithe style your hair straight or curl them up.

8. Feathered Bangs with Layers

Layers are something that always had a room in the haircut zone for decades. From kids to teenagers or even middle-aged women love to keep layers all over their hair. Feathered bangs with layers give your hair that extra volume you’re always looking for.

9. Feathered Bangs with Sew in Weave

Keeping the haircut bob and sewing bangs over is said to be the favorite haircut among African-American women. Whether it’s short and sweet or long and pleasing, these women always look for stylish sew option.

10. Side Swept Feathered Bangs

No doubt we adore women who rock the shorthaired looks incredibly. If you love the pixie haircut then this side-swept thing is just for you. All layered up in a short hairdo just like in the picture or a wavy or curly texture can be an option too.

11. Feathered Bangs for Black Hair

Black is the ultimate beauty no matter what hairstyle you do with it. Keeping it short and black with feathered bangs is an amazing job you can do with your hair. Women with dark undertones prefer this hairdo more.

12. Pixie Cut with Feathered Bangs

Straight or wavy, feathered bangs blend well with any pixie haircut. The torn bangs smoothen the harsh portions and arches nicely. This creates a bold and carefree look which is quite eye-catching. It’s trending among American teens these days.

13. 27 Piece Weave with Feathered Bangs

This short hairstyle has been layered and curled in such a way that it gives the hair a proper feathered appearance. Haircuts styled in this manner are truly impressive because it provides more trend and personality to the hair. This foxy look is both professional and stunning, giving your 27-piece hairstyle the ultimate balance.

14. Feathered Bangs for Round Face

There are quite a lot of precepts you should consider when choosing several types of bangs for a round face. Firstly, the bangs should have the quality of making your round face look contoured and elongated. Feathered bangs are highly recommended by women out there who are thoroughly trendy and style-conscious.

15. Feathered Bangs for Straight Hair

If you want a subtle and eye-soothing hairdo, then feathered bangs on straight hair are just for you. Women having heavy hair should consider it as a life savior. The layers throughout the hair help to take off some weight and ends up with a soft breezy look with clean feathered bangs over the forehead.

16. Thick Feathered Hair with Bangs

We are convinced enough now that the feathering technique on short and thick hair gives a special charm to every person holding it. The feathered bangs accentuate the wavy structure of softly cut layers making the thick hair appear light and smooth.

17. Feathered Bangs with Highlights

Voluminous feathered bangs with blonde or ash highlights can give your medium-length hair a classy messy look. It classifies the sober yet stunning style for women of all ages out there.

18. Dark Feathered Hair with Bangs

This dark feathered hair with bangs hairstyle is timelessly stylish and pretty low maintenance at the same time. It can be quite useful for women having unwanted blemishes on the skin. The feather-cut bangs open up the forehead while subtly hiding the skin issues on the face. In combination with a layered long shaggy, it elegantly frames the face modeling a gorgeous accurate oval.

Feathered bangs are something that robes every face pattern and gives them a stunning look throughout. This specific hairstyle is always the best idea to look fabulous while paying a little time to style it up. Most women out there hesitate to create the same look all the time. In that case, you can utilize the modern era of the internet which has thousands of bangs styling hacks that help in creating various images every time. You can either braid your bangs up or pin them up or even blow dry them to give a voluminous preppy look.