20 Flattering Choppy Bangs That Are Calling Your Name

Choppy bangs are a very popular and perfect choice for women who need to balance a round or long face. Choppy bangs are usually cut in an uneven shape, and celebrities like Camila Cabello, Rihanna, or Selena Gomez wear them on the red carpet, rapidly creating new trends.

They’re a fun, easy-to-maintain style to change your appearance, and they’re a beautiful way to change it up. If you are looking for such fringe ideas, scroll down and discover some images that will make you crave choppy bangs.

1. Choppy Bangs with Bob

Choppy bangs are a great way to make your bob haircut look fresh and modern. If you wear glasses and want to draw all the attention to your eyes and frames, keep this fringe short, two fingers above the eyebrows.

2. Choppy Bangs For Long Hair

As a woman with fair skin who wants a naturally glamorous look, you can opt for a brown hair color that turns into a burgundy shade. Choppy wispy bangs spread on the forehead will provide such a great framing, while easy waves will give you that messy appearance.

3. Medium Length Hair with Choppy Bangs

When you want to reveal your face, you can choose choppy bangs that are cut shorter in the center of the forehead and gradually get longer on the sides. This style will suit your crazy new hairstyle and color and will make you get noticed every day.

4. Short Choppy Bangs

A short bob that reaches the chin line, with longer strands on each side, will compliment your choppy baby bangs. Your face will be amazingly framed, and those textured blonde tips will beautifully blend with the whole look.

5. Choppy Bangs with Layers

If you love choppy hair, don’t use this cutting technique only for your fringe, but extend it for the rest of your locks. This way, you will provide volume and texture for your haircut, and you will look and feel amazing.

6. Choppy Baby Bangs

Rounded short choppy bangs are bold and a true statement. Before you make such a huge cut, talk to your stylist and make sure it suits your face shape. Otherwise, this might be a haircut you will regret for months.

7. Choppy Side Swept Bangs

As a woman with a round face, choppy bangs that are side swept will make your face look slimmer. Asymmetric cuts are one of the best hair techniques that disperse attention and switch it to another focus point.

8. Choppy Bangs for Straight Hair

As a woman with a large forehead, you might want to create an effect that will diminish it. Long choppy bangs that slightly cover your eyebrows and have a longer cut on the temple area will certainly do the trick.

9. Curly Choppy Bangs

Short asymmetrical choppy bangs are definitely attention grabbers. If you straighten them up with an iron and keep the rest of your hair cut in a short curly bob, you will certainly feel cute and glowing.

10. Choppy Bangs for Wavy Hair

Extend your bangs and use big wavy hair side pieces to give your choppy rounded fringe volume and shape. As for the rest of the locks, layer and wave them and let these beauties fall on your shoulders.

11. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Such an extravagant hairstyle features a short pixie haircut with a longer piece and choppy rounded baby bangs that will suit most women who want a new fresh look.

12. Blunt Haircut with Bangs

Strawberry blonde color is a great idea for women with fair skin and crystal clear blue eyes. Get a straight bob cut and matching bangs that are slightly rounded and fall just above the eyebrows.

13. Thick Choppy Bangs

Having thick hair is a real blessing because there’s no hairstyle you can’t pull off. And if you like to take advantage of this natural volume, style a stunning brown almond blonde ombre and some straight choppy bangs. If you crave that sexy glam, use a straightening iron to wave your hair.

14. Choppy Bangs for Thin Hair

Modern, spicy, and extravagant: these are the perfect words to describe this mind-blowing look! To recreate it, dye your hair in a dark pink color, style two space buns, and use a rotative brush to obtain that bounce for your bangs.

15. Choppy Bangs for Black Hair

Black women with long dark hair will adore the way choppy rounded bangs frame their faces. Use a straightening iron to make your locks look flawless all day, and don’t forget to apply a protective spray before using heated devices.

16. Asian Choppy Bangs

Asian girls have gorgeous natural dark brown hair color that makes them look so feminine and sweet. If you are one of them and have thick hair, cut your bangs in a round shape, slightly covering the eyebrows.

17. Asymmetrical Choppy Bangs

If you love a unique look that fits no pattern, an asymmetrical bob haircut is a right choice for you. The same game plan applies to your bangs. To spice things up, create a few curls, and you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

18. Choppy Bangs for Woman with Round Face

Women with fair skin and blue or green eyes look fabulous with dark red hair. If you love being part of the redhead’s team and fancy a look that draws all the attention, get choppy bangs that are one finger above the eyebrows and pin your hair in a pony.

19. Choppy Bangs with Bun

Bandanas and headbands are common head accessories that women with bangs love. Style your fringe and pin your hair into a bun to make that headband work its magic.

20. Choppy Bangs for Emo Girl

Choppy Bangs for Emo Girl


Fuchsia hair looks gorgeous, even if it is hard to maintain. However, if you don’t bother reviving it often, it provides great hairstyling opportunities. Keep it long, flawlessly straightened, and make it pop with some choppy feathered bangs.

Fringes are more popular than ever, and choppy bangs are not excluded! They are the perfect way to balance a long or round face and can be styled at whatever length you desire. If you loved our examples, tell us in the comments section which ideas are your favorites.