30 Blonde Bangs Hairstyles  to Show Your Stylist

As they say, “Blondes have more fun!” Whether you are feeling like Gwen Stefani or Taylor Swift, Blonde Bangs are always in style. They are classic, timeless, and chic-looking, perfect for every event you want to go to. From full bangs to curtain bangs, there is always a style that will fit you depending on your mood. Maybe try to switch up your look for a new you?

Well, for dark-haired women out there, you still have a chance to go blonde. Although it’s high maintenance, it’s very well worth it! Blonde hair color is a delicate color that will suit every woman differently, depending on the shade and hue. You should choose a blonde hue that is according to your skin tone and eyes, it will definitely have a huge impact. To step it up a notch, having bangs is the way to go!

How to Maintain Blonde Bangs

Once you go blonde, you can never go back — literally! Bleaching your hair could cause some hair damage because it strips the hair cuticle to its core, a deep conditioning treatment is always a must to maintain your hair’s health. To keep the brassiness away, a violet or silver shampoo is a great way to maintain an icy blonde hue. A hair trim every few months is also recommended to keep the split ends away.

1. Blonde Bob with Bangs

Go retro with your bangs on. Go a-la-Gwen Stefani and hit the chic look, matching with the perfect red lipstick on. With a pair of sunglasses, it also gives an old Hollywood vibe.

2. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

If you have long straight hair, it may get a little bit too dull sometimes. Give it a bit of a twist by having waves and wispy bangs to frame your face further.

3. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

For short-haired gals out there, you could definitely rock bangs! Matched with an icy blond, this short haircut is a nice way to have low-maintenance hair that is a wash-and-wear style.

4. Blonde Bangs for Medium Hair

Medium-length hair may become an “awkward” phase especially if you are on the path of growing it out. Mix up your hairstyle a bit and get some face-framing bangs for a new look!

5. Blonde Bangs with Curls

Blonde and curly, we have the most fun, eh? Who said curly-haired girls can’t get blonde bangs? They definitely give more texture to your curls and waves, giving a volumized look.

6. Blonde Straight Hair with Bangs

Sleek and stylish, that’s the way we want it! The straight ‘do accentuate your facial features further and it definitely fits a glamorous makeup too. It definitely gives a boujee vibe.

7. Blonde Wavy Hair with Bangs

For a laid-back natural look, let your long locks cascade through your shoulders. This kind of wavy hair with bangs accentuates your natural beauty, perfect for no-frills makeup and ensemble.

8. Blonde Bangs for Black Girl

For women of color, spice up your look with bangs. This kind of style is timeless and will suit almost all face shapes. A must add to your ‘do is a twist of color!

9. Blonde Balayage with Bangs

For a low maintenance ‘do, especially in terms of color, Balayage is a must-try! Balayage is a technique that will achieve natural graduation towards the end of your locks.

10. Blonde Lob with Bangs

Want to achieve a chic look? Blonde bangs with Lob is the perfect middle ground if you want a style that isn’t too long or short, perfect playing around with your ‘do.

11. Blonde Bangs with Ponytail

An intricate style like this will definitely bring out your natural waves and highlights. It accentuates the texture of your hair, making it look more volumized. This is perfect for special occasions!

12. Platinum Blonde Hair with Bangs

Achieving platinum hair is no joke, especially for dark-haired ladies. It requires bleaching and toning, which could damage your hair but the end result is always worth the risk. Match it with bangs!

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13. Blonde Bangs with Weave

Feeling a bit adventurous and want to spice things up? A blonde bob will surely change up your look. It gives more definition to your jaw and leaving your facial structure more defined.

14. Blonde Hair with Dark Roots and Bangs

Having roots is quite annoying sometimes. The color melt technique will let you grow your hair as smoothly as possible without the icky look of having roots. Tousle your hair into waves, too!

15. Blonde Side Bangs Hairstyle

Strawberry blonde is definitely an underrated hair color, especially for blue-eyed gals.  Blonde bangs are also a nice match for this length, it gives more texture and definition to the layers.

16. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Bangs

Another inspiration for strawberry blonde hair color, it’s definitely on the trend right now. With shorter bangs, you’ll exude a hipster back that is laid-back, chill, and natural. The shorter bangs are a daring look, too!

17. Blonde Bangs with Layers

Getting layers is a must, especially for textured hair. It brings out the body, life, and your natural waves, giving a more polished look. With platinum hair color, it completes the whole laidback look.

18. Blonde Pixie with Bangs

Want to go short? Take this hairstyle as a sign and chop these locks off. As they say, you should try a “pixie” once in your life. Add some bangs to face your frame further.

19. Golden Blonde Hair with Bangs

Golden hair for a golden girl. Bring out your sunny personality by being extra with your wavy locks. It will definitely make head turns because of the eccentric vibe it gives which is nicely paired with red lipstick.

20. Bangs with Icy Blonde Hair

Icy blonde hair with blonde bangs is definitely the standard when it comes to achieving a chic look. It gives you a girl boss vibe that is well-put-together in your everyday life.

21. Blunt Hair with Blonde Bangs

Want to achieve a subtler style of Sia? This blunt cut is definitely a must-try for daring girls. It gives a boss vibe and you could mix up with a bunch of hair colors.

22. Blonde Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the current trend this 2021! From long, wavy, or straight, curtain bangs are a way to give more oomph to your hair. It frames your face without the hassle of full bangs.

23. Blonde Bangs for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, don’t be afraid to get bangs! It’s the best way to give your hair a more volumized look, making your locks look thicker and healthier. Platinum hair color would go well with this.

24. Blonde Highlights with Bangs

Wavy hair would definitely benefit from the use of highlighting techniques. Highlights could vary as balayage, which would look more natural and exude beauty for your locks. Depth and dimension are also achieved!

25. Blonde Bangs for Scene Girl

To steal this look, blonde bangs with dip-dyed hair is definitely the way to go. You could use temporary hair dyes to try different hair colors which would fit your varying moods!

26. Blonde Dreads with Bangs

Who said dreads can’t be matched with bangs? The uniqueness this style exudes is undeniable. Dreads may be hard to maintain but are definitely worth it. From edgy to classy, this is definitely achieved!

27. Blonde Wispy Bangs

Girls with thinner hair should try to get wispy bangs. It gives the look of full bangs, without the actual weight. It also gets rid of dull hair, giving it a trendier look.

28. White Blonde Bob with Bangs

The shorter, the better! If you’re tired of your long, dull hair then definitely take this as a sign to chop your locks off! A dash of platinum would also work to take it to the next level.

29. Ash Blonde Bangs

Take it to the next level! Exude an a-la-vouge vibe with this ‘do, it’s undeniable that this bob is sleeker than ever. With the platinum hair dye, this style is to die for!

30. Blonde Ombre with Bangs

Ombre hair will always be a classic. Blonde bangs could also work for this style, especially if you’re looking for ways to refresh your ombre. This is perfect for summery days!

You can’t go back after you’ve gone blonde. Even though it requires a lot of upkeep, it’s definitely worth it! Blonde hair color is a delicate color that, depending on the tint and hue, will fit each woman differently. Blonde bangs are the way to go if you want to take it up a level! 

There is always a style that will fit you depending on your mood, from big bangs to curtain bangs. Perhaps you could attempt a fresh appearance for a new you by looking over at the set of our recommendations!