30 Off-beat Angled Bob Hairstyles for 2023

Tired of maintaining and carrying around a long head of hair? an Angled bob is sexy and young, perfect for most women who want a new hairdo. Now, we aren’t just talking about the basic bob that most people know and love.

There are a lot of new quirky, creative, and beautiful entries in the angle bob fashion scope. With that said, it might be intimidating to get into and look for the perfect hairstyle for you. That’s why we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best bob haircuts for women!

If you’re feeling sexy, youthful, and want to try out a new look that will leave you stunning, here are 30 beautiful angled bob hairstyles that you can try out.

1. Long Angled Bob

Looking for a classic yet sexy and sophisticated look? The bob is still an iconic hairstyle that shows of your cheek bones. Keeping it long is best for women with chiseled faces.

2. Short Angled Bob

Perhaps you aren’t feeling as fierce as usual. Well, the short bob gives your face a lot more definition, giving it a friendlier look. The better style for casual hangouts.

3. Angled Bob for Medium Hair

Of course, there’s always a middle ground somewhere. Medium-length bobs are a great compromise. Cut your hair short enough to hit your shoulders, but give it enough room to still wave.

4. Angled Bob with Bangs

Feeling cute AND classy? Well, bangs will do a lot more for you to bring out the youth in your face. Cut the front of your hair short for a bang that helps frame your profile.

5. Angled Bob with Layers

Don’t confuse this for a messy hairdo, bobs with layers are wild and active. Best used with highlights or a different base color of hair, especially hues on the lighter side like blonde.

6. Angled Wavy Bob

Who said the angled bob is only for women with straight hair? A wavy bob looks arguably better than its straight counterparts, and its cut the same way as medium-length bobs.

7. Curly Angled Bob

The love for a good bob goes everywhere, even to our curly friends. Like the others, simply cut your back hair to your front hair at an angle, giving your hairdo that iconic slope.

8. Stacked Angled Bob

Look classy and high-class with curved stacked angled bob! Perfect for the individuals with a nice pair of bold glasses. Shape your hair inwards, giving it a stacked look.

9. Angled Bob for Thin Hair

Having thin strands of hair is no disadvantage here. Keep your thin hair in the front dispersed! This way, you get to show your eyes through little slits on your hair, definitely a good choice if you have highlights.

10. Thick Angled Bob

With a thick head of hair, keep the shorter side on your ears and the other almost covering your face. Definitely a must-try for women with a pronounced jawline.

11. Blunt Angled Bob

Beautiful, cute and with a twist! A blunt bob works great with a bright color like red! Cut the front of your hand into bangs and keep your sides blunt at the end.

12. Angled Bob for Rounded Face

Having a round face is no exception to this rule. An angled bob works perfectly for round faces, especially when it’s cut short enough to hug your cheeks but long enough to feel wild.

13. Choppy Angled Bob

Executive or freelance? There’s no way to categorize this hairstyle other than bold. Cutting some parts of your hair shorter than the rest, while maintaining a general angle will leave you with a choppy look!

14. Shaggy Angled Bob

A homier and warm haircut, this hairdo gives your hair that classy look without sacrificing the annoyance of hair by your cheeks! Simply cut it the regular way and brush the shorter sides back away from your face.

15. Graduated Angled Bob

The best haircut for those of you with straight and rich hair. This type of hairstyle is much longer than the previous entries and ends sharply in a sharp angle.

16. Ombre Angled Bob

Bob doesn’t just work with black hair, be a little adventurous and get yourself a colored hairdo! Ombre looks beautiful with this hairstyle, but so do a lot of other colors. We’ll get to those in a minute.

17. A-Line Bob

Arguably one of the most popular hairstyles in this list, a-line bob is one that shows a straight cut at a sharp angle. With that said, keep the bob to either the right or left of your face to cover and complete the look.

18. Angled Bob with Undercut

If you’re a hard rocker, a fan of metal, or even just someone who likes the aesthetic, undercuts are extremely stylish. Keep the long side of the angled bob intact, but shave the shorter side to simulate an undercut!

19. Angled Bob with Balayage

A combination of a lot of things here, a balayage is like an ombre, except it requires a bit more skill to do. Get streaks of your hair colored and cut into different lengths while keeping it angled and a bob.

20. Black Woman with Angled Bob

This hairstyle works for women of all colors and looks great, just as it is! Definitely a great hairdo to try out for any woman.

21. Messy Angled Bob

Leave a bit of room on the backside and keep it messy, bobs are great when they look a bit scuffed. You may even want to wax this, but dig your fingers into the backside of your head and shuffle your hair to complete the look.

22. Side Part Angled Bob

This hairdo doesn’t have to be symmetrical! Simply keep one side cut at a shorter angle and use the longer side to cover your face.

23. Angled Bob with Shaved Nape

A variation of this hairstyle and the undercut is one where you shave your nape. Do this by cutting the hairs at the back of your head much shorter than the rest.

24. Blonde Angled Bob

As we mentioned before, the angled bob looks great in all kinds of colors. The classic blonde is no different and offers a beautiful variety of how blonde hair is usually styled!

25. Middle Part Angled Bob

Instead of parting your bob from side, cut it in an angle that’s separated from your middle hairline. This gives it a beautiful symmetrical view from the front!

26. Angled Bob with Weave

Baby or thin hair is no excuse to not try out a bob! If you’re having trouble with loose strands, simply apply a hair cream product and weave it to the side as a conscious style!

27. Angled Bob Hairstyle for Wedding

This hairstyle is no stranger to weddings and is a lovely hairdo since it looks clean and classy! We recommend getting your hair cut into medium length though, finished with some strands over your ear.

28. Angled Bob with Highlights

Highlights always look great, especially if you have one stemming from the roots of your hair! Try this hairstyle out with blonde, brown, or other light-colored highlights for your next hairdo!

29. Angled Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Who said bangs have to flow straight down? Instead of keeping your bangs straight, style them to the side. This is perfect for older women, as it makes them look much younger!

30. Very Short Angled Bob

For those of you who want to play a cheekier game, you can cut your angled bob much shorter than usual. This will leave it above your jawline, but is exceptional with a blonde or brunette base.

With that said, you now have 30 new options for your angled bob! Let us know in the comments below which hairdo you’d love to try out next!